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I turned back after Segun stopped a bike and mounted on it. I scrolled through my phone and searched for Adebimpe’snumber; I dialed it and placed the phone on my ear with my heart beating very fast as if I just finished a marathon race. The phone was picked and the moment I said “hello”, it was Henry’s voice I heard.

ME: hello Mr. Henry. Happy Christmas in arrears and happy new year in advance sir

HENRY: same to you MrOnihaxy. How is your family over there?, and how is my sister doing?

ME: everybody is doing fine sir. How about Daniella and her mother?

HENRY: both of them are fine too. Daniella’s mother is in the kitchen at the moment and she left her phone here in the bedroom.

ME: Eeyah,and I really wanted to greet her and make a medical enquiry from her and its very urgent.

HENRY: Ok, will you hold on while I take the phone to her down stairs?, or will you call back in a minute time?

ME: ok, let me hold on sir.

I could hear Henry’s footsteps as he was walking while he was screaming Adebimpe’s name and telling her that she had a call, I also heard Daniella’s voice at the background when Henry finally got to Adebimpe’s location.

“Who is on the line?” Adebimpe asked Henry.

“It’sOnihaxy, he said he wanted to make a medical enquiry” Henry answered her

BIMPE: MrOnihaxy!!!!, how are you sir?

ME: I’m fine ma. Happy New Year in advance,

BIMPE: same to you ooooo, so you remembered to call me today because you have an enquiry to makeabi?, I know you wouldn’t just call on a good day.

ME: haba!!!!!,it’s not like that ooooo.

BIMPE: because your wife is now around with you now, you now forget us, if care is not taken; I can withdraw her away from you.

ME: no vex ma.

BIMPE: where is Betty, let me speak with her,

ME: Betty is at home while I’m somewhere outside.

BIMPE: ok ooo, my regards to her. So what is the enquiry you want to make and what is the matter all about?

ME: ok, is MrHenry still there with you?

BIMPE: No, he went back upstairs after giving me the phone.

ME: who is there with you?

BIMPE: only Daniella. Why are you asking?

ME: Adebimpe, we have to talk privately right now. There is a problem as I am talking to you.

BIMPE: ok, ****talks to Daniella : sweetheart, go and meet daddy upstairs***** alright, I am with you.

ME: do you remember the pictures I collected from you the day you came to visit me in Akure?

BIMPE: yes I remember, what happened to it?

ME: Betty found the pictures in my room and she was so mad and furious.

BIMPE: what??????, how come?,

ME: ok, you know I kept the pictures inside my photo album when you gave me, and I got a job in Ado Ekiti some months later which made me relocated from Akure. And from Ado, I got my present job in Lagos which made me relocate from Ado Ekiti and all through the transition; I didn’t go along with the photo album.

BIMPE: s–t!!!!!!, you are just so careless for my liking Onihaxy. All the leaks had always been coming from you.what is the problem with you?.

ME: this is not the time to play a blame game Adebimpe, it has already happen and lets work out a solution.

BIMPE: ok, what did you tell her?

ME: she saw watermarks indicating that it was a campus picture, she also said she never saw the pictures on any of your social media account before, and she said from the look on the picture, you appeared to be much younger which indicated that we had a thing together in the past.

BIMPE: ok, what happened again?,

ME: I tried lying to her but she caught me red handed because she already asked some questions about where I grow up and where I schooled. And from the information I gave her, none matched with yours which she already knew. It was then she believed that the petrol station fight I told her about some times back was fake.

BIMPE: “chaiiiiii, Onihaxytikobamioooo” you have complicated everything now. So what did you now tell her?

ME: I told her the truth in a fabricated way. I told her that we met on the internet and we were dating each other and that was how I got your pictures which you scanned and sent to me via email. I also told her that we later agreed to see each other and I sent 15k to you as transport fare of which you disappeared into thin air after receiving the money and your number was never reachable again.

BIMPE: better, is that all?,

ME: No, I told her that I never saw you again until the day I saw you at your home in Lekki during my first visit to Lekki and that was why I hated you so much. I told her that Segun was my witness and she called Segun on phone to invite him over for questioning.

BIMPE: did she know Segun?, and how?

ME: they knew each other. I introduced Segun to her during the period when Segun visited me in Lagos.

BIMPE: and what did Segun said about it.

ME: I already sent a message to Segun and explain the situation to him before his arrival. Segun talked about the same thing I told her. He even said he had vowed to strangle you any day he sees you because he was the one who borrowed me 12,000naira out of the 15,000 I sent to you for transport.

BIMPE: that stupid boy?, I will kill him myself the day our paths crossed again and I mean it, it’s a vow that I already made in my heart because he was the architect of every complications going on presently.

ME: hmmmmmmm. Then it means you are both planning attack for each other. Then, it’s a matter of who attacks who first. Let me watch the last man standing.

BIMPE: that is your problem. So what is Betty’s intention now?

ME: she said she was going to call you to enquire from you and then discuss about it with Henry later.

BIMPE: she is going to discuss with Henry?, that is going to be a disaster.

ME: that is why I informed you earlier so that you will know what to do and how to act.

BIMPE: alright dear, no problem, I will give you updates later. Just be careful in case of next time.

ME: ok, take care. ******hanged up****

I ended the call and I was walking back home with a joy in my heart and a feelings of burden beenlightened in my heart. I opened the door of my room and I saw Betty sitting on the bed with an awkward smile on her face. She stared at me as if I stole an item and I was more confused as I sat down beside her.

BETTY: you just called Aunty Bimpe on phone, Isn’t it.

ME: ****shocked, confused and surprised**** what do you mean?

BETTY: I just spoke with my brother on phone not quiet long and he told me that her wife was on phone with you, we spoke for over 10 minutes and I was made to know that you were on phone with her even before I called. So, what exactly did both of us discuss about?

ME: ******chaiiiii, another trouble………..***********

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