Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

ME: segun, seriously, it’s not what you think.


SEGE: then what is it? That you find it difficult to stay away from a witch who is on the course of ruining your relationship, life and career?


ME: segun, if I didn’t pick this call, Betty’s brother will be angry with me seriously.


SEGE: you mean bimpe’s husband?


ME: yes.


SEGE: is he the one calling?


ME: no oooo, its adebimpe.


SEGE: I still don’t understand.


ME: ok hold on, let me pick the call

*** picked the call and talked for like 4 minutes*****


SEGE: so, what is going on?


ME: I avoided her, ignored her calls and told her not to call me again; can you believe that she reported me to her husband?


SEGE: report you?, is she insane?


ME: I was surprised too. Her husband even summoned me to come to lekki last week sunday.


SEGE: really?, what happened when you got there?


ME: henry flared up and he was angry with me. He said I don’t always call and I also ignored her wife’s call. He said I don’t look serious and he couldn’t trust me with his sister anymore.


SEGE: ehn ehn? Really?


ME: yes. He even asked me the main reason why I was ignoring his wife


SEGE: what did you now tell him?


ME: I told him that it was a transferred aggression. Or how will I explain to him that his wife was my “ex”?, it’s definitely going to bounce back on me and it can ruin my relationship with betty.


SEGE: hmmmmmmmmm. That’s true.


ME: so I had no choice than to promise henry that I would be calling both him and his wife, and I will also be picking calls.


SEGE: hmmmmmm. There is definitely a way out,


ME: really?


SEGE: yeah. But that’s a topic for another day, let’s talk about Betty. That is what mattered most to me.


ME: what happened to her?


SEGE: I still think you should let her know what happened between you and bimpe in the past, I still have this thought that will soon find out.


ME: segun, do you think it’s that easy?


SEGE: why not?, just tell her u had an internet relationship with bimpe in the past and both of you didn’t see each other.


ME: hmmmmm.


SEGE: just paint it like that so that it would look as if you didn’t see bimpe not to talk of having anything with her. Just tell her that it was an internet relationship and it later crashed because of distance.


ME: hmmmmmmmm. It’s still hard to say ooooooo.


SEGE: ok, let’s do it this way.


ME: how?


SEGE: just tell her the way I said it, but tell her that it happened to your friend.


ME: I still don’t get it.


SEGE: I mean, tell her that your friend needed an advice on a particular situation, then present it that way and hear her view and response.


ME: hmmmmmm.


SEGE: yeah, if her response is the same as what I told you, then come out plain that you are the one involved, but if her response is different, we will try another approach.


ME: but she doesn’t know any of my friends.


SEGE: she knows me now?


ME: really?


SEGE: yeah, I spoke with her on phone sometimes back when you were with her in Ado-Ekiti.


ME: yeah, I remembered. But I don’t think she would still recollect anything about you because we didn’t discuss anything about you after then.


SEGE: no problem, I will speak with her on phone throughout my stay here, atleast to familiarise myself with her, then you can bring up the topic some other time.


ME: that’s my boss.


SEGE: but be careful in relating with this girl, remember that she is smarter than you.


ME: ***** laughs*********


I called Betty that night and she got to meet segun again on phone, we spoke for some minutes before hanging up while segun and I resumed playing “PES” till late in the midnight before going to bed.



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