Sun. May 12th, 2024

Few days later, I drove to work on Friday morning. I got work and I attended the morning meetings as usual. I settled down on my desk and started the daily job as usual until break time when I was about to go out to buy food, funmi called me into her office and she gave me one thousand naira to buy a plate of rice for her while coming back. I collected the money from her and I went out of the banking hall. The sun was so intense and I had to drive in my car despite the fact that the canteen is not top far from the bank. I drove to the canteen and decided to stay and eat my food at the canteen before stopping by at the eatery to get funmi’s food. I was eating when my phone rang and I checked the screen to see who was calling, it was a call from Betty and I picked it up.

ME: hello Betty

BETTY: hi dear, you didn’t ask of me for the past two days, it’s unfair oooo.

ME: I’m so sorry about that dear. it was due to stress at work and epileptic power supply

BETTY: Eeya. how is work going? hope NP problems sha?

ME: Not at all dear.

BETTY: do you still have sufficient money on you?,

ME: Not really sha. but I’m managing.

BETTY: OK, daddy wanted to send 600,000 naira to me in two days time. I will give you half of it and I will hold on to the remaining half.

ME: 600K?, what for?

BETTY: *****Laughed****** it’s my pocket money. its equivalent in naira is about 600,000 sha.

ME: how are you going to sustain on the half of the money, will he be enough for you?

BETTY: it should be ok for me. and if it is not, I know how to tax Henry and daddy for more money.

ME: Aaaaaaw!!!!. thanks so much dear.

BETTY: don’t thank me onihaxy, I have always said it to you that anything that belongs to also belong to you. Just do me a favour of not making me to regret that I loved you.

ME: I promise you with the whole of my heart that you won’t regret knowing me

BETTY: Ok dear. how about your friend?, how is he?

ME: You mean segun?

BETTY: yes.

ME: he is fine. we spoke together not quite long sha.

BETTY: My regards to him. Sandra told me that she would be coming home next month and she said they planned to see each other.

ME: Yes, that is true. segun told me the same thing last week. he even asked if you and Sandra will be coming together and I said you aren’t coming to Nigeria until late December.

BETTY: eeyah. my regards to him. since he based in akure, I should see him when we visit your mummy now?

ME: Of course yes. he can’t even wait to meet you too.

BETTY: Ok, I need to rest now. let’s talk later dear.

ME: alright love, bye.

BETTY: bye darling ******hanged up*****



I paid for my meal and drove to the eatery to buy funmi’s plate of rice. I purchased it and went back inside my car and called segun on phone before driving off.

ME: sege, how you dey?

SEGE: I”m good jaree onihaxy. I’m just coming back from the police station.

ME: Police station?, what for?, what happened?

SEGE: thank you ooooo. it was yesterday when one of my girls came to visit me oo, she waited till around 10:30pm before going back home and I decided to see her off.

ME: so what happened?

SEGE: We got to the middle of the road and decided to rest by a car parked along the road to have few discussions before going back home. We discussed and I was hugging her before she leave when an incoming police van suddenly parked beside us.

ME: what is the business of the police with you hugging your girlfriend?

SEGE: I tire ooooooo. two of the policemen came down from the van, walked towards us and began to shout “you wanted to rape her abi?, you just raped her abi?, why is she struggling in your arms?, get into the car now!!!”

ME: hahahahahaha, this is serious, what about the girl?, why didn’t she defend you?

SEGE: they didn’t allow both of us to talk at all before they pushed us into the vehicle and drove us to police station.

ME: ****laughed****** all this silly police sef?, they are just looking for every means to make money from poor people.

SEGE: the thing vex me seriously. This morning when we are to write statements, the police changed the beat of their allegations and said they caught us having s£x in the public by the road side.

ME: haaaaaaaaaaa!!!. this is serious ooooo.

SEGE: I ended up parting away with 10k bail charges while the parents of the girl paid 5k to bail their daughter.

ME: I thought they always write it on their walls that “bail is free?”

SEGE: omo, no mind those guys ooo. that thing na fake advert. it was one of the police I gave out my ATM card to, he withdrew the 10k bail charges before I was released.

ME: Eeeeyahh, next time, just beware of those thieves in black uniform.

SEGE: thanks jaree.

ME: you are welcome. that reminds me, Betty called me not quite long and she asked of you, she said Sandra told her about her coming to Nigeria and your plans to see each other.

SEGE: OK, my regards to her oooooo..

ME: alright guy. let’s talk later, I’m on the road and heading back to work, I went out for lunch.

SEGE: alright jareeeee. bye.

I hanged up on segun and drove back to work while laughing at what the police did to him. I reached my office and gave funmi’s rice to her. I returned back to my table and continued with my work until around 5pm when my cousin in Mushin called me and accused me of not always checking on him because I now lived in Maryland. He complained about how I hadn’t called him for weeks and I realized that I was guilty. I promised him that I would visit him that evening before going back home.

I closed from work earlier and drove to my cousin’s place in Mushin to check on him, we engaged in so much discussions until I was about to go home but I was persuaded to spent the night which I reluctantly agreed to. I woke up the next morning, bath and dressed up and decided to go back home. I bid my cousin good bye and drove off in my car.

I got to Maryland at around 11am and when I reached the front of my gate, I went inside to open the gate and I drove in. as I switched off the engine, opened the door and I was about to shut it, I saw Lolade at the tap beside where I always park my car.

ME: ****shouted**** Lolade!!!!!!!!!!!, is that you?

LOLADE: Heeee!!!! onihaxy!!!!! *****came closer to hug me******

ME: How are you? long time.

LOLADE: I’m fine . its unfair oooooo. you just broke all communications with me since I left your pure water factory in ado ekiti.

ME: I’m so sorry dear, its not my fault. I lost my phone and I lost a lot of contacts as a result of it. so what are you doing here?

LOLADE: my school is on break so I came to spend two weeks here with my sister. I arrived yesterday afternoon.

ME: who is your sister?

LOLADE: aunty Mariam.

ME: Ok, I know her

LOLADE: what about you? what are you doing here?

ME: I live here

LOLADE: you mean that you don’t work in ado ekiti again?

ME: yes. since January.

LOLADE: Waooooh. where is your room?

ME: ******Described the location for her******

LOLADE: Ok, let me drop this water and finish with what I am doing, I will check on you in your room later.

ME: ok dear.

****** chai!!!!!!!!!!!*************



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