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On Friday of the same week,, I woke up very early in the morning as usual to prepare for work, I left home and arrived at work by 7:15am. I walked into the bank, went straight to my desk to pray. I later joined the general connect session which was been held at the E-banking unit. I started the daily duties at few minutes past 8am but I noticed that funmi wasn’t around. I went to her office to check on her and she wasn’t there. As I was returning back to my seat, the “gossip crew” who are my co-workers on the same floor started firing questions at me.

“Onihaxy, where is your sugar mummy”?

“Why is she not in office yet?”

” I know that you aren’t comfortable since morning”

” You didn’t just have any choice than to go and check her in her office”

” Why not call her on phone?”

I just can’t help it but to shake my head for them, I was like “why can’t these people just mind their own business for once in their life”.

I returned to my seat and dialed her number but it wasn’t reachable. I tried her second line and it was ringing but she didn’t pick up. I dropped my phone on the desk and continued with my work. Around 9am, Funmi walked into the office floor and we all greeted her. The look on her face wasn’t the normal funmi I used to know, even when she got to my table, she didn’t smile at me like she used to do. She walked into her office and shut the door while my other co-staffs began to look at me in a surprised manner. I was confused and I was like

“What could be going on?”

“She didn’t pick up my calls?”

“She didn’t smile at me as usual?”

“She was late to work”

“And she appeared to be moody”

“I must check on her during break time”

“I must find out what is going on”

“I hope I haven’t offended this woman”

“I’m very sure I didn’t offend her”

I stopped worrying myself over funmi and I decided to concentrate on my work. At few minutes to 12pm, my phone was ringing, with anxiety in my heart, I rushed to check who was calling, hoping maybe the call was from funmi but I hissed when I checked the screen and I found out that the call was from adebimpe. I picked up and we started talking.


ME: ***frowned*** hello.


BIMPE: hello dear, good afternoon


ME: good afternoon


BIMPE: how is work going?


ME: it’s going fine, and yours?


BIMPE: fine too. You promised to call yesterday evening but you didn’t. Why?


ME: I’m so sorry about that Adebimpe. I didn’t have airtime on my phone and I am not too boxed up to recharge, I’m seriously broke


BIMPE: eeeyah, but why didn’t you tell me when I called you yesterday morning.


ME: I just don’t want to bother you with my problems.


BIMPE: you are not serious onihaxy. Have you forgotten that Betty handed you over to me while she was travelling.


ME: handed me over to you?


BIMPE: yes, she said I should take good care of you and make sure you didn’t lack anything. So for now, I’m your mother her in Lagos and your acting wife at the same time. So you should be free to talk to me anytime and ask for anything you can ask from betty.


ME: you are funny bimpe.


FUNMI: *****opens her door and was about coming out of her office****


ME: bimpe please hold on, my boss is coming.


BIMPE: ok, flash me when you are free ***hanged up*****


FUNMI: ***** walked out of her office and went out through the main door without talking to me****


ME: *****wondering what could be happening to funmi while I was scrolling through my phone to check a message that just came in and I realised it was a credit transfer of N1,500 from Adebimpe. I decided to call her back***** Hello bimpe.


BIMPE: hi dear, hope you got the credit transfer?


ME: yes I did thanks so much.


BIMPE: you are welcome. Please I will call you back in the evening, I have a patient to attend to.


ME: ok, bye ****


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I stepped out of the office and went out to eat lunch at the nearby canteen. I got to the park and couldn’t find funmi’s car at the usual parking spot and I believed she drove out of the bank premises. I got to the canteen, finished eating, and I drove back to the bank and I still couldn’t find funmi’s car at the park. I was like “maybe she hadn’t returned from where she went to”, I parked my car and went inside the banking hall and straight to my office. I was surprised to see funmi at the grand floor discussing with one of the superiors on the floor while I was going to my office. I got to my seat and I was wondering what could be happening to funmi. I later ignored it and concentrate on my work. Funmi came in some minutes later and when she reached my desk, she stopped and said “onihaxy, see me in my office right away”.

I got scared and I stood up immediately and followed her inside her office. I shut the door and she told me to sit down.


FUNMI: onihaxy, I’m sorry for my reactions to you since morning, I am not really in good mood.


ME: I thought as much. I called you in the morning and you didn’t pick up, What really happened?, sorry to ask.


FUNMI: my car broke down in the middle of the road, and I was robbed by a passerby who stopped by in a disguise to help me. My back was snatched and I lost everything. I had to chatter a taxi to work and that’s why I was late.


ME: eeyah. So sorry about that, no wonder my calls weren’t picked up.


FUNMI: its ok, no problem. Where are you going today after work?


ME: no where, I will be going home. Why did you ask?


FUNMI: I need a favor from you.


ME: what is it?


FUNMI: please I want you to drop me at home today. Please, can you do that?


ME: no problem.


FUNMI: alright dear, you can leave now.


ME: ok boss.

I left her office and I was wondering why she wanted me to drop her at home when she has access to official cars in the bank compound with drivers available at her peck and call.



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