Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

I managed to cover my erection and I lied down beside Benita and I was facing the other side. I tried forcing myself to sleep but I couldn’t sleep as strange and erotic thoughts began to run through my mind.

” This na temptation ooo!!!”

” Why is she wearing a bump short?”

” Why is she not wearing bra?”

” Should I make an attempt?”

” Or should I give her a break been the first night?”

” Is she feeling the same way with me?”

” Which kain wahala be this?”

After some minutes, I turned around to face her and I noticed that she had slept. The urge to touch her that night was seriously burning inside of me as I continued to look at her pointed nipples and her huge behind. I managed to be a gentle boy and I slept off.

When my woke me up at 5:30am, I checked on her and realized that she was still sleeping, I tapped her on her laps and she woke up.

“Good morning Benita”

“Good morning onihaxy”

I went inside the bathroom to ease myself and then I went to the kitchen to warm the remains of the food we ate the previous night. On coming out of the kitchen, I saw her laying the bed-sheet and rearranging the pillow, I came closer to her, she stood up properly, turned around and hugged me. When her br**sts pressed against my chest, I had another erection instantly. I immediately turned around to prevent her from seeing the urges and I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I remained there for a while till I was relaxed of the erection before going back inside the room. She was holding a brush and she was asking for toothpaste. I told her to go into the bathroom get it there and she left. I went back to the kitchen to serve the meal, I used a single plate to serve it and inserted two spoons into it, I returned to the room and dropped the tray at the edge of the bed for us to eat. After the meal, I returned the plates to the kitchen and before I was back to the room, she had already pulled off her clothes and entered the bathroom, I saw her cloths on the bed and I was hearing the sound of water from the bathroom. I picked my towel and pulled of my own cloths and I was waiting for her to come out of the bathroom.

She came out 3 minutes later wearing shower cap on her head and tied a white towel around her chest, we both smiled at each other. She walked pass me as I was going into the bathroom and her massive ass was so obvious in the towel, I had another erection as I was entering the bathroom. I had my bath, returned to the room and met her fully dressed up and she was applying make ups. I dressed up too and we went to work.

The thoughts of the temptation and erections was just flashing through my mind all through the day, we closed and returned home in the evening. The routine continued for over a week and the temptation was getting more intense, the rate at which I was having erections was getting too much to the extent that the lower part of my stomach started to pain me. Though we do hug each other and do peck each other often but it doesn’t go beyond that, I didn’t want to make the attempt since she hadn’t agreed to date me yet. It got to a time that I wasn’t excusing myself out of the room again anytime she wanted to have her bath or undress herself. Instead, I would remain seated while she would tie a wrapper or towel around herself to dress and undress herself.

One Friday night, we were on bed having a pillow fight and we were engaged in romantic child’s play until we were both sweating seriously as a result of the play. Benita stood up and told me “onihaxy, I need to take my bath now”, she stood up, opened the wardrobe and picked her towel. She turned around and tied a towel around her waist to undress herself as usual. Her cloths, underwear including her pants were all pulled off to the ground. I sat down on the bed and was watching while my d**k was gaining serious erection underneath. She walked into the bathroom and I said to myself

“Onihaxy, it’s either now or never, you just have to make an attempt today.



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