Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

BIMPE: ****flirty smile*** start going to where?


ME: home offcourse.


BIMPE: ok then, no problem, I hope I have been forgiven sha?


ME: for what?


BIMPE: for making you to sleep over


ME: hmmmmmm, so you finally admitted that you drugged my drink?


BIMPE: ***faced down*** I had no other choice onihaxy, I had to do that since it was the only way I could make you stay back since I wanted you to be around.


ME: Adebimpe, the more you are using extreme measures on me, the more you are breaking my trust for you. Now, I will no longer accept any food and drink from you again. Infact, I will no longer come here again. You can go ahead and report me to Henry that I said so, I don’t care.


BIMPE: Haaaaaaaa!!!!!


ME: yes, read my lips, you can even go ahead and tell Betty that I said so, I don’t f—–g care anymore, everything is over right here.


BIMPE: ***jumped up from the bed, knelt down on her two kneels and held my legs****** onihaxy please, I’m so sorry.


ME: you don’t have to beg me, this is just the height of it all. It’s over and I mean it.


BIMPE: ***raised up her head and looked into my eyes while still kneeling down and started crying*** onihaxy please don’t do this to me. Please don’t stay away from me, please don’t neglect and abandon me. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. You are my only source of joy and happiness, you are the main reason why I keep smiling everyday and you are the only person that brought joy into my heart. Please don’t leave me, I’m dead already without you.


ME: ***felt sorry for her**** ok bimpe, stand up and wipe off your tears, it’s ok.


BIMPE: no oooo onihaxy, please let me remain on my knees.


ME: no ooo bimpe, I insist that you should stand up.


BIMPE: ***stood up from the ground and was standing in front of me**** thank you very much dear.


ME: bimpe, I want to ask you some questions.


BIMPE: ok, go ahead.


ME: do you really want my happiness at all?.


BIMPE: offcourse, I do.


ME: do you want me to get married?


BIMPE: of course. Henry and I are strongly behind you and Betty.


ME: if you are sure of that, then why don’t you just give me freedom so that I can focus on my own relationship?


BIMPE: oh my God onihaxy!!!, this is where you are always getting it wrong. I’m not stopping you from going out with Betty, I’m not stopping your marriage plans, I’m so happy with both of you and I’m strongly behind you both. After all, its not as if I wanted you to marry me, All I just wanted from you is to treat me as if you care, treat me like the mother of your first daughter, don’t run away from me and make me feel happy. Honestly, it’s not disturbing anything whatsoever you have with betty, you are just the one creating issues out of nothing.


ME: and how do you expect my union with betty to work out when you keep on locking me up in your room, chasing me around with calls and text, choking me with pregnancy and the likes?


BIMPE: and ever since all these had been happening, did henry find out about us?




BIMPE: that is it. Despite the fact that I’m married and living under the same roof with henry, I played my game very well. Its left for you to play yours to. Betty is your fiance and will soon be your wife and I expect you to love and adore her so much. But at the same time, I’m your baby mama, I’m also expecting you to show me some level of care.


ME: hmmmmmmmm. It’s official, I’m doomed.


BIMPE: stop saying that onihaxy. Its not as if I’m telling you to announce it to the whole world that I’m your baby mama for crying out loud. But atleast show little care, call when you are supposed to call, reply my chats anytime I initiate it, visit me here often and I won’t have any reason to complain or lock you up.


ME: ok, I heard you. Let me start going now.


BIMPE: wait, there are blood stains on your cloth. Open inside the wardrobe, you will see a “3-in-1” lux white round neck vests packed at the top, you can take one out of it.


ME: who owns it, you or henry?.


BIMPE: it belongs to me.


ME: ok ****i went to the wardrobe, picked the vest and changed my top****


BIMPE: ***gave me a polythene bag**** take this nylon and keep your cloth inside. Let’s go downstairs to the living room but you will have to wait while I excuse the security man away from the house.


ME: **** surprised**** excuse him out as how?, I don’t understand.


BIMPE: yesterday night around 8pm, I gave him money to get me a wine at the third street while I waited outside the compound till he returned. When he came back, I pointed at your car and I told him that you have gone but you would be coming back this morning to pick the car.


ME: hmmmmmmmm. Adebimpe!!!!!!!, you are a smooth criminal.


BIMPE: na you sabi. You can never trust those guys, he might start gossiping later.


ME: so, what will happen now?


BIMPE: you will wait in the living room while I send him out on an errand and then you will go out and hang around somewhere. When he is back, I will call you to come back so that you can officially knock on the gate and come in to take you car.


ME: ***chai!!!!!!!****


Bimpe put on a gown, wore a pant and we went out of her room to the living room. She peeped at Danielle’s room through the key hole and she was still sleeping. She later went out of the house and sent the security man on an errand while I left the house to hang around somewhere. About fifteen minutes later, she called me on phone to come and pick my car. I came back to the house, knocked on the gate and it was opened by the security man. I went straight to the car, drove it out of the house and I told the security man to greet her madam for me and tell her that I was in a hurry and that was why I couldn’t enter to see her. I got back home and I started reminiscing on what happened.

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