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We arrived at Lekki at few minutes past 5pm in the evening, the gate was opened by the security guy and we drove in. The maid was outside the house as the time of our entry and she was busy doing some clean up, I opened the boot of the car and I was trying to bring out the goods we bought and the maid came closer to assist me. She carried the whole items and we all entered into the living room at the same time. we met AdeBimpe and Daniella sitting down on the chair and watching television. Bimpe’s pregnancy was getting obvious as the tummy started protruding, Daniella ran towards Betty and hugged her; she came to me and hugged me too saying “welcome uncle Onihaxy”, “thank you very much. Hope you are fine?” I replied her. The maid dropped the luggage on the floor and went out again. Daniella asked for what I brought for her and I opened the bag to hand over her toys and dress to her, she jumped and hugged me with a big smile on her face saying “thank you uncle Onihaxy”. I felt so much delighted in her as she was jumping around the room displaying her new toy. I was looking at her with thoughts running through my mind.

“what a cute little girl”

“ imagine that killing smile on her face”

“ what a good dimple on her chin!!!”

“ how I wish……………..”

I was still lost in thoughts when AdeBimpe turned to Betty and demanded for her own gift.

BIMPE: husband and wife, where is my own ondo state package now? or is Daniella the only person in this house?


BETTY: of course No, my hubby bought gifts for everybody including broHenry. ***turned to me**** Onihaxy, where is Aunty Bimpe’s gift?


ME: ***looked at AdeBimpe in an awkward manner**** it’s in the bag.


BETTY: but wait Onihaxy, you were smiling when giving Daniella her own gift, why the change of facial look when it’s Aunty Bimpe’s turn?.don’t tell me you guys have started again.


BIMPE: started what again SisterBetty?


BETTY: your usual off and on quarrels.


ME: but I never told you we are fighting now?, I was just tired as a result of the long journey.


BETTY: ***turned to Bimpe*** Aunty Bimpe, where is my brother?, is he inside?


BIMPE: not at all, but he will be around this night. Honestly, I just pray that he should round up with his course on time. I’m getting tired of this weekend loneliness.


BETTY: eyah. He seems he should be rounding up in 5 weeks’ time according to what he told me.


BIMPE: yes. but I can’t wait for the day to come.


BETTY: ok, before the arrival of my brother, the three of us have something important to settle.


BIMPE: something to settle?, what could that be?


BETTY: *****screamed**** Sarah!!!!!!!, please come and take Daniella to playoutside on the swing.

Sarah the maid came inside the living room. She went towards the dinning to pick Daniella where she was busy playing with her new toys. they both went outside and Betty was smiling and waving at Daniella while AdeBimpe and I was communicating with each other through the eyes, wondering what could be going on. The door was shut after the exit of Sarah and Daniella, thenBetty turned her head back to us saying “we needed some privacy. you can’t trust kids sometimes, she can be very smart to record our conversations in her brain and she might bring it up or download it to her father”. I looked at AdeBimpe and was expecting her to be worried but instead, she was so relaxed and calm as if she doesn’t know whatwas going on.


BETTY :Onihaxy, ever since the first day you saw Aunty Bimpe’s picture on my phone in Ado Ekiti, your reaction was so awkward then. And up till now, the chemistry between the two of you has always been repulsive.


ME: ****looking worried**** Repulsive as how?, I don’t get it.


BETTY: during your early days of visitation in Lekki, I have always forced you to come here because you don’t always feel like coming, even while you are here, both of you have always been cold to each other which was very obvious to me but I just ignored and was taking my time to decode what could be going wrong, during the periods when I was away from Nigeria, I would always force you to visit my family and it was always reluctant on your side.


ME: Betty, what makes you think so?,sister Bimpe is more like my in-law. I don’t think we have any misunderstanding.


BETTY: **turned to Bimpe***, sister Bimpe!!!!


BIMPE: ***responded with a grin**** yes dear.


BETTY: let’s forget about all the fake smiles and compliments you and Onihaxy always exchange here in my presence and lets be real. I know you and Onihaxy have never been in good terms, you were just trying to please me and I am tired of all the deceits. Please ma, I will gladly appreciate it if you can give me the detailed explanation of what really transpired between you and my fiancé.


BIMPE: ***smiled*** we don’t really have anything that transpired between us dear. We are just fine.


BETTY: ****grin*** sister Bimpe. I am very sure that you are already aware that I have found out something about the two of you. I knew he called you to let you know that I was already aware. I was just thinking we can discuss it here among the three of us. But since you are saying nothing happened, let us forget about it then. When my brother comes back, I will transfer the matter to him so that he can be aware too that his wife once had something to do with my fiancé.


BIMPE: ok fine, let us trash it out here. I once told you that we knew each other some years back.


