Sat. Feb 10th, 2024


On Friday afternoon, “contract termination” letter was been sent via mail to everyone as an attachment. We were all advised to stop work at 2pm by the managements and we were all summoned for a briefing at the conference room. The project manager was the first person to address us. He appreciated all our efforts from the inception of the contract, he commended the people that did their works very well, and also talked to people who were found wanting at work. He congratulated the 10 of us that was confirmed on a permanent contract appointment while he assured the rest of us that another project would be coming up very soon and the ones that performed well among them would definitely be called upon. He finished his speech and we all clapped for him. The next person who came out to talk to us was our project supervisor. He also talked about each and everyone’s attitudes towards work. He talked about the ones who were so dedicated to their works, he talked about the average staffs and commended them while he charged the lazy ones to improve on their attitudes and work on their weakness. He also congratulated the ones who were retained and at the same time encouraged the rest to prepare themselves for a greater opportunity out there.
The last person who came out to address us was funmilayo. She also further stressed the points of the previous speakers. She appreciated everyone for a job well done and she told us that we would be called upon anytime there is another project in the bank. She also said that we would be called upon as soon as there is any position to fill in the bank. She also congratulate the lucky 10 people confirmed and she encouraged the rest to be prepared for better opportunities. We were all offered a bottle of coke and doughnut each at the end of the briefing. We all hugged each other, exchanged contacts and a lady seized the avenue to announce her wedding date to us. We all left work in the evening and that was the last day of the contract. Benita and I drove home in the evening at the close of business with mixed feelings. I was happy because I got confirmed as a permanent contract staff of the bank, benita was sad and moody because she had nowhere else to work. We got home, we ate and slept. We woke up on saturday morning to discuss the next action after the termination at work.

BENITA: onihaxy, thanks so much for everything you have done for me so far, thanks for the hospitality, feeding and accommodation.

ME: you are welcome dear. What are we friends for?. If I don’t take care of you, who will?.

BENITA: ****smiled**** thank you.

ME: so, after the end of the contract, what next?.

BENITA: well, I think I will have to start applying to other firms, sending my CVs online and studying my Gmats.

ME: eeyaah. You are still very much welcomed here. You can stay for as long as you can. You know, ever since you came here, you have been my only companion.

BENITA: ****smiled***** thank you very much onihaxy. But I have to travel next week, probably on Tuesday.

ME: **** surprised**** travelling?, to where?, why so soon?

BENITA: I’m travelling to visit my fiancé. He told me that he would be taking me to an uncle concerning a job.

ME: why didn’t you tell me all this while?

BENITA: I’m sorry onihaxy.

ME: ok dear, so are you still coming back?

BENITA: hopefully, but I’m going to stay with him for at least a month. If I get a job over there on time, then I will stay there. But if I couldn’t, I will be back to lagos to resume my job hunting.

ME: ok dear.

I felt so sad that my only companion at the moment would be leaving me and I was happy that I have a whole week to relax ahead of my resumption.


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