Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

I was still shocked when I woke up to discover that I was lying naked on henry’s matrimonial bed with bimpe lying beside me. I couldn’t just believe what happened to me and several thoughts started going on in my mind.

” What happened to me?”

” This is totally strange”

” Did bimpe actually drugged my drink?”

“Wait a minute, she didn’t drink out of that wine?”

“Yes!!!, she was looking for her purse”

“Yes!!!!, she dropped the wine cup on the table”.

” Her maid didn’t sleep at home last night.”

” Was it a coincidence?”

” Did she deliberately sent her away so as to rape me?”

” How did I get to this room?”

” What magic took my clothes off me?”

” Why is bimpe also naked?”

” What is sperm drop doing on my thighs?”.

” Was I raped?”

” Am I dreaming?”


Immediately, I started to recall all that happened to me in trance. It was like a dream. Adebimpe knelt down on my laps with her legs spread wide over me. She pulled off my shirt, removed my singlet, my belts and my trousers. I remembered that I was so weak to do anything. While she was still sitting on my laps, she pulled off my boxers and began to stroke my d**k till I was erected and she pulled off her pants and sat on my erected d**k. Her hand was holding the head of my d**k and she led it inside her pu**y as she rode me on a “woman ontop” style. I recollected when I cummed and she stood up and lied beside me.

“So I wasn’t dreaming all this while?”

” So this whole thing actually happened?”

I was so furious that I couldn’t hold it any longer. I hit adebimpe strongly on her thighs to wake her up.


ME: Adebimpe!!!!!!!. Wake up!!!!!!!.


ADEBIMPE: what is it now onihaxy?, why can’t you just be caring for once.


ME: ****frowned**** Answer me, how did I get here?.


BIMPE: **** yawn**** Ok, you were drunk last night, you were so weak to drive a car, and I suggested that you should relax for a while before going home.


ME: relax?


BIMPE: yes. I brought you upstairs when you were feeling dizzy.


ME: and why didn’t you take me to your guest room. Why your matrimonial room?


BIMPE: because you aren’t a guest to me.


ME: ***still furious**** so, why didn’t you wake me up later?.


BIMPE: I woke you up around 9pm but you never woke up.


ME: so why are we both naked?


BIMPE: what sort of question is that onihaxy?, you started moving your hands and legs in the midnight and you were moving them all over my body. You were the one who started the romance till I submitted to you and we had a good s£x.


ME: haaaa!!!!. Bimpe you lied, you drugged my drink and raped me.


BIMPE: ***smiled**** me? Drugged and raped you?.


ME: yes!!!!


BIMPE: where is your evidence?


ME: you didn’t drink out of the wine because it was drugged and you intentionally sent your maid on an errand so as to rape me.


BIMPE: nice one. So Who would believe all this story?.


ME: Bimpe but why?, why did you have to do this to me?.


BIMPE: it’s simply called the the power of emotions. A woman who missed someone so closed to her heart would do anything to be with her man. I missed you so much onihaxy.


ME: **** hissed ******


I stood up out of anger and started wearing my cloths. Bimpe was trying to pet me and calm me but I pushed her away so hard from me. I continued to wear my cloths without looking back to see what happened. Bimpe wasn’t talking anymore but I never cared, my mind was just focused on getting out her room and driving back home as early as possible. When I was through with wearing of my underwear and cloths, I was looking for my car key and I turned around to ask bimpe. Behold, adebimpe was lying cold nakedly on the bed. I looked at the edge of the bed and I saw blood stains. I moved closer and traced the blood stains, I discovered that it was from bimpe’s head.

“Haaaaaa onihaxy!!!!!, you have killed someone!!!!!!”.

Adebimpe!!!!!!!!, I was shouting her name and shaking her to wake up but she didn’t. I was totally confused and didn’t know what else to do. I lifted up her hands and hit her chest several times but she refused to open her eyes and moved her body. I thought of running away then I remembered that there was a security man in the house. I couldn’t call on the maid as she wasn’t inside the room. I called adebimpe again several times and she wasn’t responding. I just sat down there beside her and I began to cry.

” What will I tell the whole world?”

” Will the world believe me?”

” Now I have killed someone”

” Now I will go to jail”

” What will be my fate?”

” I will eventually loose betty”

” How will I face henry?”

” What will be my explanation on why I slept here in the first place?”.

” Now I won’t be able to resume to office on monday”.

“I’m so sure that the police will arrive here soon”

“Onihaxy. You are finally in serious trouble………………………………



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