Wed. May 29th, 2024

The urges and temptation was getting so intense over the night that i found it so hard to control my erection. Benita was sleeping and lying down on her side with her a-s shooting out towards me. The bumpshort was so small that the underlining of her bottom was revealing out. At a point in time, i rolled over to her side and landed my hand on her a-s as if it was a mistake out of trance but she would push my hand away. i did it the second time after few minutes and i was suprised when she pushed my hand away and also stood up from the bed. i was wondering what she wanted to do next and i saw her going down to the floor and sleeping on the rug, she later covered herself with her wrapper and i was so surprised.

“What could be wrong with this girl?”

“why was she putting on cloths revealing herself when she knew that she wasn’t ready for s£x?”

“didn’t she realize that i would be tempted?”

” is this the way i will continue to bear all this temptation till she leaves?”

“what was her major reason for putting on bumpshorts in the first place?”

“Nawa for this Benita oooo”

I later forced myself to sleep and I was woken up by my alarm at 5:30 am. I looked to the side of the bed and I realized that Benita was still sleeping on the rug. I woke her up and pretended as if I never knew what happened.

ME: benita!!!!!!!!.

BENITA: ****stretching herself****** good morning onihaxy

ME: good morning. why are you sleeping on the floor? I thought I saw you on the bed before I slept last night?

BENITA: it was because of the heat in the midnight when nepa took light. so I had to sleep on the ground that is a little bit cooler

ME: ***surprised***** you mean that nepa took off the light?***

BENITA: yes.

ME: OK, you can come over to the bed now, since there is light.

BENITA: OK dear, thanks so much.

ME: You are welcome.

I left Benita in the room and I went to the bathroom to bath and later prepared for work. I got to the bank, attended the morning meetings as usual before proceeding with the task for the day. When I was on break, I heard a whatsapp notification on my phone and I checked the screen to see who sent me a message and I realized it was from segun. I picked up my phone to chat with him.

SEGE: hi onihaxy

ME: how far segun?

SEGE: I dey ooooo. I just want to inform you that I will be meeting Sandra next month.

ME: ****surprised**** really?, how you take do am?

SEGE: she will be in Nigeria next month and we will be seeing before she returns

ME: so, you will be going to abuja next month?

SEGE: me?, going to Abuja kee?, she is coming here to akure.

ME: coming to Akure?, did you use charm on her?

SEGE: see you, you don’t need a charm to pull a call, all you need is a good talking strategy and a nice packaging. it works like magic.

ME: Bad boy!!!!!!!!. you don dey flex now abi?

SEGE: before nko?. na only sabi enjoy millionaire daughter?

ME: heeeeeee!!!!. so you mean that you have been obtaining from Sandra abi?

SEGE: not at all, I don’t want to appear as a gold digger to her yet. I’m still playing the lover boy part.

ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm. but you will still dig gold right?

SEGE: before nko?, intact, I will even dig diamond join.

ME: badt guy.

SEGE: but its not easy sha ooooo. you need to know I much I do spend daily on recharge cards to call international number.

ME: like how much?

SEGE: sometimes, I spend an average of N1,000

ME: no wonder she fell for you so easy. na your airtime dey do the magic

SEGE: yes oooo. the recharging of phone isn’t an issue sha. yo know sometimes, you need to sacrifice your knight to checkmate a king.

ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm. badoooooo.

SEGE: so how about your sugarmummy?

ME: she is there ooooo. you need to hear what she said yesterday.

SEGE: really?, gist me nor

ME: she said she knew all what happened on Friday night and she enjoyed it, she said I should stop acting awkward and I should pretend as if nothing happened.

SEGE: you mean she wasn’t really drunk that day?

ME: I don’t even know. I’m even confused on that. but I knew she was high that day.

SEGE: that your madam sef na something else oooo. no yawa na. make you continue the show now, nothing do you.

ME: you no well segun. that reminds me, I had a guest yesterday

SEGE: who?, bimpe abi?

ME: no oooo. it was Benita. the lady that was staying with me when I was still a temporary staff.

SEGE: yeah, I remember. but you said she wasn’t retained and that she travelled now?

ME: yes. she came around yesterday for a test yesterday.

SEGE: so you rocked her overnight abi?

ME: rock kee? she made her fence so tempting and she later put password on it.

SEGE: I don’t understand.

ME: she was wearing a very small bumpshort and a n—-e reaveling cloth only for her to push my hand away when I was making attempts. in fact, she had to move over from the bed to the floor.

SEGE: hahahahahahahahaha

ME: why are you laughing now?

SEGE: Because I felt your pain. don’t worry, just bear it till she returns. next time, don’t accommodate her again. be bold to tell her next time she comes that you can’t stand the temptations anymore.

ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm

SEGE: yes, I would have teach you on how to sleep with her, but seriously, I want you to put an end to all this side chick paroles and focus majorly on Betty. I’m serious.

ME: OK ooooo. thanks jaree. let’s chat later, my break is over.

ME: OK guy.

I ended the chat with segun and I resumed my work. work continued until the close of business for the day and I wasn’t eager to go home. in fact, I felt like spending the night at work if I was been permitted because I wasn’t willing to face another set of temptations. Thirty minutes after close of business, I was still on my desk and funmi came out of her office and she was planning to go home. she was so surprised to see me still sitting down in the office. she closed her door and walked closer to me.

FUNMI: onihaxy, what is going on?, why are you still here?

ME: there is nothing, I just felt like relaxing a bit before driving back home.

FUNMI: hmmmmmmmmmmm. you you are waiting to connect with one of the girls in another floor?

ME: *****smiled**** not at all, I’m really weak to drive, I just want to relax to get some energy

FUNMI: eeeyah, no problems *****looked around****** where will you be this weekend?

ME: no where, I will be at home all through.

FUNMI: *****Smiled****** please come and have a lunch with me at home this Saturday, I don’t want to be bored at home.

ME: **** looked her in her eyes****

FUNMI: ****still smiling***** Please!!!!!

ME: alright, no problem.

FUNMI: Thank you very much. see you tomorrow.

ME: alright, bye.

Funmi left the office and walked out and I stood up 5 minutes later to go home. while driving, I was having a mixed thinking of what would happen on Saturday.

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