Tue. May 28th, 2024

I woke up the next morning around 10am and noticed that Betty was still sleeping. I stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom to have my bath and brush my teeth. on returning to the room, Betty was already awake.


BETTY: baby good morning.


ME: good morning dear


BETTY: don’t tell me you are already going out oo


ME: ***walked closer to the wardrobe to pick cloths****

yes dear. I told you we were told to come very early.


BETTY: huuuuh. so I will be the only one at home now abi?.


ME: *** looking at the nylon I kept bimpe’s jewelries at the bottom of the wardrobe***** don’t worry baby. I should be back in 6 hours time.


BETTY: let’s say around 2pm abi?.


ME: *** scared and don’t know what to do to the jewelries****. haba. 6 hours time should be like 5pm now.


BETTY: huuuuuuuuh. what will you buy for me when you are coming back?


ME: *** brought out the nylon stylishly and put it inside my bag beneath the wardrobe and zipped up the bag***** what do you want me to buy for you?


BETTY: chocolates and fruits.


ME: **** finished dressing up****** no problem dear. I’m set to go now.


BETTY: hmmmmm. banker!!!!. you are set and you didn’t comb your hair?.


ME: oooops. it skipped my mind.


BETTY: ***stood up from the bed, picked a comb from my trolley and walked closer to me in her “body revealing night gown” *******. baby, let me comb your hair for you.


ME: *** stood still with my d**k gaining Attention because the body contact*****


BETTY: I’m through. you are now a fine boy ***** pulls my neck with her hands and kissed me**** don’t wink at anyone outside there ooo. remember you have a wife you left at home.


ME: ok dear. see you later in the evening.


BETTY: ***hugged me again***** bye dear.


I left the house at few minutes to 11am. I began to pray inside of me that Betty shouldn’t find the jewelries. I called funmi to inform her that I was coming and she replied that she would start preparing the lunch.

I board like 3 different buses before getting to the estate where funmi lives. while I was in the buses. I engaged in a chat with segun.


ME: sege how far?. I’m on my way to funmi’s house oooo


SEGE: nice one. what about your wife Betty, where is she?.


ME: I left her at home.


SEGE: how far with what she wanted to tell you?


ME: segun, it is complicated. seriously complicated.


SEGE: really?, gist me


ME: **** narrated everything Betty told me last night****


SEGE: hmmmmmmmm. truely complicated. since she needed the MSC very badly and you can’t sponsor her. I think you should respect her opinion.


ME: segun. is that what you will say?. me I’m even thinking of telling her to forget about the Msc and stick to me.


SEGE: that’s not a good idea. this girl had tried everything possible to make you happy. she ran away from her father, been a victim of betrayal, and so on. if having her masters is what will make her happy, then let her go for it. because if you stopped her. it still doesn’t change the fact that she has been detached from her father. and I’m not sure you have the resources to take care of her. so having her masters will give her better chances of landing a good job and you will be the one to enjoy it on the long run.


ME: you think so?.


SEGE: yeah bro. for her to connect you to where you work presently, then it shows she has her own connections too. all she needed is a better qualification.


ME: hmmmmmm. what about the new guy that will be f**king her. do you think I will be able to cope with that?


SEGE: what about the girls you bleeped in the past?, is it not a man that married them?.


ME: and what is the correlation?


SEGE: you should even be happy that she told you all these. it shows that she truely loves you. its very strange for a billionaire’s daughter to go against her Father’s wish and settle for a poor boy like you. onihaxy, forget what we see in those movies, they don’t happen in real world. dangote, otedola or adenuga’s daughter will never settle for a hustler like you. so please appreciate this girl and wait for her. its for your own good.


ME: ok oooooo. I heard you. I will gist you after the date.


SEGE: no yawa.. just remember the tutorials I gave you and make sure you don’t flop.


ME: yes boss.


I got to the estate and located funmi’s residence. I placed my phone on silent as I entered the compound. it was as nice place with beautiful flowerings. she came to meet me at the gate and we both entered the living room. I looked around and I saw her wedding pictures on the wall. I also saw the pictures of her children on the shelf. the room was painted in a touch of red with nice furniture’s. funmi left the living room and called on a lady to give me a wine. from her appearance, she must be funmi’s maid.

I sat down on the chair for like 10 minutes after been entertained, looking around the room when funmi came out and called me to join her at the dining. I stood up from the seat and joined funmi. she opened the cover of the dishes and it contained white rice and stocked stew, the aroma coming out was superb. “I prepared the meal myself. so let me apologise in advance in case it’s not delicious” says funmi. I looked into her eyes and replied “from the look and aroma of this stew, its definitely delicious”. she smiled as she served the meal and we started eating.

while eating, we had gists about alots of things. ranging from work to family to relationships, romance and so on, we talked about lots things to the extent that over two hours passed by.

by 4:30pm, I told funmi that I was going. I was shocked when she stood up and hugged me instead of the regular handshakes. she went inside and came back with 5000naira and gave me as T.fare, I refused it but she lnsisted I take it from her. i collected the money and bid her goodbye.

I was walking towards the main entrance of the estate. I brought out my phone from my pocket and I saw 8 missed call from Betty. I opened my bbm and I saw pings and I got scared. I expanded the bbm and replied her.


ME: hi dear. i got your pings and missed calls.


BETTY: why aren’t you picking my calls?


ME: sorry dear. my phone was on silent mode.


BETTY: no problems. hope you are fine sha?


ME: yeah. and you?


BETTY: I’m good.. onihaxy, I saw your chain when cleaning your room, you didn’t tell me you have started using chains because I never noticed any chain on you since I met you.


ME:*** chain!!!! e don finally happen **** don’t mind me jaree. it was one of our staffs who forced it on me to buy from her. she sells jewelries.


BETTY: ok dear. I also saw a wrist watch belonging to aunty bimpe, how did it get to your room?


ME: ***** see wahala oooooo******* who told you its her watch?


BETTY: her trademark is on it. she always inscribe “B” underneath all her accessories.


ME: *****chai!!!!!!!!!!!!*********

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