BETTY: yeah. But from what I discovered, you told me that you schooled in PH, you later went to Abuja where you met my brother before relocating back to lagos while Onihaxy spent his own entire life in south west before coming here to lagos. so, how valid was the information about the filling station fight when both of you were miles apart?


BIMPE: ok. fine, we met online some years back when I was in school.


BETTY: ok, now, we are talking. what happened next?


BIMPE: he asked me out then and I accepted just like I used to accept all relationship requests online at that moment because I was on a revenge mission.


BETTY: revenge mission as how?


BIMPE: about 6 months before I met Onihaxy, I met a guy back then online and his name is Richard. He made me fell inlove with him online that period. He lived in lagos while I studied in PH then. We agreed to meet and he told me to come over to lagos for us to see each other. I was at his house that night and he wanted to have s£x with me by force. I declined and he sent me out of his house at 9:30pm without giving me any kobo.


BETTY: eeeyahh. that’s cruel.


BIMPE: I didn’t have any money on me that day. I borrowed money to travel to lagos in other to see him with the agreement that he was going to pay me to and fro T-fare. I was left stranded that night; I had to sleep over at a church that and I sold off my phone in the morning before I could travel back to school. That was when I made up my mind that I was going to punish every guy that comes my way online.


ME: ****chaiiii!!!!! see lies!!!!****


BETTY: punish them as how? , in what way ?


BIMPE: when any guy asked me out online, I would check his location to see if he is close to my location or far away. If he is close by, I would decline the relationship request. But if he is far away, I would accept the relationship request, I would make him love me by all means because I knew he was definitely going to request that we should meet each other. I would tell them to send my transport fare and immediately I confirm the alert, I would delete them immediately. if I see that the guy’s pressure was getting to much, I would either demand for more money or simply break my sim or buy another line. I was able to teach over 70 guys hot lessons anyway, and luckily for your man, he was one of the victims.


ME: ****chaiiii, see world best liar ooo*****


BETTY: **** laughed and shook hands with Bimpe*** that’s my pretty in-law wey get sense. give me a five jaree. I wish I had this kind of sense that year when guys were hurting me


ME: ***hissed and stood up **** Betty, meet me in the car, I will soon be going.


BETTY: ***continued laughing with Bimpe and drew me back**** come back here jor. where do you think you are going?


BIMPE: uncle Onihaxy. I have apologized to you before and I will still apologize again. I’m very sorry please. Kindly forgive me from the bottom of your heart. It is unfortunate that you were among the victims.


BETTY: of course, he has no choice than to letgo of everything. sisterBimpe, you need to know the bad plans Onihaxy and his friend prepared for you.


BIMPE: really?, bad plans?, who is the friend?


BETTY: his friend that borrowed him the money he sent to you.


BIMPE: uncle Onihaxy. is that not your friend I spoke with on phone during that period?. shayo or shogo or something.


ME: *****frowned and silent*****


BETTY: ***laughed*** it’s still paining him hahahahaha, you tried sister Bimpe. his name is Segun.


BIMPE: yes. Segun. I remember.


BETTY: let’s forget everything. I just want to beg both parties that everything should finish and settle here right now. Enough of all the pretending and deceit between the two of you, enough of the fights and mis-understandings


BIMPE: my dear, as for me, I don’t have anything against your hubby, I have been begging him and you should help me to beg him too. He should forgive me.


BETTY: Onihaxy. please let it settle right here. Sister Bimpe is more like your mother in-law because she is the only one I have here in lagos. you are still going to prostrate to her officially. the earlier we settle everything the better for everybody. I want both of you to be at peace so that my mind can be at rest please.


ME: it’s ok and fine. She has been forgiven.


BETTY: waooh, so, she can go and sin no more?


ME: yes.


BETTY: ****hugged and kissed me*** thanks so much dear, I love you so much.


We all started talking and chatting. Bimpe called on Sarah to prepare meal. Daniella also came inside to play with me. She drew me to come outside as she wanted to show me something. I left the living room with Daniella and I smiled when she took me to see a castle toy that she built and we later went to the swing and play. We were on the swing playing and having gist for over 40 minutes until a car horn was heard from outside and the gateman opened the gate, a cab entered and Henry came down from the car. He was amazed to see me and Daniella playing with each other and I don’t know why. We exchanged pleasantries while Daniella ran towards him to hug him. We all went inside the house together, interact for few minutes before going to have our meal at the dinning.

After the meal, I summoned everyone to come together in the living room including the maid, I told everyone that in have a confession to make and I could read fear on Bimpe’s face as well as worry on Betty’s face. I told everyone how I loved someone in this house so much, how she has been the only source of my joy and happiness, how she made my life so beautiful and how she coloured my world with love. I dipped my hand in my pocket and brought out the ring box. everyone was marveled and I could see Bimpe’s facial look changing into a smile. I opened the box, brought out the ring and went on my kneel while holding Betty’s right and and I asked her. “Betty, please, will you marry me?”.

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