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“G…good evening sir…I ..sorry I stayed here, it was the rain that let me stopped here since there’s no other alternative..I am sorry.” Mirabel said crying with her cloth dripping wet.


“OMG! You mean you stayed here all this while the rain was felling? With a new baby?” Samuel asked.


“Yes sir. Sorry for bothering you. I’ll take my leave now.” Mirabel said getting ready to leave.


“To where?” Samuel asked.


“Nowhere in particular though… I’m homeless… I’m helpless… I’m jobless, I’m just alone.” Mirabel said with another round of tears.



“My God…you know what? The breeze’s cold now. And the baby would have been shaking by now,I guess. Come in, let’s talk inside! Don’t be scared. I’m harmless.” Samuel assured the scared Mirabel.


“Don’t turn away any help that come your way…” Mirabel remembered her friend’s word.


“I…I should come in?” Mirabel asked.


“Yes,come in. I will help you with the baby and the bag since you’re wet.” Samuel said and carried the little sleeping baby from Mirabel then carried her small bag too.


“T…thank you sir. Thank you so much sir.” Mirabel said.


They both entered and the gate keeper closed the gate.


Samuel opened the door to the house and they entered into the most spacious and beautiful living room Mirabel has never seen or entered. It’s painted in green.


She only see them in TVs and on phone.


“Wow..!” She said amazed as tear rolled down her cheek.


“I never knew I will enter a house like this…” She thought.


“Welcome to my house. Sorry it’s a little messy. I’m just too lazy to clean or do any house chores. Go to that place, it’s a bathroom and take a shower so you can change your wet cloth.” Samuel said as he laid the baby on the couch.


“I…I don’t have any cloth to change to. The bag only contains my baby’s few items.


I have no clothes.” Mirabel said sadly.


“This is serious…but still, you should tell me the details later. I will get you one of my cloth to wear for tonight, and wash this wet one, by tomorrow it would have dried up. You’ll wear it tomorrow and we’ll go shopping. The baby needs a lot of things too.” Samuel said.



“Thank you sir.. I appreciate your kind gesture towards my baby and I. But sir, I have some cash with me here, I will buy some things with it tomorrow myself. Don’t bother about me since we’ll leave tomorrow.” Mirabel said sadly but deep down, she wants to stay here forever.


“Why will you leave tomorrow when you have no house? Keep the money with you for yourself, I will take you and the baby to shopping tomorrow. Let’s talk after eating. I’m hungry. Go take your bath. There’s a towel in there, used it and come upstairs, enter the first room by your right. It’s your room. I will leave the cloth on the bed for you as well.” Samuel said.


“Thank you sir..” Mirabel said and entered the bathroom.


She took her bath and went upstairs to dress. She entered the first room by her right and met the cloth neatly folded on the bed.


“Wow …” Was what she could utter when she entered the room. It’s painted with baby pink color.


“It’s beautiful…thank you God for finally answering my prayers all this while… things are happening so fast that I’m speechless God, I don’t know where and how to thank You. I’m grateful anyways.” She praised Lord.


Everything was in the room. The bed’s high and soft. There’s a table and a chair at a side with a large mirror. A couch is also in the room with a little center table. All in pink.The room smelt so nice. An empty closet, bathroom….the bathroom itself


was a wow. Everything was set, new toothbrushes, toothpastes, sponges, soaps,spray,towels,bath mat, toilet papers, mirror, toilet brush,etc!


“Lovely!” She said happily when she heard her baby crying and Samuel calling her .


“The baby is crying..” he shouted from the kitchen.


“I’m coming..” she said loudly and quickly closed the bathroom’s door and left the room as quick as possible to attend to her crying baby.



She descended the stairs and saw Samuel carrying the baby already trying to calm him but he kept crying.


“Thank you sir.” Mirabel said and took the baby from him and he stopped crying.


“So, you identify your mum’s arm, right?” Samuel asked jokingly.


“Don’t mind him.. that’s baby for you.” Mirabel said and br**stfeed the baby.


“What’s his name?” Samuel asked.


“Hm…well, I just gave birth to him and I can’t afford the naming ceremony expenses, I just named him Favor In my heart because his birth was a miracle and because God favoured me… besides… there’s no family or husband..” Mirabel said sadly.


“Ohh…sorry about that. Don’t worry , we’ll name the baby tomorrow here in this living room. I will call my friend to celebrate with us.” Samuel said.


“Thank you sir.” Mirabel said.


“Call me Samuel.. what’s your name?” Samuel asked.


“Samuel? How can I call you that? It’s somehow….. Well, I’m Mirabel.” Mirabel




“Do not let it be somehow. Call me Samuel. Period! Mirabel lay the baby down and let’s eat, I’m famished. Let’s talk after eating.” Samuel said.


“Alright then. I will join you.” Mirabel said feeling blessed.


Samuel nodded and went to the dining room.


Minutes later, the baby slept off and Mirabel laid him down on the couch after changing his little wet clothes.



