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“Sometimes people will treat you badly and walk all over you; don’t worry. God takes note and let’s karma come into play and if you are lucky, he will let you watch. His sense of humor is mean.” Mils




Miso packed the last material that was on the table before closing the warehouse, she was exhausted. Working for Fay designs was a mixture of different things – being thrilled, tired, drained, and excited and today she was feeling each one of those emotions at once and all she wanted to do was sleep.


She had just finished making the vice president’s attire which she was to wear for the Easter dinner and she couldn’t be more grateful that she was the one picked to do the job. It had made her use the last of her strength but she didn’t mind because she found joy in every stitch.


She found the driver that had been assigned to her waiting outside.


‘Good evening madam.’ He greeted when she got in


‘Ba Max you have got to stop calling me madam, I am way younger than you.’ She said in her tired state


‘Awe Madam I am used.’ He said smiling like a child She smiled back, there was no use in changing him.


He drove her to her place in PHI, Khan had insisted that she continues to stay with him but she had refused, she wasn’t raised like that and cohabiting was the last thing she was going to do.


‘I will see you tomorrow.’ She said dragging her legs to the front door She knocked once then let herself in, she knew Sau would be in. ‘Hello.’ She called but no response came


She dropped her bags on the couch and walked to the kitchen which smelled divine.


In an instant she felt all the weary wear off; she smiled when she saw who was busy in her tiny kitchen. She moved to where he was and hugged him from behind then bit on his ear lobe lightly.


‘Hey.’ She said


He bit his lower lip before turning to face her, it was hard staying away from her body but he had promised her that he would wait for her to be ready for him.



He kissed her lips lightly before she parted them and he found himself digging his tongue in her mouth.


‘Something is.’ She said between kisses ‘What?’ he asked trying to catch his breath. ‘Burning.’ She screamed freeing herself from him


‘Oh crap.’ He said lifting the hot pan from the cooker and dumping it in the skin ‘See what you did.’ He asked accusingly as he grabbed a sponge and some soap ‘Where were we?’ she asked naughtily following him to the sink


‘Babe if you start doing this, I won’t finish cooking.’ He complained even though a part of him wanted to bring to life where Josphat had killed, he wanted to kiss the scars she hide from the world and just comfort her with his lips.


‘I am not doing anything, am I?’ she asked trailing her fingers on his chest


She couldn’t believe she was the one being flirty with him, but Khan had proved himself in more ways than one and everything just felt right.


He put the sponge down and washed his hands then grabbed her butt before crashing his lips on hers. She moaned lightly and put her hands around his neck. He kissed her with every fiber in him, with an urgency that he had never felt before.


‘I want you.’ She whispered


‘Are you sure?’ he asked her as he continued to kiss her neck


She moaned some more as he placed his hand inside her shirt and reached for her nipple.


‘Yes I am sure.’ She responded


He removed her blouse and began to suck on her nipples as she stumbled to remain steady, he continued to do that as one hand caressed her body.


He smiled and looked at her, she was lost and was ready for him. But he would keep his word, at least to a certain percentage.


He lifted her up and put her on the kitchen table, lifted her skirt till the waist then dipped a finger inside her.


‘Babe please.’ She begged


That made him do it even more, when he felt her legs shiver he helped her out of her under wear then knelt before her and dipped his tongue inside her.


‘Babe.’ She moaned holding his hands tightly





Josphat kicked the nearest stool he saw, this was just out of this world. Who did he think he was? Just because he carried the power of head of state so he could just boss anyone around? His wife looked at him and even though she was rejoicing she had to play the good wife by consoling him. She rubbed his back for the millionth time even though she just wanted to laugh in his face – at his face.


‘We have built an empire; let us not worry so much about this, we will get over it in due time.’ She advised


He looked at her and even though he wanted to scream, he knew it wouldn’t solve anything. Like a wounded animal, he stood up from his seat and went to lock himself in his room. Josphat had everything under control, never in his life had he imagined being fired. He had thought it was a joke when some of his friends told him what was about to go down but when it had been announced on national television that the president had fired some ministers, him inclusive for misuse of funds and the public office; he knew there was nothing he could do about it. ‘Damn you Mr. President.’ He cursed throwing things around in the bedroom He had been Minister all the two terms that the President served in his office and he knew that if he won a third term he would still be Minister. But now all that had just gone down the drain, he had been so engrossed in getting a child that he didn’t even love that he had forgotten about his job.





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