Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

I woke up in the morning and prepared for work and also finished tidying up the room ahead of betty’s arrival, I left home and arrived at my office around 7:15am before going for connect the. session and later resumed the daily activities. Betty called to inform me that she was on her way to the airport in abuja and would soon arrive in lagos. I got scared and began to worry and became uncomfortable on my seat with various thoughts running through my mind.


“Hope this segun’s plan will work?”

“I hope bimpe will not call or chat with me during this period of betty’s stay?”

“Hope I won’t be caught in-between the web of this ladies?”

“What is betty coming to tell me?”

“Hope I’m not expecting a farewell visitation?”.

” Hope funmi’s parole will go smoothly sha?”

I turned my head and looked through the glass beside funmi’s door and I noticed that funmi was watching me from her office. I took my phone, locked my system and walked out of the office and went to the rest room. I updated segun on chat about betty’s movement and told him about my fears and he told me to calm down and assured me that things will work out as planned. I called bimpe also to inform her about betty’s visitation.


ME: hello bimpe


BIMPE: hi dear, how are you?


ME: I’m fine. I just want to tell you that betty will be coming around today.


BIMPE: yes, I’m aware. She will be at your place till sunday right?.


ME: yeah. How did you know?.


BIMPE: I’m her best friend, she won’t take any decision without involving me.


ME: hmmmmmm. I just want us to eliminate every calls and chat for the main time. You understand what I’m saying.


BIMPE: no problem sir. Please keep my watch and chain safe, I will retrieve them from you later.


ME: alright.


After the call, I opened my chat history and cleared all bimpe’s log, I opened my bbm and whatsapp and cleared all our conversations. I also opened my message and cleared every conversations. I left the rest room and returned back to my office and continued my job but I was still uncomfortable and anxious.


At around 2pm, betty called and inform me that she had arrived at the airport in lagos and she was asking for the description to my office. I acted as planned by segun and I told her that my boss sent me on an errand to abeokuta branch to deliver a package and I might not return on time, I gave her the address description to my place and I told her where I kept my spare key and it worked out “chaii!!!, Segun is a genius”.


Few moments before the close of business for the day, funmi sent a mail to me that I should see her in her office and I went there. She reminded me again of the date and I assured her that I would come. I closed for the day and went home to meet my betty.

On getting home, I knocked on my door and betty opened it for me. I entered the room and she hugged me and gave me a kiss as we both went to the bed and sat down and I was perceiving an aroma .


ME: my baby, how was your journey?


BETTY: fine dear. And how is work today?


ME: fine dear.


BETTY: is this how you always close late?


ME: abi jaree. That’s banking job for you. I even closed earlier today sef.


BETTY: eeyah, God knows I can’t do a banking job.


ME: shebi that is you na. You have options na,


BEtTY: *** spanked me*** na you sabi. Should I bring your food?.


ME: food?. Where did you get it from?


BETTY: I prepared semo with vegetable soup.


ME: really?, how did get the ingredients?


BETTY: I bought them at the neighbourhood shops the moment I got here.


ME: ***pulled her closer and kissed her**** you are a darling.


Betty went inside the kitchen and brought out a tray containing a plate semo and seasoned vegetable soup. We sat down together to eat as we continued to gist and discuss along the line. At around 9pm, betty picked up the empty tray beside the bed and returned it back to the kitchen while I stood up to remove my cloths and placed them inside my wardrobe, took out my towel, placed it on my neck and entered the bathroom for a shower with only my boxers on me.

betty came out of the kitchen and screaming my name.


BETTY: onihaxy!!, where are are you?


ME: I’m in the bathroom dear, I’m having a shower.




ME: ******continued bathing****


BETTY: *** knocked the bathroom door about 3 minutes later****** open the door jor


ME: **** my d**k gained Attention instantly ***** “omo see fresh fish!!!” I opened the door.


Betty entered with towel tied around her chest, she turned around and removed the towel and hanged it on the hook at the bathroom door, leaving her completely Unclad. Her br**st began to jug up and down as she walked towards me and joined me under the shower.

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