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The following morning Khan woke up earlier than usual, he couldn’t believe that he had asked Miso to spend the day with him. Yes she was likeable but he knew too well that his brother liked her and xhe getting close to her was only going to get him into trouble.


He plugged in his headsets and went out for his usual morning run, he loved staying in Olympia. The place was quiet and he didn’t have to worry about who was following him during his morning runs.


He got back an hour later and straight away went to the bathroom, when he got out he found several missed calls. He looked at his phone and clicked his tongue. It was Denise, the woman just couldn’t get it that he was never going to have a relationship with her, she was his elder brother’s wife and yet she couldn’t stop bugging him.


He settled for grey shorts with a black muscle t shirt and house slippers, he was hungry and needed something to eat real quick.


‘Good morning.’ His cousin Melba who he had taken in a few years back greeted ‘Hey little one.’ He said running his hand in her kinky hair like she was a puppy ‘You know that I am a lady and you need to treat me like one right?’ she asked ‘Oh please.’ He said walking over to the fridge ‘There is some food in the microwave, just warm it.’


‘Aren’t you the best? What is a woman for when I have you?’ he asked


He knew talking about women would earn him a tongue lashing from her, she always said that he was not getting any younger and it was time he found someone to settle with.



‘Melba I don’t see why I need a woman in my life, come on I have you for a few more years.’


‘Khan you are human and every human needs to be with someone, you can’t continue like this.’ She said


‘Okay just so you know I have a date today.’ He said not facing her


She looked at him waiting for that moment when he would say that he is joking ‘You are not joking are you?’ she asked pushing her plate of cereal aside ‘Nop, I am not.’


She clapped her hands.


‘Lord I have been waiting for this day all my life.’


‘Don’t get any hopes up, she is just and friend and I am pretty sure it will end at that. Besides Josphat likes her too.’


‘Oh boy.’ Melba said pulling back her plate ‘What Mel?’


‘I think its better you stay away from her, the last thing I want is for you and the politician being on each other’s throats.’ She said making invented comas in the air after saying politician as they always called Josphat behind closed doors


‘Mel I said she is just a friend, nothing more nothing less.’ ‘I care about you.’


‘And I appreciate it, but I and Miso are just friends.’ He said almost getting upset ‘What ever you say elder brother.’


They continued eating their food in silence until he left the kitchen, he knew that Melba had a point but he was trying to convince himself that Miso was just a friend and nothing more would happen between them.


The sound of his ringing phone disturbed him, he saw the caller ID and switched it off.


‘Denise you won’t be the death of me.’ He said angrily packing his phone in the drawer


He got his wallet and car keys then walked back to the kitchen. ‘I am leaving now.’ He said placing some money on the table ‘And this?’ she asked


‘Do I need a reason to give money to my lady?’ he asked causing her to smile ‘Lord I envy the woman that is going to sweep you off your feet.’


‘And I pity the man whose heart you will take because you will already know just how you should be treated.’ He told her


She smiled


‘And I will be unreachable today.’


‘Denise again?’


‘Yah.’ He said scratching his head


‘You really need to put that woman in her place or she will never give up on you.’ ‘Mel let me run along.’ He said and walked out




Miso just couldn’t get anything right, looking at the clothes she had she began to feel like she only had rugs in her washing basket


She laid out all the dresses she had on the bed and the few jeans that were almost wearing out.


‘Lord the first thing I will do when I become rich is buy new clothes.’ She said to herself as she settled on the bed


Her mother walked into the room startling her ‘Mother.’ She said catching her breath


‘I noticed you have been behind these curtains for a long time, wanted to find out what is keeping you here.’


She sighed


‘I am going out with Khan and I have no idea what I will wear.’ She said Her mother smiled


‘Give me a minute.’ She told her


She walked out of the room and came back with a plastic bag ‘Have this.’


‘Mother what is this?’


‘Open it child.’


Miso opened it slowly and found a black dress, it was a boob tube and she had never imagined herself wearing such.


‘Mama isn’t it too short?’


‘This is your first date child.’


She went through it again and saw the gold sandals ‘Mama.’ She said holding her breath ‘This must have cost you a fortune


‘Miso you are my only child and I love you, I knew this day would come. Don’t make the same mistakes I did, have a little fun but never forget who you are or where you come from.’ She said holding her cheek ‘I love you mama.’


‘I love you too child.’ Now iron the dress least you embarrass me


Miso excitedly got the iron and put some charcoal inside, when it was hot enough she ironed the dress from the inside just in case some ashes spilt.



When she was done, she took another bath thinking that she had sweated. ‘Good morning Khan.’ Her mother greeted when he walked into the yard ‘Good morning mother, how are you?’ he asked ‘Oh I could be better but I am fine.’ She said


Just then Miso walked out and for a moment he was out of words. The little black dress fitted her perfectly exposing her knees and most of her upper skin.


‘You look amazing.’ He complimented


‘Thank you.’


Her mother refused to go to the bwana’s farm saying she would be fine on her own so they left her there and drove out.


‘Where are we going?’ Miso asked


‘Allow me to treat you like the lady that you are.’ He said exposing his white teeth





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