Wed. May 29th, 2024

ME: what!!!!!!!!!!. so you are leaving me Betty?


BETTY: onihaxy calm down, I’m not leaving you and I will never leave you. Henry and I came up with a plan.


ME: what wad the plan?


BETTY: since I needed this Masters degree so badly, and henry couldn’t sponsor me anymore. we both planned to lie to dad in pretence that I have agreed to marry his friend’s son. and the moment I graduate from school, I will return back to you and hunt for job myself.


ME: hmmmmmmmmmmmm


BETTY: onihaxy, I know what you are thinking, let me be frank with you. I have already told this guy that there will be nothing like s£x between us and he was ok with it. in fact I told him that I’m a virgin and that I had a prophesy that if any guy sleep with me before marriage, he is never going to make it in life and he would die young and he said he was ok with my terms and conditions.


ME: are you sure of what you are saying Betty?


BETTY: yes dear. I swear to God that I don’t love him, I just wanted to use him to actualize my mission and dump him as soon as I’m through with my studies.


ME: Betty I’m scared.


BETTY: you have nothing to be scared of onihaxy. there is no way I will be seeing him the moment I leave this country. and I won’t be coming to abuja until I graduate. the only place I will be coming is here to meet my onihaxy whom my heart has chosen.


ME: hmmmmmmmm, so why didn’t you inform me all this while?


BETTY: I’m sorry about that onihaxy. when henry and I was planning this, I suggested that I should inform you but he said I shouldn’t because you won’t believe me, and that it will be saver if you aren’t aware because there is no way you won’t get jealous.


ME: so why telling me now?


BETTY: my mind wasn’t at rest onihaxy, I felt that I was betraying you and I got confused when you told me about your dream. onihaxy, I have no choice than to tell you the whole truth.


ME: is mummy Daniella also aware?.


BETTY: why did you ask?


ME: ****chaii, I don shoot myself for leg oo****** nothing, just wanted to know if she was part of the plan too


BETTY: hmmmm. she knew about the guy but she didn’t know about the new game. its strictly between henry and I. you are the third person who knows about it.


ME: ok dear.


BETTY: the last thing I want to say is that you might be seeing his pictures on my profile, you might be seeing romantic words dedicated to him on my social networks, I just don’t want all these to bother you. they are just part of the game plan. please be with me, be strong, don’t be jealous and you should patiently wait for me. I beg of you.


ME: ****took a deep breath******.


BETTY: onihaxy, can I have your vow and promise to wait for me and be faithful with me please.!!!!!!!!


ME: ok dear. I promise I will.


BETTY: and also, a parlour introduction will be coming up next weekend between both families. daddy just wanted to make sure things are in order before I leave.


ME: haaaaaaaaaa!!!, introduction keeee?


BETTY: onihaxy please now. I’m promising you that everything will be wasted as soon as I’m through with my education.


ME: are you sure of all you are saying?


BETTY: I’m very sure my love. I just want you to be with me and be strong because I’m doing all these for you. please!!!!!!!


ME: ok dear.


BETTY: ****lean forward and kissed me***** that’s my baby. so before I travel out of the country. I will hand over my car and some other stuffs to you to keep for me before my arrival.


ME: ***smiled*** you mean your car?


BETTY: yes. it’s now our property because whatever belongs to me also belongs to you. and besides, why should I just abandon a car for like a year when my love can make use of it?.


ME: but Betty, I don’t know how to drive too well, and besides, I don’t have a driver’s licence.


BETTY: that shouldn’t be a problem. just sign up at any driving school, I will pay for the training. and also, I will make arrangements on how to get a driver’s licence for you. I will link you up with Henry’s friend who is a boss in FRSC.


ME: thanks so much dear.


BETTY: don’t mention dear. everything I have belongs to you.


I had a mixed feelings of joy and sadness that night. I was happy because of the car and I was sad because my own Betty will be travelling very soon and she will also be playing games with another man. we ended up going to bed with a nice two rounds of hot s£x.

“chai!!!, me?, EOD car? dem go take for my office next week” *******”””””””””””

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