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Episode 7














Emmanuel was attended to and he’s getting better.


“He needs some little rest. Then he’ll be discharged very soon.” The doctor said to both the driver and the maid.


“Ehh! Thank God ohh.. Chineke! Madam no be woman ohh. Haha! How could she tried to kill such a caring husband? Wonders shall never end indeed!” The driver exclaimed!


“Shut up and talk silently. Do you want to implicate madam? Biko shut up there before I slap you. I thank God my one and only oga isn’t dead! That would have cause trouble between I and madam.” The maid said.


“See who’s talking! You can never have Oga. I know your move. Stupid girl. Are you even beautiful? Ugly girl.” The driver teased.


“Shut up! I will have Oga and no one will do anything. In fact, oga also loves me.


Don’t lie that you don’t also like madam.” The maid said.


“Who will like that killer of a woman? She’s too aggressive for my liking. when oga leaves this place, he suppose to get her arrested for attempted murder.” The driver said.



“That will be better. That is when I and oga will have space for ourselves. I can’t wait.” The maid said.


“Shut up joor. Make I hear word.” The driver said.


The maid hissed.


“Come and take me home let me go and bring food for my oga. My only lover.” The maid said checking herself out.


The driver looked at her and hissed then stood up. The maid follow him.








Rose was inside with her friend.


“My friend, you supposed to be in the hospital with your husband now. He needs you by his side. Being with him now could make him forgive you. Or don’t you know what you did was attempted murder? And you knew its punishment.” Esther said.


“I don’t mean to smashed the bottle on him. My aim was to hold it and scared him with it but I don’t know when I hit him with it. He’s my husband, he will forgive me but I can’t go into that hospital. What if he call police on me?” Rose said.


“Rose…can’t you for once use your brain? You are just behaving like a little girl of


Even a five years old child make use of his/her brain than you. Haha! Is there more to this? I’ve been advising you as a good friend for years now to let your husband have peace but you keep saying he’s handsome, he’s wealthy and all that! Didn’t you saw that he’s wealthy and handsome before you married him? Are you out of your senses or what? You fail as a wife to your husband. You are not a wife material at all. In fact, people will be thinking I’m the one teaching you all these you’re doing but they won’t know you are the real devil! This advise I’m giving you is what I can give my blood. So, why are you so stubborn? If you will continue like this, I’m sorry I won’t be friend with you anymore. I’m leaving. Call me when you’ve changed.” Esther said angrily and left Rose.



Rose was suprised..


“Are you now leaving me alone? Esther… it’s not up to that now. Come back I’ve changed…” Rose said but no response.


“I have an option. I’m sure by now he hasn’t called any police.


I should keep his mouth shut forever. To do that i will kill him! I can’t let him ruin my life.” Rose concluded in her mind and went upstairs. .






Minutes later, the maids and the driver arrived home.


The maid went in and headed to the kitchen without checking if someone’s in or not.


“Let me prepare him something super delicious. I’m sure by now,he will be missing me.” She said to herself as she started cooking.


Rose came down minutes after the maid entered.


She put on a smiling face as she went to the kitchen.


“Hi. How’re you?” Rose asked with smile as the maid looked at her suspiciously.


“Madam..? Or this no be harsh madam? Did they change madam overnight? Who knows she can smile this sweetly? I should copy that smile of hers. It’s beautiful.” She thought.


“What’re you preparing? Is it for my husband? Well, don’t stress yourself. My friend and I has prepared some food this morning and it remains some portion I left for him. You can only cook for yourself and the driver outside. Bye!” Rose said before the maid could utter an alphabet.


“This madam be something oh. See the way she walks in here majestically. Madam who never enter kitchen now cook? And not fir herself only but for oga? The



person who never cook for him. There is something fishy. I just hope she don’t kill oga for me.” The maid said and continue her cooking.


“She just spoiled my plans to prepare him something super delicious. Mad


woman!” She cursed.

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Samuel,after hearing what happened to his friend rushed down to the hospital immediately.


“How did it happened? Why didn’t you called me yesternight? Why didn’t you dodged it?” He asked.


Emmanuel weakly explained and Samuel was amazed.


