Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

got outside the banking hall and I saw Funmilayo sitting inside her car, I walked towards her car and opened the other door of the car and hooped in.


FUNMI: onihaxy, so where are you taking me to?


ME: I thought you said TFC?


FUNMI: alright, no problem. What is your budget so as to know what to order for?


ME: ***smiled**** anything you can eat is ok by me.


FUNMI: **yinmu** you better talk now. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when I ordered for something worth 10k and above.


ME: don’t worry. I’m capable and buoyant for now to pay any fee.


FUNMI: Alright, no problem


ME: ***smiled******


FUNMI: ***started the car****** use the seatbelt please


ME: Alright.


We drove out of the bank premises, we were on the road for the next 25 minutes until we got to a big restaurant. My heart was beating faster as we alighted from the car.


ME: Aren’t we going to TFC again?,


FUNMI: no jaree, I just changed my mind. I always come here to eat often so I prefer this place.


I looking around as we entered, I was scared that the meals must definitely be expensive because the whole place looked so sophisticated and “tushed up”, a very nice painting, lovely and adorable seats, the lightening was also nice with a nice outside view through the transparent glass. We walked through the seats until we found an empty “two seat table” and we sat down. I dropped my phone on my table while funmi dropped her bag beside her chair and we began to look at each other in the eyeball until the waiter arrived.


WAITER: Hi sir and madam, you are welcome.


FUNMI: ***looked at the waiter**** thank you.


WAITER: ***brought out a menu and gave it to funmi**** please place your orders.


ME: *** my heart was beating heavily and I was trying to steal a glance at the prices as funmi was reading through.


FUNMI: a plate of pando yam.


WAITER: ***brought out a jotter and a pen to write it down*** vegetable or egunsi soup ma?


FUNMI: vegetable is ok.


WAITER: fish or chicken ma?


FUNMI: chicken


WAITER: ok ma, ****passed the menu to me*** what about you sir?


ME: **collected it and looked at the price of what funmi ordered for and I was shocked that pando yam was priced for 1,800 naira per plate. I looked up and saw the price of rice for 1,600*** A plate of rice is ok by me.


WAITER: ok sir ***he left***


FUNMI: ***looking straight into my eyeballs***. Onihaxy took me out on a date today, hmmmmmm, igwe must hear this.


ME: **smiled** funny you, why must igwe hear about it?


FUNMI: because he would be surprised.


ME: hmmmmmm. I like this restaurant, it’s a nice place and the foods aren’t expensive.


FUNMI: yeah, that’s true. I do come here often.


WAITER: ***arrived with a big tray containing three plates and two bottle waters*** here are your orders sir and madam.


FUNMI: ***collected the plate of pando yam and another plate containing vegetable soup***


ME: ***collected the third plate containing mixture of fried rice, jollof rice, salad and a chicken lap***


WAITER: ****dropped the bottle waters and dropped a receipt of N3,600 and left****


ME: ***picked the receipt from the table and faced funmi*** what is this meant for?


FUNMI: that is what you will take to the reception and then pay for the meal.


ME: hmmmmm. Lovely.


FUNMI: or the total amount is too much for you?


ME: not at all. Haba, how much is it?, not even up to four thousand naira.


Funmi continued smiling as we continued eating and having series of gist at the same time until I was shocked when she looked into my eyeballs and asked me “onihaxy, how is your girlfriend?”

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