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Episode 5














After 3months…



Mirabel step dad’s was buried and everything started afresh again after so many days of tears.


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But Mirabel was feeling somehow. She started sleeping too much and feeling so weak.


But,she didn’t think about it so much as she thought it was just malaria.


The only place she works now is the school. Dammie’s graduation is at the corner.


Her nagging is too much for Mirabel but she’s managing.


Not until one night that a little misunderstanding ensued between them.


Mirabel cooked and Dammie was complaining that there’s no salt in the stew.


“Mirabel or what’s your name? Do you taste this stew before serving me?” She asked shouting.


“Dammie, I tasted it and I just ate it now with this rice. I enjoyed it. Everything there is perfect.” Mirabel said calmly.


After the statement, a thunderous slap was heard on Mirabel’s cheek.


“Dammie….what have you just done? Do you know who I am to you? I’m your


elder sister, Dammie. I don’t deserve this.” Mirabel said with tears.


“Being my sister, does that change a thing? In as much as you are in my father’s house, I deserve all the respect and I have every right to do anything for you. What do you have? No siblings,no family,no property, nothing at all. If I send you out of my father’s house now, where will you go? Nowhere. So it’s better you go into that kitchen now and prepare another dinner for me. Make me fried rice and chicken. Get the ingredients wherever you will get it, I don’t give a damn.” Dammie said,hiss and walked away.


Mirabel was speechless as she fell down and started shedding tears as she thought of everything Dammie said to her.



She was in tears when Dammie entered 30minutes later. She laughed wickedly.


“Mirabel..? You’re still here? What of the fried rice I asked you to prepare? You’re daring me, right?” Dammie asked.


“Dammie… it’s late in the night. This is almost 10pm, I won’t be able to find any ingredients. This stew is okay. The salt there is perfect as well, manage it please. I Promise by tomorrow I will cook the fried rice. Please Dammie…” Mirabel begged.


“Good idea. So I will eat my dinner tomorrow, right? It’s when you’re in my house that you’re able to tell me that. Maybe after I send you away, you’ll still be telling me to eat dinner tomorrow. Prostitute! Your secrets are out! Who asked you to sleep with men to save my dad? Didn’t your mum gave you any money where she is? Idiot! You think you’re smart? I’m smarter!” Dammie said and helped Mirabel to her feet then walk her to the door.


“What is this?” Mirabel asked.


” What does it look like? Get out of my father’s house!” Dammie barked.


“Dammie… don’t do this. It’s late. I don’t have nowhere to go. Please, don’t do this.


I’m begging you.” Mirabel begged.


“C’mon leave my house!” Dammie said and pushed her.


Luckily,she didn’t fell but she’s at the verge of falling.


“Alright, let me at least pack my belongings. I have some things to pack ” Mirabel said.


“Ohh …. Belongings? Are they yours? It’s mine and my father’s, so pack yourself


and leave.” She said went in and come out minutes later.


She threw her her phone.



“That’s the only thing I allow you to have access to. Bye! I don’t pray we should meet again. And even if i meet you by mistake, I will manage to give you #1000 note for taking care of my dad. And maybe give you a lift.” Dammie said proudly.


“Dammie…. there is something I want to take that isn’t mine in my room.” Mirabel




“Ohh…the money, right?” Dammie asked mockingly.


“Dammie… don’t tell me you….” Mirabel said but was interrupted.


“Yes. I’ve took it. It’s now mine. So leave and let me live as I like. I wish you safe delivery.” Dammie said and closed the door locking it.


“Safe….what? Did I heard her right? That’s not even the case now. Another


person’s money… Dammie has finally ruined me .. I’m done for!” Mirabel cried bitterly.


She checked her phone so as to call Veronica but found out that there is no SIM in her phone anymore. Dammie has removed it.


This troubled her the more as she thought of how to survive.


Dammie was inside enjoying the rice and stew Mirabel cooked.






Mirabel trekked to Veronica’s place.


When she entered, Veronica was shocked after Mirabel explained everything to her.


“God of mercy! So Dammie can do this after the sacrifice you made for her dad? This is unbelievable but I know God will take control. Sorry dear but I was about to relocate..” Veronica explained


“Why? What happened?” Mirabel asked.



“My fiance asked me to. Since I’ve stopped my business,you know now. He’s secured a good job for me. So, I’m abandoning my old ways and act. I’m hoping God should forgive me.” Veronica said.


“That’s a good news. I’m happy for you dear. All thanks to God.” Mirabel joyfully said.


“All thanks to you too. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I’ll forever be grateful. That aside, how will you live? Where will you live?” Veronica asked.


“I don’t know but by tomorrow, all will be well. I’m sure God will lead me.” Mirabel said.


“Hope you’ve eaten?” Veronica asked


“Yes. I’m tired.” Mirabel said.


“Sorry dear. Let’s sleep.” Veronica said.


They went into the room to lay their head for the night.


Mirabel prayed in her heart to God. “Please, make way for me. I need a helper


please.” She said in her heart and gently close her eye lid hoping tomorrow to be








The next day, Mirabel was so tired and weak that got her friend worried. She’s complaining of headache,weakness and body pains.


So, she took her to the hospital for proper treatment. That was where she found out that she’s 3months pregnant.


Mirabel was dumbfounded as everything now clears to her about Dammie wishing her a safe delivery.


“Congrats miss, you’re three months pregnant.” The doctor said with a smile.


“How come?” Both chorused.



“It’s a good news ma. Your husband will be very happy.” The doctor repeated smiling and leave.


“My God! This problem again? When will I get out of this problem? Pregnant for a stranger?” Mirabel questioned.


Veronica calm her down and they both returned home to look for a way out of the













Mirabel…. sorry dear. God is your strength.


Guys….what do you think?




Accidentally In Love



[She’s Not A Prostitute]


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