“My dear, you haven’t gotten a wife? Divorce her immediately she doesn’t deserve you. Who does that?” Emmanuel said.


“That’s the only option now. I’m divorcing her right away before she finally kill me. Help me inform my lawyer.” Emmanuel said.


“No problem. I will do that right away.” Samuel said.


“Thank you. Thank you.” Emmanuel said.


“Have you eaten?” He asked


“No. But I think the maid has gone home to do that.” Emmanuel said.


“You better don’t eat that lady’s food, isn’t she the one that is always seducing you?Even if your wife brings you food, don’t eat it. Who knows what she’s planning next. Don’t eat any food from your house for now. I will go get you food and I will contact the lawyer as well.” Samuel said.


“Do you think she can poison me?” Emmanuel asked.


“Yes. I don’t think so, I know so. That woman is a devil.” Samuel said.


“Alright, I’ve heard you. Go now and be quick..” Emmanuel said.


Samuel nodded and rushed out not noticing that Rose quickly hide herself.


Rose has overheard their conversations.


“Who is this Samuel for goodness sake? How did he knew I’ve poisoned this food and that I wanna kill my husband? But still, I will perform my mission here.” Rose thought and smiled wickedly.


As she stayed at the door, Mirabel was watching her with suspicious look as she cleaned up the tiles.


At some point, Rose will laughed wickedly,smiled wickedly, all these are what Mirabel noticed that makes her watched Rose the more.


“What will someone that came to look a patient be lurking around. She’s supposed to enter irrespective of who’s inside to avoid suspicious look.” Mirabel thought.


Suddenly the door open and Rose quickly hide herself which Mirabel saw and concluded in her mind that the woman is up to something.


The man that opened the door left and minutes later, Rose entered.


Emmanuel was shocked to the bone to see her and he looked around to see if anyone’s around to save him from this devilish woman.


“What the hell are you doing here?” He asked still shocked that he may faint anytime from now.


“Are you suprised? Well, I came to give you food. You must eat it now in my presence.” Rose said wickedly.


“Don’t eat any food from your house…” Emmanuel remembered Samuel’s word.


“No. I’m not hungry. I’ve eaten.” Emmanuel said.


Rose laughed wickedly.


“Samuel has just gone to get you food. So,save your strength. Stop talking and eat this now !” Rose thundered.


“How do you know? You’re really a devil.” Emmanuel said.


“,Yes! I’m a devil and your time is up on Earth. Die and let me live peacefully. Who knows if you’ve called the police to arrest me. And you want to divorce me? I will kill you before you divorce me. ” Rose said and brought out a sharpened knife from her bag.


“Rose…. what’s this? W…” Emmanuel said frighteningly words failing him.


“Don’t be scared Mr Man. Eat the food silently or I kill you with this?” Rose said raising the knife.


“Don’t do this…” Emmanuel pleaded as Rose raised the knife up to injured him.


“Nooo” Emmanuel shouted weakly.


Rose turned deaf ear to her husband’s pleadings as she was about to harm him when the door opened and Mirabel entered…. .






Mirabel was cleaning the passage when a doctor walked by and asked her if she has cleaned Emmanuel’s ward.


“No sir. I’m about to.” She said.


“Don’t you know who he is? He shouldn’t be in dirt.” The doctor said.


Mirabel obeyed and headed to Emmanuel’s ward to Clean it and wondering how important he is when she opened the door to see Rose about to kill Emmanuel.



“What?” Mirabel shouted.


Emmanuel only heard that “what” as he finally fainted.


Immediately without thinking twice, she rushed to the emergency button In the ward and pressed it.


It’s started giving sound signalling to all doctors that something is happening in that ward.


Mirabel as well started shouting for help as she held Rose’s cloth.


“Aunty, wait..I was helping him to cut something.” Rose lied.


“Help… doctor.. doctor.” She shouted on top of her voice as doctors rushed in.


Then suddenly…her water broke right there…


“Help..” Mirabel shouted weakly.


One of the doctors rushed to her side.


“This woman…. arrest her….save that man ….as…well….” Mirabel said so weakly


as she groaned in pains..










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