Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

On getting to work on Wednesday morning, I dropped my bag on my desk and went straight to the morning connect session as usual; our unit head came to address us about diligence at work. He complained about the nonchalant attitude of some people in the unit. He also talked about people eating food on their desk which he said was attracting rats into the offices and the rats end up eating documents in the offices when they are out of food leftovers to feed on. Funmi walked into the meeting and greeted everyone, we all replied her, she picked a seat to sit down while she signaled at our unit head to come over and they had a short mouth to ear gossip. Our team leader later told us that funmi wanted to address us and we all clapped as she stood up and walked to the front of the hall. I was so carried away with her colorful gown outfit plus her beautifully packed braids. Her waist was oscillating as she was moving to the front with her nice show making

sounds on the floor, she got to the front, turned around and the first smile she released was so captivating. Our eyes met as she was about to start her speech and we couldn’t both help it but spend extra few seconds to stare and smiled at each other.

Funmi started her speech by appreciating everyone for our work and efforts in ensuring to meet up with our daily and weekly targets. She later complained about people who are found of gossiping during official hours and she said their gossips leads to lack of focus and concentrations which in turn leads to committing errors at work In which the bank will always be at the receiving end either by losing customers or been sanctioned by the central bank of Nigeria for misconduct. She also talked about a welfare program been initiated towards christmas celebration because of some of us who are spending the first Christmas with the bank, she talked about the end of the year party and how we are going to be part of it. We clapped as she walked away from the front of the hall and walked out of the room. I couldn’t just take my eyes of her as she was going out ****gosh!!!!!!, this woman always look gorgeous and astonishing***

The guy sitting beside me whom was among the people we resumed together had to tap me and call back my attention saying “onihaxy!!!!!!!, you and this your madam sha. Are you sure there is nothing going on between the two of you?”, I smiled at him and I replied him that I was just looking and nothing more.

The meeting ended at 7:30am and I returned to my desk to start with my work for the day. At 10am my phone rang and I checked the screen, it was a call from benita and I picked it up.

BENITA: hello onihaxy.

ME: hi benita

BENITA: I’m already on my way to Lagos.

ME: ok dear.

BENITA: so how are we going to see?, should I go straight to your house?, or you will come to pick me up at the park?,

ME: my key is with me, so there is no way you can enter into the house, it’s also possible that I may close late at work,

BENITA: you and funmi again abi?

ME: ***laughed** you aren’t serious Benita. It’s not about funmi, my unit head told us to wait after the close of business.

BENITA: so what is going to happen now?

ME: maybe you should come and meet me in the bank, then we will go home together

BENITA: no, I can’t. I don’t want anyone in the bank to see me.

ME: so what do we do now?

BENITA: don’t worry, I will be at your house waiting for you.

ME: ok dear.

I hung up on Benita to continue with my work only for me to receive a mail from funmilayo, telling me to see her in her office immediately. I was like

“What have I done wrong again?”

“Is she going to send me on another errand?”

“Could it be about what happened previously?”

I suspended what I was doing and I went to meet her in the office. I knocked on her door and I entered, she told me to sit down and I pulled out a chair.

FUNMI: how are you?

ME: I’m fine. I saw your mail.

FUNMI: yeah. Why were you smiling at me in the morning?

ME: I was just smiling.

FUNMI: you and I know that’s a lie.

ME: ok, I was admiring your dress and heels.

FUNMI: waoooh. Are you serious?

ME: yes. You always look astonishing in those gowns.

FUNMI: thanks so much.

ME: you are welcome.

FUNMI: alright. Now, let’s talk about what happened on friday night.

ME: ***** scared****** what happened?

FUNMI: ****smiled*** you don’t have to be scared onihaxy. I might be drunk that night but I could still remember everything that happened in my bedroom that night.

ME: hmmmmmmm.

FUNMI: ****smiled**** yes. I knew I made the move and put you in the mood, but you were so full of energy I actually enjoyed it.

ME: *****silent*****

FUNMI: was that why you have been acting awkward since Monday?

ME: not all.

FUNMI: ok. Will you be going out for lunch?

ME: not at all.

FUNMI: ok, you can go.

I left funmi’s office and returned to my desk to continue with my work. I started reflecting back to the conversations between funmi and I and couldn’t help it but to smile. At 6:30pm, I got a call from Benita and she told me that she was at the park, I told her to start going to my house and I will meet her at home. I closed for the day at 7:00pm and I drove back home to meet Benita at home.

I got home and I met her standing at the entrance of my room with her bag standing in between her legs. We hugged each other as I opened the door for both of us to enter. We sat down and discussed for a while before I went to the kitchen to prepare noodles for us to eat. I was still in the kitchen when I heard the sound of the shower from the bathroom and I knew Benita was already inside. I finished from the kitchen and brought the food to the room for us to eat but I couldn’t hold back my erection when I saw Benita wearing an a-s revealing bump shorts and a spagetti top which was revealing the t-t of her n—–s.

*****chai!!!!!!!, Here comes another temptation******

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