Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

******* LAST WEEKEND ***********


On Friday morning of that week, I was on my desk at work when Betty initiated a chat with me on BBM.


BETTY: hi dear


ME: hello love.


BETTY: how are you doing? And hope you aren’t missing me too much?


ME: I miss you so much dear. Infact, I’m just managing to cope here without you.


BETTY: hmmmmmmm, what about those cute customers that do visit your bank, hope you aren’t winking at anyone of them?


ME: trust me dear. You know I won’t do such now. Everything I wanted in a woman, I can find them in my Betty, so I don’t need to look elsewhere again.


BETTY: hmmmmmmm. That’s my baby.


ME: will I see you again before you travel out of the country?


BETTY: I’m not so sure about that onihaxy. You knew I told you my introduction would be coming up tomorrow. And I will be travelling on Tuesday morning.


ME: ** silent and don’t know what to type**




ME: hi


BETTY: onihaxy, I know why you are silent and I understand how you feel. Please don’t be weary and heartbroken, I’m yours forever.


ME: Are you sure dear?


BETTY: yes I’m very sure. Like I told you earlier, I already told this guy that I’m a virgin and I don’t want to have any intimacy until my wedding night.


ME: but what you wanted to do tomorrow is a form of wedding?


BETTY: not at all dear, it’s just a parlour introduction between the two families, that’s all.


ME: baby I’m scared.


BETTY: onihaxy please, don’t be scared. Nothing on earth can separate you and I. I just needed to have my masters from a foreign school in other to have a competitive edge in the job market. I knew my father will disown me after school, I knew I will loose my inheritance in my father’s property but I don’t care, I’m just ready to spend the rest of my life with you dear.


ME: hmmmmmmmmmm.


BETTY: baby, you still don’t believe me?


ME: I do dear, I am just bothered


BETTY: ok onihaxy, what do you want me to do in order to convince you?,


ME: I just don’t know jaree.


BETTY: ok, do you have anywhere we can go and have a covenant or oath?, I will come to Lagos on Sunday and we will go there together.


ME: covenant/oath kee?


BETTY: yes onihaxy, I mean it. I’m ready to do anything to convince you.


ME: I’m already convinced dear, don’t worry.


BETTY: ok onihaxy, let me run away from home again then, I will pack my things and move in with you at Maryland. I will start job hunting with my first degree.


ME: haaa, what about your master’s programe?,


BETTY: I’m ready to forfeit it. Abi why should I travel out of the country to further my education and end up loosing you due to lack of trust?, its certain that I will remain miserable for the rest of my life even with the second degree certificate.


ME: betty, don’t worry, you are free to go. I already trusted and believed in you. For you to love me at my poor state of living despite the fact that you are a multi millionaire’s daughter, there is no love more than this. I’m just scared that my rich rival won’t snatch you away from me.


BETTY: trust me dear, the love I have for you is more than riches, silver and gold. I love you more than anything in this world and I’m not ready to loose you because you are my life and my heartbeat.


ME: thanks so much dear, I love you so much.


BETTY: I love you too honey.


ME: let’s chat later dear, I have some work to do on my desk dear


BETTY: ok dear, I will update you on any development dear.


ME: alright dear. Bye


BETTY: bye dear.


I resumed my duty at work after the chat and began to ponder on everything. The next day which was Saturday, Betty uploaded a picture of her and the guy on her Facebook, bbm and whatsapp. I couldn’t help it but cry like a baby as I saw the pictures. But poor me, I had no choice than to keep mute and play long with her just as she kept assuring me that nothing could stop her love for me.

After the weekend introduction, my dearest Betty departed Nigeria for United Kingdom on Tuesday and she updated me with pictures and chats right from when she left home to the time she got to the airport and boarded the flight.

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