Sun. May 12th, 2024

We continued to kiss and my hand was about to start movements when she suddenly pulled back.


BIMPE: onihaxy, I’m hungry, what do have at home?


ME: *** rearranged myself and sat properly**** I have noodles, spaghetti , rice and little stew


BIMPE: you and noodles sha!!, you just like eating noodles all the time,


ME: ***smiled** don’t mind me jaree, you know its my best food now


BIMPE: why won’t it be your best food?, when you can’t cook good food.


ME: me kee?, can’t cook good food?, says who?.


BIMPE: we once lived together you know!!, so I know you better.


ME: hmmmmmmm.


BIMPE: onihaxy, I’m hungry jaree.


ME: ***stood up*** ok, let me enter the kitchen and prepare rice for you.


BIMPE: **stood up also*** eeeeehn??, do wetin?, that’s impossible. I will prepare it myself.


ME: ***smiled*** why na?, atleast you are my guest


BIMPE: guest for where?. For your information, I’m the senior wife to any lady you will marry and as a matter of fact, I’m still your wife ***smiled****.


ME: bimpe, you are funny. Can you repeat what you just said in the presence of henry and betty?.


BIMPE: **laughed** you no well onihaxy. But wetin dey there?, the highest things is that I will be ejected from lekki, and if that happens, I will simply pack and move in with you here. Lobatan.


ME: ***laughed** “Alakoba!!!!”.


Bimpe and I both laughed as we walked away from the room into the kitchen and we continued to joke and gist. She brought out a pot out of my cupboard and put the rice on gas cooker. We stayed in the kitchen and sat down on plastic chairs and we continued to chat until the rice was done. She warmed the stew, served the rice inside one plate with two spoons attached to it. We returned back to the room and sat down on the rug to eat. I was so surprised to see Adebimpe acting like a regular girl from the way she ate, acted, sat, talked and play, she never formed porch or acted in a sophisticated way like a lekki babe. By the time we were through with the meal, the time was 6:50pm and the rain wasn’t slowing down at all. Instead, it was increasing . Bimpe walked to the window, peeped through the glass and said “onihaxy!!!!, as this rain refused to stop, it seems I will be passing the night here oooo!!!”, I remained silent and didn’t give any response to what she said. She turned back and looked at me and said “onihaxy!!!, what is the matter?.


ME: nothing dear, just feeling uncomfortable when you said you will be staying the night.


BIMPE: ***walked closer****, really?, Are you expecting someone?


ME: No.


BIMPE: then why the uncomfortable feelings?,


ME: bimpe, you know you are a married woman. People won’t just see it that you stayed back because of the rain, instead, people will see it that you are flirting around and they will start spreading gossips, and before you know it, henry or betty might hear about it.


BIMPE: *** mood changed**** so in a nutshell, you are chasing me out in the rain right?


ME: not like that bimpe, I don’t just think its right for you to sleep here, as a matter of fact, its not possible, you have no other choice than to either wait a little minute for the rain to go down. And if it doesn’t, you will have to go home like that.


BIMPE: *** activated disappointed mood*** ok, thanks so much.


Bimpe walked closer, pushed me aside and moved to the bed to pick her purse, walked towards the door and picked her shoes. She was acting weird like a mad woman who lost her control. I felt so bad that I hurt her, but I still don’t want her to stay the night in my apartment. She opened the door and said ” thank you very much onihaxy, I will come back tomorrow to pick my car, thank you once again”. I looked at her and replied “its still raining, please wait till it reduces a bit”, she didn’t answer me and she walked out of the room in the rain.

Instantly, I began to feel bad.

“And she got this place for me ooo”

“And she borrowed me money without collecting it back ooooo”

“And she had been nice to me of recent oooo”

” And she is the one fronting to help me get betty back from my rival ooooo”

” Hope I haven’t turned to an ingrate?”

“How could I watch her walk out in the rain like that?”

“Well, maybe she went to sit in her car sha”

“Or maybe she is standing outside waiting for the rain to stop sha.

“Let me go outside and check”.


I stopped thinking and walked out my room, I checked the compound and didn’t see bimpe, I went out of the gate in the rain and I was so surprised to see Adebimpe standing in the rain waiting helplessly for a transport as there was none passing by. She was shivering like a chicken and dripping from head to toe. Her hair and cloths were wet. “Like seriously, I never knew bimpe could go this far to abandon her car and stand in the rain”. I moved closer to her.


ME: bimpe, please I’m sorry, please let us go back inside.


BIMPE: **crying like a baby** onihaxy, I never knew you are this cruel, wicked and heartless, I never knew you could chase me out in the rain, its fine and good. Thanks so much. I will wait here till I get a cab or bike that will take away from here. Thank you so much.


I felt so bad and remorse, its been long I saw bimpe crying. I looked into her eyes and realised that she felt so hurt and dissapionted in me. I moved closer to her and held her hand and she pushed me away, I tried again and she resisted me. I then knelt down on one knee as if I’m proposing and I raised up my head, looking into her eyes and telling her I’m sorry, she stood still and was crying. She touched my shoulder and I stood up, we pulled closer and hugged in the rain for few seconds before walking back to the compound. We got to the entrance of my room and we stood still, thinking whether we should go inside or not.

BIMPE: I’m wet onihaxy, I can’t enter like this.


ME: I’m also wet,


BIMPE: so what do we do now?, stay outside till the rain stops?


ME: what if it refused to stop earlier?


BIMPE: then I will sleep outside here, afterall, you don’t want me inside your room.


ME: Haba bimpe, I’m sorry now, shebi I have begged you.


BIMPE: I heard you


ME: ***walked closer and held her hand**** you are shivering bimpe, let’s go inside so that you can dry yourself.


BIMPE: **** reluctantly***** don’t worry, you can go inside, I will stay outside here.


ME: please I’m begging. Let’s go inside please.


BIMPE: what about my wet cloths, won’t it stink your rug when I drip on it?


ME: shebi its my rug?, don’t worry about it. Afterall, its our room **smiled**


BIMPE: ***forced to smile*** ok


We entered the room and she requested for a dry towel and a cardigan. I walked to my wardrobe, opened it and pulled out a big towel and a tick cardigan and I zipped up the wardrobe. As I turned back, I saw bimpe pulling the zip of her gown and removing the gown completely leaving her with just a bra and a pant, she dropped her wet gown on the plastic table in my room and collected the towel from me and she used it to dry her self before collecting the cardigan and putting it on while she tied the towel around her waist. All through the period, my d**k was gaining Attention on seeing those oranges trapped inside the bra and the ass packaged in the white net pant but I hide it from her. She picked her gown , went inside the bathroom and spread it on the bathroom door before returning back to sit down on the bed. I looked at the wall clock and the time was few minutes to 8pm, I looked out through the window and discovered that the rain was getting much more heavier as the sound was so loud on the roofing.



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