Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Which kind temptation be this na?”

“Which devilish rain be this one sef?”

” How will I chase her out of the room she got for me?”

“Won’t it appear like wickedness?”

“What if the rain refused to stop on time?”

“Will I sleep in same room with bimpe?”

“Do I even trust me self of resistance?”

“I hope I won’t fall on her laps again?”

“Omo see skimpy gown!!!”

“See fresh fish prepared on a table before me in the presence of rain”

“OMG!!!, see those laps”

I was so lost in thoughts…………..


ME: Adebimpe!!!, and the rain didn’t show any previous sign of falling sha.


BIMPE: abi oooooo, can you imagine?, the weather was so fine until suddenly.


ME: hmmm, I just pray it stop falling on time


BIMPE: I hope so too. I have things to do at home tonight.


ME: things like?


BIMPE: cooking, laundry and some other stuffs sha.


ME: bimpe, just thinking, why can’t you and henry employ a maid to assist you in doing the house chores?


BIMPE: we used to have one maid before, but she misbehaved and she was relieved of the job, not quite long, betty came to join us and there was no need for another maid again.


ME: so in a nutshell, you guys are using my wife as a maid right?


BIMPE: your wife kee?, you no well. Someone who would be getting married any moment from now and you are here saying “my wife”


ME: ***curious and moved closer*** bimpe!!!!, what did I just heard you say?, tell me its a joke.


BIMPE: **smiled** oko iyawo, calm down, I’m just kidding


ME: ***took a deep breathe **** better


BIMPE: but jokes apart, betty had been away to abuja for over 5 weeks now, the guy I told you about also stays in Abuja, and you think she ought not to have returned if she missed you?


ME: Adebimpe, I didn’t get you


BIMPE: ok, let me simplify it. You are here in lagos while your rival is there in Abuja. And right now, your girl is in the same location with your rival and she didn’t return to you for weeks now. Can’t you think what I’m thinking?


ME: ****felt sober**** Adebimpe, don’t scare me please


BIMPE: I’m not scaring you onihaxy, I’m just been sincere and real to you. I know you love betty so much, but this guy you are competing with is richer , more handsome and famous than you. Your salary is lesser than his daily expenditure. The competition is so strong onihaxy.


ME: ****sat back on the bed and rest my back against the wall***** ok bimpe, what do you think I can do now?, I really love betty so much and I’m not ready to loose her. She is my helper and God sent.


BiMpE: I’m also on your side onihaxy, I wanted you to marry betty because that is the only way you can be closer to me, I have offered a solution, its just left for you to follow it.


ME: what is the solution?


BIMPE: the Alfa I told you about. He was the person who helped me when I was in the same situation with you. Infact, yours is still better.


ME: better in what way?


BIMPE: atleast, you have henry and I on your side and we used to relate with you. During my period, every members of Henry’s family were against me and they insisted that henry must not marry me because of one rude girl from a rich family whom they wanted for him.


ME: hmmmmmmmm.


BIMPE: yes ooooo. I almost lost henry if not for the spiritual assistance from this alfa. And here I am today, enjoying the fruit of my labour. So its all left for you to either continue fighting a failed battle or seek for help.


ME: ***took a deep breath and thought for a while**** so where is this alfa you are talking about?


BIMPE: I heard he travelled out of lagos for now, but I will make enquires from my sister to know when he will be back


ME: ok, thanks. But hope it doesn’t have any repercussion?


BIMPE: repercusion kee?, when you aren’t doing any rituals or carrying any sacrifice, you are only seeking spiritual assistance in claiming what rightfully belongs to you, so no repercussion dear. Just try it and you will thank me later.


ME: ok ma, let me know when the Alfa will be around and available.


BIMPE: no wahala ****came closer and pat me on my chest*** that’s my baby.


ME: that reminds me. Please give me some days to arrange the money I borrowed from you the last time I travelled. I’m not too boxed up at the moment.


BIMPE: you mean that 50k?


ME: yes


BIMPE: mtcheew, the money wey I don forget since?, just keep it, I gave it to you, I didn’t borrow you.


ME: ***smiled** thanks so much Bimpe. I so much appreciate


ME: ****moved her head closer and whisper**** don’t mention dear. And the next thing, her lips moved closer to mine and we went another kiss of life journey.

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