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Episode 8














One of the doctors,after hearing what Mirabel said quickly called the police to arrest Rose…


The police came minutes later and took Rose to their station.


Mirabel was lead to a labor room for her delivery.


As she weakly move her legs, she moan and groan in pains as tears flow freely on her cheeks.


“Sorry miss…take more steps, we are almost there!” The doctor said.


“Goddd!…. Help me..” Mirabel said softly.


“Sorry miss. We are there. Put in all your best. Safe delivery.” The nurse said.


Mirabel was helped to the bed as one nurse walked in with necessary things needed for the delivery.


Mirabel started groaning loudly in pains..


She moaned louder but no sign of the baby coming.


This cause her more pains as the doctor and nurse keep pestering her to groan more.



“I can’t do this alone Lord…intervene please… I’m dying. The pains are too much to bear.” Mirabel said crying.


“Miss, try harder. Try more!” Doctor said.


“Goddd!…” Mirabel groaned heavily.


But no success…








In the other ward, Emmanuel was revived and now okay except for his bandaged head.


Samuel was stuck in the car earlier,that was why he wasn’t in the hospital as quick as possible.


But, after spending an hour in traffic,he was able to made his way to the hospital.


The doctors left Emmanuel’s ward and went out.


There, they met Samuel.


“Can I see him now?” He asked.


“Yes, he’s perfectly okay.” One of the doctors said and they both walked away.


“Emmanuel..? What is it again? You looked okay in the morning. Why are these doctors coming out of here again? Is something wrong with your head? Is it painful?” He asked.


“You won’t believe Rose came here as you said. She brought a food. Poisoned food I guess ’cause she was threatening me to eat it or she kill me with a knife. She was about to shook me with the knife when someone entered. I couldn’t fathom who it was, but the voice I heard was a lady’s voice. It was that lady that rescued me.. she came in just at the right time. I’m glad. I’m grateful for the lady, if not, I would have been dead by now. You’d have been crying too.” Emmanuel said smiling.


“Who will cry? I’m a man mehn!



You see? I said it! I should be a prophet,you know? Have you made any enquiry about the lady?” Samuel asked.


“Yeah.. you’re right. I’m grateful to you too.


No, I haven’t made any enquiry. But I will do that later when I’m full, right now I’m famished.” Emmanuel said and brought out the food Samuel bought.


“Hmm..tasty!” Emmanuel exclaimed enjoying the food.


“You like it?” Samuel asked.


“No..I love it.” Emmanuel said smiling.


“Dude!” Samuel said softly.


“You should take care of me very well you know I’m sick.” Emmanuel said.


“Better look for a wife to take care of you. Bad guy!” Samuel said.


“Help me look for one. I will pay you silly guy! You too ..go and marry. That reminds me, have you contacted the lawyer?” Emmanuel asked.


“Yes! I’ve called him. He will file it. He will call you as well.” Samuel said.


Emmanuel nodded and continue with his food.










An hour and 30minutes later, Mirabel is still in pains. No baby is coming out for over an hour now.


The doctor did an x-ray scan.


The results showed that Mirabel has an ectopic pregnancy.


This scared Mirabel as the thought of where to find money for the surgery flooded her mind.



“Why didn’t you come for antenatal ? This problem would have been solved then! And, your are not resting at all. You hardly eat all these caused it.” The doctor said.


Mirabel was crying not knowing the next line of action.


“The only solution to save you and the baby now is to perform a surgery on you. It’s an ectopic pregnancy, you need someone to sign for you as well.” The doctor said.


“Haaa! Surgery again? Doctor, about the person that will sign…i will sign myself. I have no one here. No family no parents.” Mirabel said.


“Well, we’ll find something to do with that when you pay up. Till then, we’ll be giving you just medications to relieve you of the pains you’re feeling.” The doctor said and left.


Mirabel was troubled even more than how she was when her step dad needs money for surgery.


Only if she knew her baby daddy is in the same hospital with her.


Only if she knew she just saved him….


But, she didn’t.


“God! How will I survive this, this time around? Who can I even sleep with in this my condition? Who knows me here? Ectopic pregnancy? Me? Who will I call?” Mirabel lamented as tears rolled down her face. .






