Sun. Feb 11th, 2024

Bimpe continued to call me on phone all through the day from Monday till the middle of the week which I continued to ignore. She would ping me and send series of message which I didn’t reply. I tried all my best to ignore her completely and stay away from her but she would never stop calling. The last text she sent to me was on Wednesday night of the same week. I arrived home from work that evening feeling so weak and tired as usual. I decided to play some games on my phone that night to cool my brain after the stressful day at work. Around few minutes to 10pm, I got a whatsapp message on my phone, I opened it and it was from Adebimpe’s secret number and the message goes thus ” I can now see how wicked and heartless you are, after all I did for you, after loving you with the whole of my heart, after keeping and nurturing a seed for you, all you could do is to start ignoring me, I just want to tell you to be ready for whatever consequence that will come later, Good day”.

I got scared again and became restless. Lots of strange thoughts began to flood my mind.

“What could be the consequence?”

” Haven’t I gotten myself into another trouble?”

” Is she going to tell betty about it?”

“Or is she going to tell henry?”

” Should I take her threats serious?”

” Is she really going to do anything bad to me?”

” Onihaxy, you are in serious trouble”.


I couldn’t sleep that night as I continued to think and ponder on the text. I thought of calling segun to inform him but I remembered that he told me he would never be involved in anything related to bimpe again. Even if I decided to inform segun, how would I tell him that I impregnated bimpe?.

I got to work on Thursday the next day and I began to feel uncomfortable and scared, the thoughts of adebimpe’s text message continued flashing back to my mind and I couldn’t concentrate well at work. I was always checking my phone at intervals to see if adebimpe would call or send a message and I was surprised that she wasn’t calling me again and this got me scared the more. Throughout that day till Friday the next day, I was still feeling so disturbed until around 6pm when my phone rang, I checked and it was henry on the line.

“Chaiii, I don die!!!!!!”.

I was so scared to pick the call and I began to wonder if I hadn’t gottenmyself into any trouble. The phone rang the second time and I picked up.


ME: hello sir


HENRY: hello mr onihaxy. Long time.


ME: long time sir, how is family and work?.


HENRY: everything is fine, and yours?


ME: fine too


HENRY: you don’t even bother to call me again for sometimes now, that is very bad of you.


ME: I’m sorry sir. I changed phone not too long sir, so I lost many contacts.


HENRY: that’s not an excuse, if you cared to call me, you would get the number from my sister.


ME: I’m sorry sir.


HENRY: no problem.


ME: thank you sir


HENRY: that aside, can you come over to lekki this weekend, we need to see and it’s very urgent.


Me: ***ghen ghen…. E don happen*** what is that sir?


HENRY: it’s not something serious. We just need to see and discuss something very important. As a matter of fact, it’s very urgent.


ME: ok sir. Aren’t you travelling to Abuja this weekend?


HENRY: No, I will be at home all through.


ME: ok sir, I will come around on Sunday afternoon.


HENRY: alright, no problem. Do have a nice day.


ME: and you too.


“What could henry want to discuss with me?”

“What could be happening?”

“Onihaxy, E don happen”.


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