Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

BIMPE: onihaxy, what kind of man are you?


ME: what kind of man am i?, I don’t get it.


BIMPE: do you ever care to call me and ask about my conditions at all?


ME: which condition is that?.


BIMPE: you are asking me right?.


ME: **frowned*** yes, because I don’t understand.


BIMPE: ** lowered voice*** the seed you planted, you left it for only me to nurture abi?


ME: Adebimpe, what exactly did you want me to do?. A mistake happened, fine, I gave you a solution and you refused to follow it and decided to follow our own directives, what else do you want me to do again?,


BIMPE: ***moved closer **** calm down onihaxy,


ME: this is not the issue of calming down, what exactly did you want me to do?, you want me to pack my loads and move over here to your place?.


BIMPE: ****placed hand on my lap ***** I’m not saying you should move over to this place, I’m capable of taking care of myself. Afterall, you weren’t here when I kept daniella in my womb till I gave birth to her and brought her up to that level,


ME: Adebimpe, you still haven’t answered me. What exactly do you want from me?.


BIMPE: stop avoiding me onihaxy, stop treating me like a kind of trash. Stop ignoring my calls, stop acting funny towards me.


ME: bimpe, did you know that you are funny?.


BIMPE: how?


ME: when anything like this happened to reasonable women, they tried as much as possible to keep it secret from their secret lover, they even try as much as possible to stay away from any secret man and stick to their husband. But yours is the reverse and it amazed me.


BIMPE: you said “secret lover?”, but you aren’t one.


ME: really?, so who am I?


BIMPE: you are my evergreen love, the father of my two kids. It seems you don’t know how much I love you onihaxy, if not that betty is my husband’s sister, do you think I will be happy seeing you with another woman?,


ME: bimpe listen. You are married to a wealthy and good man, I am about to settle down with the woman of my dream, let’s just count whatever happened between us as a mistake. Face your family and let me build mine. You are my ex, I’m your ex too. Let’s let bygone be bygone please.


BIMPE: onihaxy, despite the fact that we had a bad beginning, our paths had always been crossing to the extent that it produced a baby girl and another baby boy is on its way. It’s not just an incident onihaxy, fate had brought us together.


ME: that fate is a bad fate adebimpe, infact, it’s a stupid fate. Let’s just pretend as if nothing happened. Face your family, let me build mine. Ok!!!


BIMPE: ***smiled**** onihaxy, you are just a coward, nothing but a coward.


ME: me?, A coward? What do you mean?.


BIMPE: when real men create a problem, they would stand by it and face it. But cowards like you create a problem and run away from it.


ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm.


BIMPE: and one thing you don’t understand is that the more you try to run away from a problem you created, the more you get things complicated.


ME: that is your own problem adebimpe, not mine, I didn’t create any problem and I’m not complicating anything.


BIMPE: no problem, if you say so. Let me just advice you, avoiding me or running away from me won’t solve anything, it has happened already and there is nothing we can do about it. Be a man and face your problems.


ME: whatever.


BIMPE: ***stood up****, join me in the dinning; let me serve your food.


ME: I’m not eating, I’m ok and I will soon be leaving.


BIMPE: onihaxy, tell me you are joking.


ME: I’m serious bimpe. I’m fine, I’m not eating anything, just leave me alone.




BIMPE: *** picked and scrolled through her phone*** no problem, its ok. ****placed the phone on her ear*** hello honey, you won’t believe it, I took my time, stressed myself and spent over an hour to prepare food for your husband, you can’t believe that he rejected the food for no reason and he said he won’t eat. This will be the last time I will ever entertain him again in my life, infact, I’m calling your brother right away.


ME: ****mouth opened wide*** omo see implication!!!!!!!


BIMPE: ***handed over the phone to me***


ME: hello


BETTY: onihaxy, what is the meaning of all these you are doing?, why would mummy daniella stressed herself to prepare food for you despite her condition and you decided to refuse it?


ME: Betty, it’s not what you think. I just don’t have appetite.


BETTY: and why didn’t you tell her before she prepared it.


ME: ***looked at bimpe in the eyes** ok, I will try to eat little.


BETTY: better, because my brother must not hear about it.


ME: ok dear.


BETTY: return the phone to her please, let me speak with her.


I returned the phone back to bimpe and she was on the call with Betty for like three minutes. From adebimpe’s response, it seemed Betty was begging her not to tell henry about it.


BIMPE: ***turned to me*** so, are you still eating or not?, so as to know whether to call henry and inform him also.


ME: ***chaiii, I don hook** ok, I will join you in the dinning.


BIMPE: **smiled*** better, that my baby. I don’t know why you always prefer the hard way before doing what you are supposed to do without stress. Join me at the dinning dear.


Bimpe left for the dinning and I joined her there, we had some discussions while we were eating. After the meal, I stood up and was about going out when adebimpe pulled me back and gave me a very passionate hug.



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