“Where is now your wife?” Samuel asked the next day he visited.


“I think she’s with the police.” Emmanuel answered.


“What will you do?” Samuel asked.



“Do with who? Of course divorce her. It’s the only option only if I love myself.” Emmanuel replied.


“Awesome.” Samuel said.


Samuel was the only one visiting Emmanuel. He would brought him food and drink everyday.


The maid and the driver were banned to visit for Emmanuel’s safety.












Esther out of pity visit her friend when she heard she’s in the police station.


“Rose! Rose! See what my husband is wealthy, my husband is handsome has costs you! Did I asked you to visit him and kill him? I told you to visit him and stay by his side till he forgives you. Was he the one that called the police or you or you called them yourself? See how stupid you are! Rose! I’m highly disappointed In you. I don’t know you are this dumb. Beautiful without any brain. You finally ended up here. Who knows if you will ever come out again? Well, may God save you.” Esther said and was about to leave.


“Esther, I’m sorry. I don’t know you’re telling me the truth. I was blinded then. I thought my husband was cheating on me. Help me to beg him please.” Rose begged.


“Beg who? When did you see your husband and I together? You yourself knew we never talk other than just greetings. So let me be. Take care.” Esther said and walked out.


Rose was crying.










It’s been a week now since Rose’s been in the station, Mirabel still in labor, Emmanuel getting better.


“You’ll be discharged today. You’re free to go now” The doctor said.


“Thank you doctor. Thanks a ton.” Samuel said happily.


Emmanuel smiled. The doctor left.


“Man, let’s go now. I’m tired mehn.” Emmanuel said.


“You should be. I can’t stay up to a week in the hospital. It’d be boring.” Samuel said laughing.


“You’re making jest , right?” Emmanuel asked.


“No man. I’m just happy for you. How will you go about that clumsy maid of yours?” Samuel asked.


“Don’t worry. Next time she repeat the same thing, I will fire her immediately irrespective of the time,day or date. Even if it’s midnight, I will let her go.” Emmanuel said.


“Nice idea. That lady isn’t okay at all. She seems to be sick.” Samuel said laughing.


“Let’s go man!” Emmanuel said.

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They both stood up and left the ward. They cleared the bill and was about to step out of the hospital when Emmanuel remembered his savior.


“Samuel, I will meet you in the car or you stay at the lobby. I’m coming.” Emmanuel said and quickly dashed to his doctor’s office.


“Mr Emmanuel. How’re you feeling? Hope all is well?” He asked.



“Yes, I’m fine. Doctor, there’s a lady that called for help when someone’s about to kill me with a knife… right?” Emmanuel asked.


“Yes, Mirabel. The lady is In labor for a week now. She has no one to pay her bills or even sign for get. She has issue with her pregnancy.” The doctor explained.


“Mirabel? Is she pregnant?” Emmanuel asked.


“Yes! It was that day you fainted that her water broke.” The doctor said.


“Ohh…what issues did she has?” Emmanuel asked.


“Ectopic pregnancy. Due to no antenatal care, restlessness and poor in feeding.” The doctor said.


“Is it that bad?” Emmanuel asked.


“Yes! More bad. Do you want to see her?” The doctor asked.


“No…I won’t be able to see her. I’ve even forgotten but I remembered when I was about to leave. She’s my savior, I should save her as well.” Emmanuel said.


“That will he so kind of you. The lady will be glad.” The doctor said and Emmanuel made the payments.


“Here, give this to her. Tell her I’m grateful for her kind gesture. Can I get a pen?” Emmanuel asked as he handed some money to the doctor to give Mirabel.


“Yes, you can. Here..” the doctor said and stretched him a pen..


Emmanuel collected it and wrote something on the paper. Then gave it to the doctor.


“Give her this too.” Emmanuel said and rise to leave.


“Thank you Mr Emmanuel. God bless you.” The doctor said.


With shook hands and Emmanuel left his office to meet the waiting Samuel.


The doctor also went to Mirabel to attend to her and gave her what he was asked to


gave her.










OMG! I thought Emmanuel will see Mirabel and probably, they might recognize each other but no! I was wrong!


What a life!











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