Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

The next day after receiving the suspense text message from bimpe, I was totally disturbed and restless as I began to imagine so many things.

“What could the test be about?”

“Could it be an infection?”

“Could it be HIV/AIDS ?”

“Could it be STD ?”

” Hope it’s not what I’m thinking?”

“Or could it be another pregnancy?”

” I hope it’s not pregnancy sha”

” I just pray it’s not what I’m thinking?”

“Or what could be my business with her test?”

“If it’s an STD, it’s still better because it’s curable”

“If it’s an HIV infection, I think it’s bad”

“But if it’s another pregnancy, then I’m doomed”

“How do I face betty to explain?”

“How do I explain to the world that the wife of my fiancé’s brother is keeping a second child for me?”

“How do I handle it especially now when segun doesn’t want to be involved in bimpe’s matte again?.

” Onihaxy……. You are in trouble”


Throughout the day, bimpe didn’t call me neither did I received any text message from her nor did she chat with me and this made me more uncomfortable and restless as it was unlike her, The adebimpe that I knew would never let a day pass by without me getting atleast 20 missed calls from her. I thought of ignoring her text and pretended as if I never received it earlier, but my troubled mind wouldn’t let me to rest and move on. The more I tried to forget it, the more I get scared with heavy and strange thoughts in my heart. When I couldn’t hold on again, I decided to pick my phone and dial her number, she didn’t pick up until the 3rd call attempt.


BIMPE: ****silent****


ME: hello bimpe.


BIMPE: ***harsh voice**** hi, how can I help you?


ME: Adebimpe, why are you sounding like this?


BIMPE: what do you mean about why I was sounding?, you have been trying to avoid me for the past few days and I’m already getting used to it. So what is the problem?


ME: anyways, I got your message about a laboratory test you did. What was it all about?


BIMPE: it’s not something I can discuss on phone, if you are interested in hearing, then let’s see and discuss.


ME: ****curious**** must we see before we discuss?, can’t we say it here on phone?, after all, I’m calling you with my airtime?


BIMPE: don’t shout on me Mr man, I never forced you or begged you to call me in the first place, so stop lamenting about airtime.


ME: me abi?, “iyen emi naa?”


BIMPE: yes, you!!. Like I said earlier, I’m not saying anything on phone, not until we see.


ME: ****angry*** then forget about it then, keep whatever you want to say to yourself. I don’t care anymore and I’m not interested in seeing you.


BIMPE: *****laughed**** well, no problem, when the bubble eventually burst, you will hate yourself and you will almost cry blood. Onihaxy, you have just laid the foundation to your destruction. Have a nice day **hanged up***


I opened my mouth wide and I was staring at the phone at the same time in a surprised mood. I began to soliloquies

“Did bimpe just hanged up on me?”

” What does she meant by bubble burst?”

” Am I actually laying the foundation of my destruction?”

“What could be going on?”

” Did she just threatened me?”

“Onihaxy, you are in trouble”.


I continued to think and I was totally confused and dumb folded at the same time. I began to think whether I should call her back or ignore her. I tried putting it off my mind but the thoughts keep pushing itself to the center of my heart. I felt like calling segun then I remembered that segun had sworn not to get involved in Adebimpe’s matter again.

After several minutes of struggling with the thoughts, I couldn’t just help it anymore than to call her again to just clear my head. I picked up my phone and dialed her number again. This time, she didn’t pick up until the sixth call.


ME: hello


BIMPE: yes!!!!, what is it?


ME: ok, can we see this Sunday?


BIMPE: time?


ME: what time will be ok for you?


BIMPE: anytime is ok by me.


ME: ok, around 2pm


BIMPE: alright, no problem. At where?


ME: where will you prefer?


BIMPE: any venue is ok by me.


ME: what about an eatery?


BIMPE: no problem. So which eatery is that?


ME: maybe the sweet sensation very close to my place.


BIMPE: no problem. See you on Sunday then.


ME: alright dear, bye


BIMPE: ***soft voice*** me? Dear?, *** chuckle**** alright, bye too.

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