Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Betty walked closer to me and had her bath while the shower was dropping on both of us. My d**k was super hard and almost breaking off and I turned my back to her trying to hide my Attention. Our baths lasted for like 3 minutes and we both turned around facing each other. Betty pulled closer, holding my neck with her hand while I also pulled closer and held her by the waist, our heads moved closer and we started kissing and whispering romantic words to each other under the shower. The kiss became more passionate and hands began to move. I moved my hands down to her br**sts and began to manipulate while she moved her hand down to my erected d**k and began to stroke it as we continued kissing. I moved my head downwards to her br**st and she tilted her neck backwards. I paused at the oranges and spent few moments sucking both br**sts simultaneously. Betty began to moan higher and higher and she began to push my head downward, I got the message and moved my head downward to her abdomen. Betty raised up her left leg and she placed it on the seat of the water system giving proper opening space to her Kitty-Cat. I started licking her femalecore and her tune and moans was out of this planet ” oooooooucchhhhhhhh” . I moved a bit downward to the Kitty-Cat hole, flicking, licking and digging the punny hole with my tongue and betty let out a deep moan as she cummed. I stood up and kissed her again as the water continued to hit us on the head.

It was betty’s turn to give a head and I didn’t tell her what to do before she suddenly began to kiss my neck and fell on her kneels with my d**k pointing directly to her mouth. She held my d**k and led it into her mouth. She started thrusting it in and out of her mouth and I saw myself in the clouds, the feelings was superb that I held her head and trying to trust deeper. The Mouth Gig continued for like 4minutes and I didn’t cum. I guess she was tired and she stood up and we resumed kissing again. I turned her around as I was still hard. Betty bent forward and held the water storage of the WC and shoot her ass backward in a perfect “doggie style position”. I drew closer, held her waist with my hands and I bleeped her from behind. She let out a soft moan as I started f**king her on a soft key and the moan increased as the speed of the f**king increased. We bleeped for about 10 minutes until I was about to cum and pulled out. She released her hands from the support, turned back to me and kissed me again. She whispered to me “naughty boy, I have seriously missed you dear”.

“I missed you too honey” I replied. We stayed like a minute under the shower to clean up properly before drying ourselves with our towel and returned to the bedroom. I changed my boxers and lied down on my bed while she opened her bag and brought out a night gown and she put it on and later joined me on bed.


BETTY: ** placed her head on my chest *** onihaxy my love, I really missed you dear.


ME: I missed you too love.


BETTY: hmmmmmmmmmm.


ME: yes dear. That reminds me, what is it that you wanted to tell me?


BETTY: we will discuss it tomorrow.


ME: tomorrow kee?, I’m going to work tomorrow.


BETTY: saturday?


ME: yes *** picked my phone. And showed her the text*** we were told to come and regularise some faulty account packages.


BETTY: **sad face*** so I will be here alone abi?


ME: I will return home early. Latest 4pm.


BETTY: can I come with you?


ME: I wish you can come with me dear. But you know its a cooperate environment. It won’t be allowed.


BETTY: just kidding. But I will be bored ooooo.


ME: you can’t dear. I have lots of film you can watch.


BETTY: ok sha. So how did you get the money for an accomodation?


ME: its a donation from my mum, my uncle, and my two months salary.


BETTY: hmmmmm. Why didn’t you inform me when you were seeking for donations?


Me: I’m sorry dear, I don’t want to bother you ni.


BETTY: and why exactly did you leave mushin?


ME: I can’t cope there again. Every time, mushin and fadeyi boys always engage in fights using heavy weapons. And when that happens, its always fatality and it affects all of us in the area,


BETTY: hmmmmm. Abi you want a private place where you can slaughter those girls?.


ME: hmmm. Trust me dear you know I won’t do such.


BETTY: ok ooo. If you say so.


ME: ***kissed her ** that’s my baby.


BETTY: onihaxy, I will be travelling out of the country in 2 weeks time.


ME: what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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