Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Adebimpe started moving her hands gently and mood changed instantly and I started singing “thank God ooo!!!l. I put off the shower, lifted her from the floor and carried her on my hand while returned her back to the room, I dropped her on the bed and placed her to relax and rest her back against the wall of the bed. I went to her wardrobe and picked a towel, I returned to her and cleaned her face and I later tied the towel around her chest to cover her nakedness. I then sat down beside her and began to pet her by rubbing her chest and her face.

“Sorry bimpe!!”


” Thank God ooooo”

“Oluwaseun oooooo”

” Lord I thank you oooooo”

BIMPE: ***turned her face to me**** what happened to me onihaxy?

ME: Adebimpe, let’s just thank God that I’m not on my way to jail.

BIMPE: what really happened?.

ME: I pushed you away so hard and you fell and hit your head against the edge of the bed.

BIMPE: ****touched her head**** ooouch.

ME: sorry dear.

BIMPE: hmmmmmmmm.

ME: I was really scared, I thought you were dead.

BIMPE: so, was that why you wanted to hide my corpse in the bathroom and then run away?

ME: haba bimpe, not at all.

BIMPE: then what happened?

ME: I took you to the bathroom and placed you under the shower for water to pour on your body whether it would wake you up. I’m happy it worked.

BIMPE: hmmmmmmmmm.

ME: yes bimpe, I was so frightened and scared, I thought of running away but I couldn’t. Infact, I have been thinking of jail and the number of years I will spend in prison, that is if I wasn’t given a death sentence.

BIMPE: hmmmmmmm. Onihaxy, did you truly meant all you said to me back there in the bathroom?

ME: ***pretended****what was that?

BIMPE: when you kissed me and told me you loved me now and forever.

ME: *** surprised**** so you heard it?.

BIMPE: off course I heard everything. It was your kiss and those words that brought me back to life.

ME: ***chaiiii, modaran****

BIMPE: onihaxy, you know I love you so much and I knew you love me too. But why are you so mean to me?. See the way you pushed me so hard the other time?, you almost killed me and sent me to early grave

ME: ****silent*****

BIMPE: so because I refused to abort your pregnancy, you now think that the best approach is to kill me instead?. You didn’t even consider our Daniela that she would end up been motherless?

ME: Bimpe, I’m so sorry. I pushed you away out of anger, so it wasn’t intentional. Or what would I gain from your death?

BIMPE: a lot for you to gain Mr man. Atleast you will be happy that I’m dead with my pregnancy and I won’t be a threat to you and your future matrimony.

ME: its not what you think bimpe. Or are you a threat to me?

BIMPE: offcourse I was never a threat to you and would never be. You are the person seeing me as one.

ME: ok, fine. Why did you drug my drink in the first place?

BIMPE: *** stammering*** me-me-me-drug-drug-what?.

ME: Adebimpe, you don’t have to stammer, it was so obvious that you drugged my drink, that was why you never tasted out of the wine.

BIMPE: no now, but I was looking for my purse at that moment, you could remember that I went outside to find it at the dry cleaner’s place and later to remember that I dropped it upstairs.

ME: Taaa!!!!, you never forgot any purse at anywhere, and I’m so sure there was no dry cleaner because you had two big washing machines here in this house which I’m aware of.

BIMPE: ***sobbing*** onihaxy, so you didn’t believe me abi?

ME: lailai!!!!!, I didn’t. Why didn’t you tasted out of the drink when you finally found your purse upstairs?

BIMPE: ****raised up her hands**** ok fine, I accepted. But would you agreed to stay over the night if I had humbly requested?

ME: why would I agree to stay over when I have my own place where I live?

BIMPE: can you see what I was talking about?. I knew you never cared about me onihaxy, I knew you were treating me like a trash.

ME: and here she starts again ooooooo. was that why you sent your maid away from the house?

BIMPE: haba, no ooooooooo. She went to help my aunty ni ooooooo.

ME: that is none of my business adebimpe. See, the earlier we strengthen the fence and boundary between us, the better it will be for both of us. I cherished betty’s love so much and I’m not ready to loose her for anything.

BIMPE: so, you mean I didn’t cherish my own love for henry abi?

ME: I don’t think so oooo adebimpe. Because if you do?, you should have stayed away from me and avoided me since.

BIMPE: ****laughed**** see onihaxy, if I didn’t cherish my love for Henry, I ought to have packed out of this house and move over to your place all this while now.

ME: ****laughed too**** and you think it’s funny?. That’s your business anyways, its already 6:40am, I need to start going.

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