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BETTY: Onihaxy, I am still waiting for your explanations.

ME: **** stammering *** ehmBetty. I was only greeting her and we talked about family and so on.

BETTY: For over 10 minutes?, tell me another lie. theOnihaxy that I know will never speak with Aunty bimpe on the phone for that long, I could remember I used to force you to speak with her on phone and your response was always reluctant.

ME: haa, are you now implying that I lied?

BETTY: yes. I’m beginning to have a feelings that there was more to the story that you are not telling me?,

ME: I’m serious. did you inform your brother about it?

BETTY: not yet, but with the look of things, I think I’m still going to inform him. why did you ask anyways?

ME: nothing, I’m just worried that it might cause a commotion in the family.

BETTY: if you know that you don’t want me to inform Henry, tell me exactly what you discussed with aunty Bimpe on the phone.

ME: ok. to be sincere, I had to let her know that I have explained everything to you.

BETTY: Onihaxy!!!, if there is nothing you are hiding, why didn’t you make the call here in my presence?

ME: oooooooh, I’m sorry dear. I was just boiling when I made the call and I couldn’t think straight. ok, let me call her again in your presence. ****scrolling through my phone****

BETTY: no need now, you have already done your rehearsals with, why acting up again?

ME: I’m very serious Betty. I have nothing to hide for you dear. I have already explained everything to you.

BETTY: no problems, I have heard you. But I must dig down deep to the bottom of this matter. Onihaxy, if I later discover that there was more to this story; it might lead to our separation.

ME: ****scared**** I’m so serious dear.

BETTY: no problems, hope you remember that I will be visiting my grandma tomorrow?

ME: yes I did. Do you mind if I go with you?

BETTY: no problems now. infact, grandma will be happy to see you because I already told her little things about you.

ME: hmmmmm, things like what?

BETTY: like how we met, she knew I was visiting you when you were in Ado, she always ask about you most times when I call her.

ME: waoooh, that is cool. I can’t wait to meet her.

BETTY: she would be happy to meet you too. But we should stop by at your mummy’s place so that I can greet her before we go.

ME: that’s fine. But I will have to meet you there because I have to see Segun tomorrow morning. He told me to come and check some things.

BETTY: no problems then. We will go together to uncle Segun’s place and then go to your mummy’s place from there before going to Ado Ekiti.

ME: ****chai!!!**No problems dear.

Betty and I engaged in several house chores together but my mind wasn’t at rest as my heart was beating heavily and several thoughts started running through my mind.

“ Hope this my drama won’t turn out to be a disaster?”

“ hope this my game plan won’t backfire at me?”

“ I just hope and pray that Betty will not inform his brother about what I said”

“ I just hope that Betty cooperate well with me as regard this arrangement”

“I trusted her though, she had always been a crook right from onset”

“ I can’t just imagine what Betty’s reaction will look like if she finds out that there was more to the story”

“ I don’t need any soothsayer to tell me that the entire relationship will be over”

“I just pray that everything will work out as planned”.

Later in the night before we slept, I saw Betty holding on to Adebimpe’s pictures and she was looking at it for so long before inserting them into the photo envelope. I saw her but I turned my face away as if I never noticed. We cuddled each other to bed after some moments of romance and s£x and we woke up the next day to plan for our journey. I told her that she should be the first to take her bath so that by the time I would be having mine, she must have been rounding up with her dressing and make up. We were set, door was lock and we drove to Segun’s house. I had called Segun earlier to inform him that we would be coming over to his place; he welcomed us and entertained Betty with cold drinks. Betty was taking her drinks and Segun was staring at me in confusion as he wasn’t aware of any latest development. I nodded my head sideways to signal to him that we should talk outside and he understood. He looked into my face for like 10 seconds and I guessed he was thinking of what to say.

SEGE: how far now Onihaxy?

ME: yeah. I’m here as regard the thing you called me to come and see.

SEGE: ooooh. That’s true. It’s about my generator jareeeeee. it started behaving funny and the guys that always service it for me had travelled for Xmas and new year, so I remembered that I have a friend who knows much about generator repairs, that’s why I called you to come and see it.

BETTY: ****cuts in*** uncle Segun, so you called my husband to come because of generator. My husband is not a generator repairer ooooooo.Onihaxy, make sure you charge him ooooo.

SEGE: ****laughed*** Betty, if not that God had destined Onihaxy to be a banker; I swear he must have been the best generator repairer in town by now. This guy is just naturally good and talented even without learning the job.

ME: Betty, don’t mind him jaree. I used to service and repair generator before anyways. I always watch the generator repairer in front of our house while I was growing up and I learnt some things in the process.

BETTY: but there was no generator repairer shop infront of that house the day we went there.

ME: ****chai!!!!!******* That is true. He relocated from that street some months ago according to what I heard.

SEGE: *** cuts in****** husband and wife, before you continue your argument, Onihaxy please come and help me to check this thing ontime. I learnt you are going somewhere.

Segun and I went outside as we left our phones on the bed. Segun stopped by at the back of his window and carried his small tiger generator in his hand and we walked some metres away from the house and I was confused on why Segun was carrying the generator.

ME: ***pulled Segun’s cloth” wait oooSegun, where are we going with the generator? Is it really having a fault?

SEGE: “ odeniee **you are senseless**” don’t you know that Betty might see us while we are coming back?, what do you want me to explain to her without this generator in my hand?”

ME: ok, the wise one. I have heard you.

SEGE: so how far?, I saw two of you in happy mood. What is the latest?

ME: nothing much, I have called Bimpe to update her on the latest development so that she would know how to act at her own end.

SEGE: what was her response?,

ME: she blamed me for been careless with the picture for Betty to see it but she said she would think of what to do.

SEGE: I trust her now. She must definitely know what to do. abi no be Adebimpe wey I sabi?, but to be candid Onihaxy, Adebimpe was right. You are the most careless man ever seen. If I were to be in your situation, I swear , there wouldn’t have been any traces or room to suspect anything.

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ME: I called Bimpe before reaching home but I was shocked that Betty caught me red handed. She knew I spoke with Bimpe.

SEGE: how come?, how did she find out?

ME: when I called Bimpe, Henry was the person who picked up and I told him to pass the phone to Bimpe and that I want to make a medical enquiry from her. Unknown to me, Betty also called her brother at the same time and her brother told her that Bimpe was on a call with me.

SEGE: see complications ooo!!!. So, what was your response to Betty when she knew.

ME: I had to come out straight and tell her the truth that I actually called Bimpe to inform her that she already found out about what happened in the past. She was angry, telling me that why didn’t I make the call in her presence if I had nothing to hide, I had to calm her down and pet her.

SEGE: no problem anyways, you just have to thread carefully so as not to spoil everything. Let’s go back home before she began to suspect us, that girl is smarter than you think.

We went back to Segun’s room with Segun holding on to his small generator as we walked down the path and we were also having series of gist along the way. As I opened the door, Segun and I entered at the same time and I was so shocked when I saw Segun’s phone on Betty’s hand and she was scrolling through it. I turned around to look at Segun and the look on his face illustrated clearly that I was in serious trouble. Segun didn’t lock his phone.

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