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As henry got down from the staircase, he walked towards bimpe and sat down beside her. I bent forward and said “good afternoon sir”, I was shocked when he looked into my face and said “mr onihaxy, there is nothing good about the afternoon”. This time, I was more than scared, infact I was shaking on the seat and wondering what could be going on.


ME: haaaa, sir!!!!!!!, what have I done wrong sir?


HENRY: so many things. Infact, everything


ME: haaaaaaaaaa. What is that sir?


HENRY: **** turned to bimpe***** darling, please get him something to drink before we commence this meeting please.


BIMPE: Me?, get him something to drink?, not me.


HENRY: please dear. I thought I have begged you over this issue. Please just let it go and leave everything for me to resolve. Please!!!!!


BIMPE: ***looked at me as if she should chop off my head****** stood up reluctantly and went to the dining room.


ME: “surprised” **begged her keee?, to let go of what?, e be like say my fowl yansh don open***


HENRY: just wait and let her be back.


ME: ok sir. Please where is daniella sir?


HENRY: she went out with our new maid.


ME: ok sir


BETTY: ****returned with a can of cold malt and a glass cup and dropped them on the stood beside my seat and returned back to sit beside henry******


HENRY: please drink.


ME: I’m ok for now sir.


HENRY: no, I insist. You are just coming from the hot sun, and seeing bible with you, I believed you are coming here directly from church. So you need something to cool down first.


ME: ok sir. ***** opened the can, poured little drink inside the glass cup and I drank little****


HENRY: now let’s go to the main purpose of this meeting.


ME: ok sir


HENRY: ***turned to bimpe****, please lower the volume of what you are watching and concentrate here please


BIMPE: ****reluctantly reduced the volume of the sound system*****




HENRY: ok mr onihaxy, as you are looking at my wife and I, what is our relationship with you?,


ME: sir?, relationship as how?, I don’t get it sir


HENRY: to you, who are we?


ME: ok, now I get it, you are my in-laws sir.


HENRY: right from the day Betty brought you into this house and introduced you to us as her fiancé, have we ever treated you badly before?


ME: no sir.


HENRY: Are you aware that my sister is playing a deadly game just because of you?


ME: yes sir, she told me.


HENRY: good. Did you know that she is going against our father’s wish and she is likely to be disowned after her education just because of you?


ME: yes sir.


HENRY: ok, do you realize that she will break an engagement with another man and end up hurting someone just because of you?


ME: yes sir.


HENRY: if so, then why do we deserve the opposite of the way we treated you?


ME: opposite?, I don’t get it sir.


HENRY: ok, weeks before Betty travelled out, you stopped calling me and my wife, my sister took her car out of this compound and gave it to you, yet you never called me or my wife for appreciation, or you thought that we aren’t aware of it?


ME: I’m so sorry sir.


HENRY: finally, my wife called you and you ignored her calls several times.


ME: haaaaa.


HENRY: what is haaaaa?, I was here seated beside her while she called you several times and you won’t pick up, she decided to use my second line to call you, you hanged up immediately after hearing her voice. Seriously, what did we do to you to deserve all this?


ME: ****feeling remorse**** I’m so sorry sir


HENRY: seriously, I don’t blame you at all, if not for Betty who begged my wife to always keep in touch with you so that you won’t feel detached from the family in her absence. I never knew you were like this.


ME: I’m so sorry sir, I’m promising you that it won’t repeat itself again, I will amend sir.


HENRY: but wait, I want to know what actually happened that you don’t always pick my wife’s call and hanged up whenever you heard her voice from another number. Just tell me.


ME: ****chaiiiii!!!!!, what do I say now*******



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