Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

My supervisor left the office after telling me to move my properties back to my former seat infront of funmi’s office at the close of business of the day, new co-staffs began to murmur

“I said it!!!”

” I knew you and funmi are related”

” Or probably a parole is going on between both of you”

” Why is she moving you closer to her?”

” Why can’t she do without you?”

“Onihaxy, I hail you oooooooo”.

They continued to murmur and talk about funmi and I until we closed for the day. I moved all my stationeries from my new office back to my former desk which was in front of funmi’s office. The “gossip crew” began to stare at me, chucking and smiling as if they couldn’t speak. I was cleaning my desk and wondering why they aren’t speaking until I heard the sound of funmi’s door being opened. She came out cat-walking from her office, our eyes met and she smiled at me saying “hello onihaxy, welcome back” and she walked out of the main door. It was as if a padlock was been removed from the “gossip crew’s” mouth, they began to murmur.


“We knew that you will definitely come back here”

“We knew it that your mother would definitely bring you back”

” We knew it that both of you can’t cope with the separation”

They continued to murmur and whisper while I was arranging my desk until my phone rang. I checked the screen and it was a call from Adebimpe. My heart skipped beat as I picked the call.


ME: hello bimpe


BIMPE: hi dear, how was work today?


ME: fine. And yours?


BIMPE: I didn’t go to work.


ME: why?, what happened?


BIMPE: I’m not feeling too fine, I’m having aches all over my body.


ME: sorry about that, hope you have taken medications?


BIMPE: yes, I did. You didn’t call me throughout yesterday and today onihaxy!!. This is unfair oooo. And you knew the condition you put me through and left me on saturday.


ME: I’m so sorry bimpe, I didn’t have airtime on my phone. Also, I have been busy with activities since I resumed today.


BIMPE: ehn ehn!!!!!, that is it abi?, so if I had died over the weekend, is that how you would forget about me nd resume your work?”


ME: Adebimpe, I said I’m sorry ok!!!


BIMPE: was that the promise you made to me when you kissed me back then in the bathroom?. Didn’t you promised to always care for me?.


ME: I’m so sorry please.


BIMPE: ok, no problem. I missed you anyways.


ME: **Haaa!!!!*** how is your husband and your maid?


BIMPE: henry is yet to be back from work, maid went to buy something in the market.


ME: how about daniella?


BIMPE: she is yet to be back from school.


ME: ok, my regards to all of them when they are back from work.


BIMPE: hmmmmm, onihaxy!!, this one that you are asking of my maid, hope you aren’t hunting her?


ME: what do you mean?.


BIMPE: nothing, just asking because I don’t trust you.


ME: you are not serious.


BIMPE: I will personally report you to betty if I found out you are hunting for my maid.


ME: and I will personally report you to henry that I caught you with the security man.


BIMPE: you aren’t serious onihaxy. So when should I expect your calls?


ME : maybe when I reached home.


BIMPE: ok dear, take care of yourself


ME: and you too. Bye


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BIMPE: bye ****hanged up******

After dropping the call, the “gossip crew” resumed back there discussions and this continued for about 15 more minutes till I left the place and drove home. On getting home, I initiated a chat with Betty on bbm.


ME: hi dear.


BETTY: my love, how are you?


ME: I’m good, and you?


BETTY: I’m good too. I tried calling you 3 hours back but your number wasn’t reachable.


ME: my phone was off by then, I was in a meeting with the management as today is my resumption as a permanent contract staff.


BETTY: yeah, that is true. How was the resumption? Was the task different from the previous one?


ME: not really, same task but more complex targets and assignment.


BETTY: eeeyah. Pele dear. Just be focus and be diligent in your work. Who knows?, you might be invited for a full time employee position soon.


ME: thanks dear.


BETTY: how about my family?, did you eventually checked on them when you went to lekki?.


ME: yes I did. Just that I only met bimpe, the new maid and daniella.


BETTY: what about my brother?


ME: he had already travelled before I got to your house.


BETTY: ok dear, thanks so much,


ME: you are welcome honey.

Betty and I continued to chat until I was feeling sleepy and I told her to let me sleep and we should continue our chats later. I left my room for the bathroom to have my bath and as I was returning back to the room, I heard the ringing of my phone, I checked the screen and it was a call from segun which I picked up.


ME: hi segun


SEGE: how far onihaxy?, hope you have resumed work already?.


ME: yeah, I did resume today.


SEGE: how was it?, is it the same former role?


ME: yeah, but some things are now added to it.


SEGE: that’s good. How about funmi?, are you still in her office?


ME: hmmmm, that reminds me, small drama happened today.


SEGE: ehn ehn?, gist me. Bimpe came to your bank abi?


ME: no oooo.


SEGE: then what happened?


ME: when I resumed work in the morning, 5 of us to be retained on our former role were moved to an office to join some existing staffs there. But I was surprised when our supervisor came to our office and told me to vacate the office immediately and relocate to somewhere else.


SEGE: why?, what happened?, did you offended the management?.


ME: that was my thought too. But when I asked him why he was moving me out of the office, he told me that funmi said I should return to my former office and work on the same desk I used to work before.


SEGE: hmmmmm. You mean the same desk infront of her office?


ME: yes oooooooo.


SEGE: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Onihaxy, I’m seeing things……….

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