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I got scared of Betty’s response and my mind was disturbed.

” She said she would end the relationship”

” Should I still go ahead and tell her about bimpe?”

” If I decided to keep mute, won’t she find out on her own?”

” If she finds out, what will happen next?”.


I logged on to whatsapp to discuss about it with segun.


ME: hi sege.


SEGE: how far onihaxy?


ME: sege, wahala dey ooooo.


SEGE: what happened?


ME: I just painted that picture to betty now and her response was brutal.


SEGE: gist me, how did it went?


ME: I told her that my cousin dated a girl in the past, broke up with her and he met another girl three years later, only to find out that the two girls are sisters.


SEGE: kudos, nice one. So what did you tell her again?


ME: I told her that my cousin was confused whether to open up to her new girl or keep mute about it. She then asked me if s£xual intercourse occurred between my cousin and the first girl and I said it seemed so.


SEGE: ok, go on.


ME: then betty said the new relationship is dead on arrival.


SEGE: funny. Well that’s not a big deal.


ME: you think so?


SEGE: yes!!!. I’m sure you must have gotten married to her and have kids before she eventually find out. That is if she finds out. And by then, it would be difficult for her to turn back. But for now, just keep mute about it.


ME: ok segun.


SEGE: now it’s time for the next mission.


ME: which mission?


SEGE: funmi ofcourse.


ME: segun, you no well.


The next day, I called henry to inform him that I would be stopping by to check on him on friday. He asked me about the time I would be coming and I told him that it would be around afternoon time. He said it’s likely I meet him at home before he travelled, and if not, daniella and her mum would be at home to welcome me. On thursday morning, I woke up, prepared myself and I was ready to visit lekki. I left home at around 12pm and drove out of home. I was caught up in a traffic jam and I got to the recruiting firm at around 3:30pm. I got my offer letter and I was on my way to henry’s house when I called henry on the phone to inform him about my coming and he told me that he was almost at the airport. He then told me to call mummy daniella. I called Adebimpe to enquire from her if she was at home, she told me that she was still at the clinic and would be back home soon. She also said I should go home and wait for her as daniella and her maid would be at home presently. She also said she was already aware of my visit and that I must not leave until she returns. I dropped the call, spent some time hanging out with a friend whom I met at the outsourcing firm and I drove the car to henry’s house after then. I stopped by at the restaurant by the water side to buy ice cream and burger for daniella.

I got there around 4:50pm and I met Daniela and the maid sitting in the living room. The maid was busy putting daniella through with her assignment when I entered. Daniella hugged me and I gave her the things I bought for her, she was so happy and she returned back to her assignment while I sat down on the chair. “What should I offer you sir?”, The maid asked me and I told her not to bother herself and that she should continue with what she was doing. She picked her phone and made a call, and from their conversations, she was informing bimpe that I was around. She dropped the call and said ” I just called madam to inform her that you are around and she said she will be here in 40minutes time. She said you should please wait for her”. I nodded and thanked her. The maid and daniella continued with her assignment as I waited for 1hour, 35minutes until bimpe arrived. Daniella ran towards her and hugged her while she greeted the maid before facing me.


BIMPE: ****smiled**** hi Mr onihaxy. Please in very sorry for coming late, there was a heavy traffic on the road and it was so terrible.


ME: ***looked at her swollen belly**** hmmmmm. I have been waiting for so long oooo. Look at the time, its past 6pm already.


BiMPE: I’m so sorry please. Have you been entertained?.


MAID: ma!!, I asked him what he wanted and he told me that he was ok.




BIMPE: ****turned to me*** is that true Mr onihaxy?


ME: yes. Very true, I was the one that declined it. I’m ok for now. I had enough before coming here.


BIMPE: ***sat down****. Ok. So what brought you to lekki?, because I knew you would not come here willingly.


ME: hmmmmmm. Says who?.


BIMPE: its what I’m sure of, since your wife doesn’t stay here for now.


ME: hmmmmmmm. Actually, I came to collect my offer letter from our outsourcing firm.


BIMPE: which offer letter?, have you gotten another job?.


ME: no ooooooo. It’s the same bank where I work. I have been confirmed as a permanent contract staff.


BIMPE: ***stood up and hugged me**** waoooooh, this calls for celebration.


ME: ****smiled****


BIMPE: yes, we must celebrate it. Please wait for me while I drop my bag up stairs. I’m coming please.

Bimpe went upstairs with her bag; she spent like 10 minutes before returning down stairs. She branched at the wine bar closed to the dinning. I couldn’t see her very well because the bar was at a corner that can’t be seen from the direction where I was seated. She spent another 3 minutes at the bar before coming out with a bottle of wine and two glass cups. She placed both the bottle of wine and cups on the glass table and drew it closer to me. From the level of the wine inside the bottle, it wasn’t a new wine. She popped it and poured it into two glass cups. She held one and gave one to me.


BIMPE: let’s toss to victory, abundant grace, unlimited promotions, more victories and good news, long life and a blessed union between you and my sister in-law.***tossed the cups****


ME: **smiled and began to wonder when and why adebimpe suddenly became as nice and caring like this******

I never suspected anything and I drank the wine. Just as adebimpe wanted to drink her own wine, she suddenly dropped the cup on the table and screamed “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!, I left my purse at the dry cleaner’s shop”. She faced me and said. “Mr Onihaxy, you know what?, just wait for me please. It’s just a 5 minutes drive from here. I will be back in 10minutes time”. I felt sorry for her and sympathized with her as she left the room and went outside. I finished the wine inside my cup and I poured more inside the cup to drink.

Like 4 minutes more, Adebimpe entered and she wasn’t holding anything. I was surprised and I asked her why she came back so soon. She said “my instinct tells me to check inside my bag before going to meet the dry cleaner”. I nodded and sipped more wine. She climbed upstairs and returned back in 2 minutes time saying “don’t mind me Mr onihaxy, it was in my bag. I was thinking I left it at the dry cleaner’s place”. I nodded again and said ok and this time, I started feeling like sleeping.


MAID: ma!!, I’m through with daniella’s assignment and every other things. Can I leave now?.


ME: yes, you can go. But make sure you are back her tomorrow evening or first thing on sunday morning.


MAID: ok ma.


ME: where is she going?


BIMPE: my sister whom I told you about sometimes ago will be holding a club meeting on sunday morning. She needed a helping hand in catering so I’m sending my maid to assist her.


ME: why can’t your sister employ the service of a caterer?


BIMPE: haba!!!, it’s just a club comprising of 25people or thereabout, so why should she waste money to employ caterer for that few number?.


ME: it’s ok.


The maid went to the room downstairs beside the kitchen. I guess that was her room. She came out with a small bag. Bimpe gave her four thousand naira, she thanked bimpe and she left while daniella was sitting on the chair, resting her head on bimpe’s lap and it appeared as if she wanted to sleep. I began to feel somehow weak and I was feeling dizzy. I tried standing up but I couldn’t help it but to drop my hands and sleep off. That was the last thing I remembered until I was woken up at 4:30am by my phone alarm. I woke up and saw myself covered with a blanket. I checked the place where I found myself and I noticed that it was a nicely arranged room. The decoration was similar to the arrangement in betty’s room. I looked at the wall and saw bimpe and henry’s matrimonial pictures. I was shocked when I looked to my side and I saw bimpe sleeping under the same blanket with me. I got the greatest shock of my life when I lifted up the blanket and I saw that both bimpe and I was naked and I saw semen drops around my thighs.

***chaiiii!!!!!. I have been drugged and raped******



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