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She was angry and she could feel it within her soul, when she got home; she threw her bag on the couch and went straight to pour herself a glass of whisky. She needed something to relax her nerves or else she would end up doing something she would totally regret.


She gulped down the contents of her glass and got the bottle to pour in some more. ‘Don’t you think it is too early for a lady to drink?’ Josphat asked walking into the bar area


‘Says the man who doesn’t keep his legs together.’ She said rudely


He looked at her and then looked the other side, he was tired of fighting with her.


He had had it to the coil and now all he ever did was to just watch her.


She gulped down the second glass and went to sit opposite him, she kept tapping her foot on the tiles and even though he was irritated he told himself he wouldn’t ask what the matter was.


‘Khan disrespected me.’ She finally managed to say


‘I don’t know what the fuss is between you and him but I think it is high time you sort it out.’


‘What do you mean?’


‘Denise you always complain about how badly he treats you, maybe I should seat the both of you and ask what the problem is.’


She eyed him


‘He has a girlfriend and she kicked me out of his house.’ ‘She did what?’ Josphat asked before laughing ‘What is funny?’


‘Nothing.’ He said and laughed some more


He stopped when he noticed that she was actually serious ‘Wait you are actually not joking?’ ‘Do I look like I am joking to you?’


‘Wow.’ He said getting up


‘I had no idea that Khan had it in him, getting a girlfriend I mean.’ ‘And he had to pick ghetto.’ She said clicking her tongue


‘Watch your tongue woman, not everyone is as privileged as you are.’ He hissed She snorted


‘He is dating that Miso girl.’ She blurted out


He stopped in his tracks and as if he had just seen a ghost ‘What did you say?’


She saw the look he had on his face and she had an idea.


‘He is going out with Miso from Chawama compound.’ She repeated trying to read the expression on his face


Josphat walked away without another word, how was it possible that Khan had gone after the woman who he knew that he had feelings for? They were brothers after all and brothers don’t do such to each other. It would have made a lot of sense if he didn’t know anything but no; he just had to go after all.


Without wasting much time, he put his briefcase down and drove out to Olympia. He wanted to face his young brother and hear from his mouth if it was true that he was really dating Miso.


‘What a surprise.’ Mel said when Josphat walked in


He looked around the house and it was even better than the last time he had seen it, Josphat always felt like he was in a competition with his young brother. He made sure to get everything twice the price that Khan had gotten his household goods at but even so Khan’s place always felt more welcoming whilst he on the other hand. Had a home with the most expensive furniture and yet felt like a barren womb.


‘Is that how you welcome your elder brother?’ he asked ‘Forgive my manners.’ She said with a smile


She genuinely liked him and knew that he was capable of being a good man but


with his wife around it was impossible.


Just then Khan walked in.


‘Who do we have here?’ he asked as he got off the stairs


‘Is that the new trend now?’ Josphat asked unbuttoning his shirt


‘You are welcome to our humble home brother.’ He teased as they gave each other a manly hug


They both settled into a couch


Mel walked away and came back with a tray of fresh lemon juice and muffins that Miso had baked.


‘These are good.’ He complimented and Khan smiled


Mel excused herself and went to join Miso who was getting dressed in Khan’s room


‘How is work going?’ Khan asked starting a conversation because they were both quiet


‘It is all good, the money is amazing too.’ He said with a smile on his face


Khan looked at his brother with pity, Josphat loved money more than anything in the world and if not careful he would end up alone.


‘And how is work?’


‘It’s going just fine, you know I love my job.’ He smiled There was silence


‘Denise tells me that your girlfriend sent her away.’


Khan snorted, he knew his brother had not gone there on a social visit.


‘I would have done the same too, your wife needs to know her place. she needs to know that not everything and everyone revolves around her and so she must learn to tame her tongue.’


‘Wow, and where is all this coming from?’


‘It was only going to be a matter of time before I told her off, someone had to put her in her place.’


‘Denise is many things but you know she is still my wife right? And so no matter who you date, they still have to respect her not so?’


‘Respect is earned Josphat, she just doesn’t bulge into this place like I am her husband. You are her husband.’ He said


Just then Miso walked down the stairs and joined them.


She was in a peach flora off the shoulder dress with brown slippers; it was very hot and had decided to take a bath in Mel’s room.


Khan looked at her and smiled, every day he fell deeply in love with her. ‘How are you?’ she greeted with respect


‘I am good Miso, how are you?’ he asked almost disappointed but didn’t show it



She sat next to Khan and he locked his fingers with hers, all this while Josphat looking at them.


‘I had no idea you two.’ He stopped


‘Well we were yet to tell you but I am certain your wife mentioned something.’


‘Not exactly.’ He said getting up


‘You won’t stay longer?’


‘I just remembered I have a meeting to attend.’ He said walking out without much of goodbye


He drove out of the yard like he was being chased and parked at the nearest secluded place


‘Damn it Khan!’ he yelled


‘Why did you have to play me like that! you know I like that girl!’ he screamed






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