Thu. Feb 8th, 2024


Adebimpe sat on the bed and started pressing her phone while I pulled off my wet cloths and changed to another dress. I went into the kitchen to warm the remaining rice with stew. I served and placed it in a tray with two spoons and returned back to meet bimpe and I sat beside her while we ate the food together. I apologised to her again for sending her out in the rain and she smiled at it and said “its ok”. I retuned the plates to the kitchen and spent like 10 minutes in watching the dirty plates and tidying up the kitchen before returning back to the bed. I found her smiling and laughing at her phone and I was wondering what was happening.

ME: bimpe, why are you laughing?

BIMPE: ***laughed**** its henry jaree, the boy is just been naughty.

ME: hmmmmmmm ** I sat closer to her and checked her phone and realized bimpe and henry were into dirty/s£x chat*****

BIMPE: ****tries to cover the phone*****

ME: don’t worry and don’t bother to cover it, sebi its s£xchat?,

BIMPE: hmmmm, abi jaree, since we aren’t together physically, we are making it up on chats.

ME: its allowed and very necessary jaree. Let me pick my phone also and chat with my own wife.

BIMPE: hmmmmm jealousy!!!!!.

I picked my own phone and tried chating with betty but pings and instant messages weren’t delivering, I became uncomfortable and decided to call betty but her number wasn’t reachable. I had no choice than to sit down and watch bimpe laughing and smiling endlessly at her phone while pressing her keypads. I checked the time and it was 9:20pm, the rain was still maintaining its intensity. I looked at bimpe and from the way she sat down comfortably on the bed, it was so obvious that she had settled to stay the night. I suddenly felt neglected and started getting jealous unnecessarily . The urge to have bimpe’s attention to myself suddenly came over me and I started acting funny. I began to roll to and fro on the bed but bimpe never stopped pressing her phone, I stood up and went to the bathroom to have my shower and came back to the bed and yet, bimpe never gave me attention. After a while, I stood up and switched off the light from the wall and then returned to the bed to switch on the bed lamp, I peeped at bimpe and I realized she was still pressing her phone and speaking to herself. I intentionally rolled towards her side to make sure my body makes contact with her body but yet it didn’t change anything. This madness continued till around 10pm. I couldn’t initiate any attention because I have made her realised that we should kill any urge we had for each other, I remembered chasing her out in the rain all because I didn’t want her to stay over. I later gave up trying to have her attention and then lied on my back and praying for sleep to come but it failed to come.

At about 20 minutes later, bimpe dropped her phone at the top of the bed, she opened her pause, removed her earings and dropped them inside the purse. She removed her wrist-watch and chain and she dropped them inside the trolley beside my bed. She stood up and removed the cardigan she wore and pulled up the towel to the top of her br**st and she stylishly removed her bra. As she was doing all this, I partially closed my eyes and stylishly peeping with the pretence of sleeping while my d**k was gaining Attention underneath. She walked away from the bed and entered into the bathroom. I later heard the sound of the shower which lasted for about 5 minutes before going off. She opened the door of the bathroom and came out of it and went to my wardrobe. She dried herself with the towel and opened my wardrobe. She took out one of my boxers and wore it and also picked one of my round-neck top and put it on. She removed the towel, spread it on the wardrobe and she returned to the bed.
She sat on the bed and she wore a net on her head and moved closer to me. She turned, placed her head to face mine , crossed her left leg on mine and placed her hand on my chest and tapped me.

ME: ***pretending to be sleeping***

BIMPE: stop pretending, I know you are not sleeping and I’m aware that you have been starring at me since.

ME: says who?

BIMPE: never mind. But why are you jealous when I was chating with henry?, I thought you said we should kill any jealousy or feelings we have for each other?, then why are you jealous of another man’s wife?

ME: who told you I was jealous?

BIMPE: I saw all the things you did to get my attention, rolling on the bed, switching off lights and so on.

ME: and what makes you think I was doing that to get your attention?

BIMPE: I’m a married woman and I know what men do when they need the attention of a woman on bed.

ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm.

BIMPE: and for you not to push me away with the way I lied on you presently. I’m convinced that the feelings you had for me isn’t completely dead like you claimed.

ME: ehn ehn?

BIMPE: yeah.

She moved her head closer and sealed my mouth with another kiss. This time, I was completely lost and defenceless as my d**k wasn’t helping matter but gaining more Attention and became harder. We kissed our way to a deep romance until our cloths went off totally and we were completely Unclad on the bed. Bimpe rolled over and sat on my d**k just like the way it happened in the dream and started riding me in a “woman on top style”, we ended up having 2 more s£x rounds until we gave up for the night and cuddled each other to sleep.

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