Thu. Feb 8th, 2024

Benita replied my query with some flimsy excuses, she said she entered a one chance bus and that she was robbed in the process and also been chased out of the bus after robbing her. she also accused me of not been caring enough to ask her the reasons behind her lateness before scolding her as it was her first time of ever coming late. She even said I was attempting to slap her before the other member of the team calmed me down. I was really wowed at the way she checkmated me with her lies and I couldn’t help but give up in the fight, my supervisor whom I copied in the mail even had to call me on the intercom to accuse me of not be caring about my team members. He blamed me for not making enquires before attacking and also scolded me for trying to slap her which I tried my possible best to deny but he wouldn’t believe me. “ Onihaxy!!, I have known you and Benita to be very close for some months now. Infact, we are all convinced and we believed that you were both in a relationship, so whatever happened in your relationship should be settled outside the walls of this bank and it shouldn’t reflect in your team work” that was what the supervisor told us when he later invited Benita and I to his office for dialogue. He resolved the issue for us and we both walked back to our office. While on the walkway, I tried talking to her to find out about why she was behaving strange but she never responded. Instead, she hissed at me and told me to send more queries to her and copy the bank manager. I was seriously dumb-folded and was really wondering.

“Did she heard anything bad about me?”

“but why the sudden change in behavior?”

“ but we both left the office together yesterday night?”

“ but what could have went wrong?”

“ could it really be because of Bimpe’s issue?”

“ But it’s been long since Bimpe met her in my room?”

“ then why is she reacting now and not back then?”

I returned to my desk and decided not to talk with anyone in the office. Infact, my mood was just so awkward as I was working on the Excel with music blasting into my ear via the hands-free. At about 5 minutes to break time, I received a mail on my system from Funmi and she told me to see her immediately it was break time, I saved my work on the system and stepped out of the office immediately. As I was going out, I could hear some background gossips going on that “it seems he is going to report to his mother”.

I got to Funmi’s office and the gossip crew on the floor was trying to make a joke but I wasn’t really in the mood. I waved at them and entered into Funmi’s office and shut the door. I pulled out the visitor’s chair and I sat down in front of her.

FUNMI: Onihaxy, what happened?, you came earlier than I was expecting.

ME: nothing happened Funmi. I was actually bored in the office and your mail was a relief for me to stretch myself.

FUNMI: and why are you frowning?

ME: nothing. I am fine.

FUNMI: are you sure that you are fine?

ME: yes, I am.

FUNMI: ok, have you settled the fight between you and your wife Benita?

ME: **surprised** Benita?,How did you know we are having a misunderstanding?

FUNMI: I was with your supervisor when you sent the query and copied him. But you said she was elected yesterday, then why the early problem between the two of you?

ME: Funmi, I am surprised too. We still interacted very well yesterday, she suddenly changed today for no reasons.

FUNMI: for no reasons?, common Onihaxy. How could she be reacting for no reason when she is not a mad woman? , Maybe it was as a result of what transpired when you both drove out of the office yesterday because I saw the two of you.

ME: ***smiled*** Funny. I just dropped her off at the Junction of her Aunty’s house.

FUNMI: but you told me that she no longer lived there again?

ME: yes, that is true, she told me that she just wanted to visit her sister.

FUNMI: I don’t trust you anyways. I believe the rift between the two of you is more of personal than official and there was more to the coming late issue.

ME: I’m serious Funmilayo.

FUNMI: that is your problem anyway. Like I have always told you, whatever differences or issue between you and anybody must be settled before coming into the bank premises . And in-case it couldn’t be settled, make sure you drop your issues at the entrance of the gate so as to concentrate more on your duties, you may decide to pick them up from the gate again later in the evening after closure of business for the day.

ME: ***smiled**

FUNMI: this is not a smiling issue. Infact, I will call your project supervisor right away to make sure that your work is been checked and vetted properly to fish out the beans you have cooked today. I am very sure enough beans must be inside your work.

ME: ***laughed out loudly****

FUNMI: anyways, are you going out for lunch today?

ME: yes. I will be going rightaway when I leave this place.

FUNMI: alright. Please help me to buy a sausage roll and a bottle of coke while coming, make sure you bring my change ooooo.

ME: ***smiled** but why aren’t you eating rice today?

FUNMI: I’m tired of eating rice very afternoon jaree. I just feel like eating something else today.

I collected one thousand naira from Funmi and left the office with smile on my face as a result of the humors from Funmilayo, the gossip crew was amazed that I interacted with them very well compared to when I was going inside. I arrived at my usual canteen to eat semo and egusi soup at N200 combination. I spend few minutes on my phone to chat with Segun about the recent happenings and he added to the humor, telling me that Benita was jealous because I didn’t press further in wooing her before giving up.Adebimpe also called me and we spoke for some minutes, she complained about how I wasn’t caring about her and her baby, she also said I don’t call her and I gave her the usual excuse of a busy work schedule. I left the canteen and went to the eatery where I always buy Funmi’sfood, I got her order and returned back to the office to deliver her food to her. I was about going out when she called me back and said “Onihaxy, next Saturday is my sister’s birthday. I don’t mind if you can come to the event”. I replied her immediately that I don’t mind and she said we would see later for the address description to the venue and also the time of the event.

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