“I prepared rice and stew since it’s late. Sit and enjoy. It’s my first time cooking since my maid left for the village to get married. I’m a lazy type.” Samuel said to Mirabel as she came to the dining.


“It’s alright… thank you anyways. Can I be your maid then? I will like to work for you in order not to be a burden.” Mirabel asked.


“,you can’t be my maid. Just live here till whenever you will like to move out. You can just keep the house clean as a lady and that’s all. Live here with me as a friend not as a maid please, and I will be paying you every month as well.” Samuel said.


“What? Well, I accept. I won’t be a maid. But paying me every month, for what? Why? No, don’t do that.” Mirabel said.


“I will be paying you, period!” Samuel said and Mirabel was speechless.


The only thing she could do was to smile.


“That smile is expensive,you know? I love it. Goodness knows when last you smile.” Samuel said.


“You’re right. It’s been long since I’ve smiled genuinely like this.” Mirabel said.








They ate in silence and Mirabel packed up the used plates to the kitchen.


She put on the gloves and started washing them. Samuel entered and saw her washing the plates.


“Why are you washing this late? You can always wash them tomorrow.” Samuel said.


“I’m washing them already. I will join you in the living room later.” Mirabel said.



“No…I can’t leave you alone. Let’s wash together.” Samuel said and also put on gloves. He’s rinsing, Mirabel was washing. .






“You are too funny,you know?” Mirabel asked after washing and now they’re in the living room.


She sat down.


“How?” Samuel asked as he took his seat beside her.


“Why will you be in the kitchen washing plates when I’m washing it already, remember you told me you’re lazy.” Mirabel said laughing.


“Well, I’m lazy, that’s the truth, but I just found myself not lazy anymore since I saw you. Like I said, I haven’t cooked since my maid left, you came and I cooked. You’re a blessing.” Samuel said holding her hands.


“Thank you anyways. Don’t be lazy anymore, understand?” Mirabel said laughing.

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“Yes,ma. I understand!” Samuel said laughing too.


“Let me tell you about myself, how I got pregnant and how I ended up here.” Mirabel said.


“Yes … I’m all ears. And while narrating, don’t cry, okay?” Samuel said and Mirabel nodded closed to tears already.


She started narrating her story from how her mother died, her step dad’s issue, Dammie’s issues, her friend’s good gestures, how she became pregnant, how her step sister chased her away without a single thing from her belongings, the money issue, her jobs both in the school, club, hospital. Her pregnancy issue till she ended up in his house.


Mirabel narrated and bursted into tears… Samuel was moved, he pitied her and he hugged her. She cried on his shoulder for minutes.



“Sorry, you passed through all these ever since you’re young. I really honoured you because you are a real lady. No one can endure all what you endured. Some would have killed themselves or even terminated such fatherless baby. Done would have become a thief and all such. But, despite all the tribulations, sufferings and the storm, you still endure it. Infact, people like you are rare to find. You are a gem, hard to find but useful. You really amazed me. Don’t worry, the storms are still now. You’ll never suffer again In as much as God is alive. Your sister will come to beg you, don’t worry. Your baby father will also be known sooner.” Samuel said with a caring voice as he patted Mirabel’s back.


Mirabel finally stopped crying after hearing Samuel’s soothing words. Her hope are lifted up in God.


“Thank you Samuel. Thanks for everything. I can’t thank you enough. I really appreciate. My baby appreciate as well. We are grateful.” Mirabel said thankfully.


“It is my pleasure. Cheer up girl. I will your angel. So, call me your angel and I will always call you my gem. Okay?” Samuel said and Mirabel laughed.


“I’m not joking…now call me that, my gem.” Samuel said with a puppy face. It’s irresistible.


“Alright, my angel.” Mirabel said.


“What a sweet voice. Let me tell my friend that we have a party tomorrow here by 12noon.” Samuel said and called Emmanuel.



I’m having a party here tomorrow by 12noon. So, get your ass here! Naming ceremony. Yeah…I gave birth overnight..dude! Come oh. Goodnight. Yeah I got home safely. Bye! Hug your pillow! Samuel said laughing and ended the call.


“You are really jovial.” Mirabel said.


“Yes. Let’s go sleep. I will carry the baby, I will name him a name that’s been coming to my head. Carry the bag.” Samuel said and lifted the baby to his shoulder.



“What name is that?” Mirabel asked.


“You’ll know it tomorrow.” Samuel said.


They entered the room and he laid the baby on the bed.


“Goodnight gem!” Samuel said and hugged Mirabel.


“Goodnight angel!” Mirabel said smiling.


Samuel left and gently closed the door and went to his room opposite Mirabel’s.


Mirabel’s joy knew no bound as she laid on the bed with thanks to God.


“I can’t remember the last time I slept on a bed! Thank you God.'” Mirabel said and closed her eyes hoping it’s not a dream.


She opened her eyes and smiled….then closed it back.










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