Wed. May 29th, 2024

I returned to my desk wondering why she wanted me to drop her off.

“But she has an official car attached to her”

” There are even lazy drivers hanging around the bank”

“She can take a cab sef”

“Then why me?”

I decided to hint my guy on whatsapp about the latest development.


ME: hi segun


SEGE: how far onihaxy?


ME: I dey jaree. Something happened today.


SEGE: ehn ehn?, what happened?


ME: funmi came late to work today, her mood was so bad since morning that she didn’t talk to anyone.


SEGE: really?


ME: yeah. I even called her in the morning to ask her why she wasn’t at work in the morning.


SEGE: as per say you be her boo abi?


ME: you no well segun. As I was saying, I called and she wasn’t picking up.


SEGE: so really happened to her?


ME: I later went to meet her in her office and that was when she told me that her car broke down in the morning. The worst part was that, two men stopped by in a pretence to help her, only for handbag to be snatched by the guys, that was why she couldn’t pick up her calls as her phones were gone.


SEGE: eeeyah, so sorry about the loss oooo. “The king’s house that got burnt will be replaced by a more beautiful house”


ME: thank you oooo. Do you know the most amazing thing?


SEGE: what is that?


ME: she is entitled to an official car and a driver. But yet, she wanted me to take her home tonight after work.


SEGE: onihaxy, hmmmm. Like seriously, I’m seeing things……


ME: na wetin you dey see oooo?


SEGE: a light at the end of the tunnel.


ME: which tunnel ooo?


SEGE: don’t worry. Let me just tell you this. In case you see a good pitch tonight, together with an avenue to play a good match, do not hesitate to score a very nice goal and hit the net so hard, the commentary will never be forgotten.


ME: hmmmmmmmmmm, bad guy.


SEGE: I dey tell you my guy.


ME: let’s chat later, I have to do some works now.


SEGE: no wahala. Just make sure you give me better gists later ooo


ME: I hear.


SEGE: Later things.

I suspended my chats with segun and resumed my work and I continued this until the close of business for the day at 7pm. I waited for some minutes to chat with my friends at work and like after twenty minutes, they all left me and went home. I tried calling funmi but I remembered that her phone and bags had been stolen; I decided to visit her in her office to remind her that I was waiting for her. On getting to her office, I saw busy typing her keyboard while looking at the screen on her laptop. She rose up her head, saw me and she said “onihaxy, please don’t be offended, just give me like twenty to thirty minutes, I should be done by then. This report I’m sending is very important and I have to finish it up today”. I nodded in agreement and said “its ok, no problem” as I turned back and returned to my desk to wait for her.

I engaged betty and segun in chats to while away time as I was seated on my desk and waiting for funmi to come out of her office. I waited until few minutes past 8pm when funmi eventually came out her office. She locked her door and walked closer to me.


FUNMI: I’m so sorry onihaxy, I had to collate this week’s report and send to my boss, that was what took my time.


ME: no problem, its ok.


FUNMI: hope I haven’t taken too much of your time. Or are you going somewhere?


ME: not at all, I’m not going anywhere.


FUNMI: that’s fine then. Let me compensate you for the delay. We are hanging out tonight.


ME: ***grin**** hanging out?


FUNMI: yeah. Or is there any problem with that?


ME: not at all.


FUNMI: or you are wondering if I really meant what I said?


ME: yeah, something like that


FUNMI: funny you onihaxy. Every hard working person must always create time to have fun and relax the brain sometimes you know. All work and no play make one a miserable worker.


ME: that’s true, you are right.


FUNMI: Alright, let’s go.


ME: who will drive?, you or I?


FUNMI: its your car man, so you should drive it.


ME: ****smiled**** no problem.


Funmi and I walked out of the office and went to the car park. I opened the door of the driver side and entered into the car while funmi entered from the other side. I was about to drive when I remembered that I don’t even know where I was going to. I asked funmilayo “hi boss, so where exactly are we going?”. Funmi turned to me and smile while she was pulling out the seat belt and she said ” we are going to somewhere around ikeja. Just drive, I will give you the directions”. I started the car engine and we drove out of the bank.

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