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it was Monday the following week which was December 20th, Benita had resumed work because her friend agreed to accommodate her for the duration of the project. The previous staffs whom we worked together in the last project began to hang around, discussing and Chating with one another. the new ones among them sat down lonely on the seats, busy looking around while some were pressing phones all over the places. some started snapping selfies at the bank walkway and when I saw them, I was like ” chaiii, dem go take today say una be bankers”. At around 12 pm which was break time, I decided to go to the office provided for them to see what was happening. I met them seated I rows and the unit head was addressing them, I picked up one of the chairs to see what was happening there. our Unit head saw me and he called me out, I stood up from the seat and walked towards the front of the office to meet him. He faced the crowd and said to them ” like I said earlier guys, if you are so dedicated with your work and you displayed a high level of integrity, the bank will in turn appreciate you and here is a testimony from the last project. onihaxy was also a temporary staff like you in the last project and his diligence spoke for him and he was confirmed as a permanent staff of the bank among nine other people. so, the bank is watching every one of you” .

he turned to me and said “onihaxy, you can go back to your seat”. I felt somehow as everyone began to stare at me as I was walking back to my seat and I was ashamed. The unit head continued with his statement and told them that work will commence properly on the 2nd of January the next year and that they will be spend the two weeks in Microsoft application trainings for those who can’t use Microsoft excel as well as proper training on the job role. he encouraged the existing staffs among them to blend and train the fresh ones on any area of difficulties . he also told them that they would be divided into five groups the following day and their log in identifications would be created for them to access the computer, he also talked about teamleads that would be appointed to coordinate each teams while urging them to cooperate with their team leads because any bad reports from the Teamlead will lead to sanctioning as the team leads have the right to issue queries to any erring members.

my unit head left the podium and our project supervisor also came out to address everybody. he buttressed the points of the unit head and encouraged everyone to be diligent in their work as the bank won’t tolerate any error from anyone. he told them its either 100% accuracy or zero percent. He was still speaking when I checked my time and realized that my break was over. I left their office and went back to my office. on getting to the workway, I saw FUNMI coming towards me and we exchanged greetings. She said she sent me a mail but I didn’t turn up and I apologized to her that I was at the office of the new project staffs to greet my old friends and she told me that she was also going there to address them. we departed and I went back to my office.

The next morning after the connect meeting, some people in my unit started to guess who the five team leads to be selected would be. Some smart and intelligent people started boasting around that they must be part of the team lead. The two guys that placed a bet on me previously came to meet me and they were asking if I was part of the Teamlead or not, I just smiled and told them to wait for the list by 10am. the first guy told the other guy ” you see?, ano tell you?, onihaxy even knows the time that the list will be out” the other one replied and said ” let’s just wait till then, I’m sure onihaxy can never be part of the team lead”. as we were about to leave the conference hall where we always have our meetings, our project supervisor came inside the hall with a list and he told everybody to seat down and listen, we all sat down like people awaiting ministerial list.

” Like we said earlier yesterday that the new project staffs will be divided into 5 teams A, B, C, D, and E respectively today, the management has decided to pick 5 members out of you as team leads. please, I want every other people to cooperate with the chosen ones so as to work together in meeting the organization goals.”

He opened the paper on his hand and called out names of four guys to lead team A, B, C and D, everyone was restless and uncomfortable as he was about to call the name of the last team lead and finally, he said “Onihaxy, you will be the one to lead team E”. There were further discussions before he left the conference room.

People started murmuring with different talks. some said ” didn’t I tell you?, I know onihaxy will be part of them since his mother is the line manager”, the guy who won the bet came to hug me and was screaming “onihaxy!!!!!!, I know you would make me proud, go on boy” and the haters among them began to grumble

” why would they choose onihaxy as team lead?”

” when some people here have been with the bank for 3 years and they weren’t picked”

” what did he know about the job sef?”

” was he not part of the last project staffs?”

” how come he was picked to lead the same people whom they ones worked together?”

” there must be politics and partial in the selection”

I just laughed at them as I walked out of the room and returned to my office. on getting to my desk, I saw the gossip crew smiling at me and I don’t know why, they began to whisper quietly and I was wondering why they weren’t speaking out loud until I checked the glass at funmi’s office and I saw her inside. I was like “no wonder the jungle was quiet, I never knew the lion was around”.

At break time, the new staffs were divided into there groups and they were givien a desk to work with. My systems were moved to the new office and a desk was provided for me with an office land phone for communication. I introduced myself to my team members and I was getting to meet them one after the other, 50% of them were the people whom we worked together in the last project while the remaining 50% are fresh faces. The ladies in my team are so cute and pretty as they are in different sizes. we finished with the introduction and I gave them the rules of the bank and my own rules.

” coming late will attract queries”

” no one should call me or another person ‘Mr’, call me and one another by name”

” if you want to be absent, inform me four days earlier”

” intimate relationship is not allowed ”

I continued with my speech until I heard the sound of the door and I looked back, I saw my project supervisor and Benita coming inside the room. my supervisor said Benita would be joinig my team and that I should pick someone who would be my sub-teamlead and he/she would be assisting me in some areas.

*******chaiiii, Benita again!!!!!!!!!**********



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