Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

ME: eeehmmm Betty, we can get married anytime you want.

BETTY: I just want it to be as fast as possible. We thank God that you are now a permanent contract staff and I will soon have my own masters’ degree certificate. I believe I will get a job after the program. So I don’t think anything should delay us again.

ME: yeah you are right. But what about your father?,

BETTY: what happened to my daddy?

ME: I have been thinking maybe you, henry and I should find a means of meeting your daddy and settling things out. I am not just comfortable with the way I’m not getting to know my father inlaw.

BETTY: hmmmmm, onihaxy, do you think it will be that easy?, remember I have done introduction with someone else?,

ME: hmmmmmm. Yeah, I remember.

BETTY: so, how do you think he will be convinced?, or have you forgotten that it was his friend’s son I’m been engaged too?

ME: yeah I know. But I just believed there should be a way out to resolve this thing betty. I really want to get close to my father inlaw. I want to relate with him the same way I do relate with henry.

BETTY: ok, so what do you think we can do?

ME: I think you should discuss with henry about it and see what you can do to make it work out.

BETTY: ok, but why can’t you walk up to Henry and discuss it with him too. Or is it a must that I should be the one to bring it up?

ME: it’s not like that betty. You know I do go to work every weekdays likewise Henry. The only periods I’m always free is on weekends and your brother has never been around on weekends.

BETTY: you are right sha. I will discuss with him about it and give you feedback later.

ME: no problems dear.

BETTY: left for me sha, I just want to run away and want us to settle down.

ME: same here dear. I can’t to always wake up seeing you beside me.

BETTY: alright. Let’s chat later. I have to study now.

ME: ok dear.

The chat between Betty and I ended and I sat down on my bed and began to think.

” Betty had a dream about me?”

” She saw me with two women?”

” One was younger and one was older?”

” The younger one should be adebimpe”

” I’m very sure of that”

” Then the older one should be funmi”

“These are the only two problems I have”

” Betty was even talking about us getting married soon.”

” Hope funmi won’t be a problem to this union”

” But how do I cope with this issue of not meeting and knowing my father inlaw?”

“Is it a crime to be born in low class family?”

“I wish my parents are rich and influential”

“I just hope Betty’s father won’t hire assassin to kill me one day?”

“Even my rich rival, I’m not save from him”

“I just pray I end up marrying Betty”

I stopped thinking and went out of my room to hang out with one of my neighbors, we had lots of fun as we ate, gist and discussed about football throughout the moment of my visitation. I spent few hours there and later returned to my room only to find my phone on my bed.

“Ooooops, I left this phone here”

I picked up the phone and saw four missed calls from adebimpe.

“Mtcheeeew!!!, what is she calling me for?”

I dropped the phone on the bed only to hear my phone ringing again 5 seconds and I picked up.

ME: hello

BIMPE: hello onihaxy, why haven’t you been picking calls?

ME: I was washing my cloths outside and my phone wasn’t with me. I just entered now and I got this present call.

BIMPE: how is the weekend going?

ME: going fine. Thanks.

BIMPE: I just want to ask when next you will be coming to lekki.

ME: what happened?, why asking?

BIMPE: please onihaxy, I need to see you. I really need your help on something.

ME: what is it all about?

BIMPE: I will tell you everything when we see.

ME: why can’t you tell me now?

BIMPE: please now onihaxy!!!

ME: ok, I don’t know when I will be free to come to lekki ooooo. I’m seriously busy these days, even on weekends.

BIMPE: ok, can I come over to your place?

ME: no, you can’t.

BIMPE: ok, what about any eatery of your choice please, I don’t mind.

ME: is it that serious?.

BIMPE: yes. Its a matter of urgency.

ME: ok, I will let you know when I will be chanced.

BIMPE: ok dear, thank you very much. I love you so much

ME: ****love me?, chai!!!!!!!*******

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