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Melba woke up early the following morning, she wasn’t at all thrilled to be travelling with her cousin to the Copperbelt for the Conference he was holding with some students that side but on the other hand she was just glad that he was going to get some air. Maybe that is what he needed, a distraction.


She sighed when she thought of the ordeal two years back, Khan had been brought back home by some colleagues; they said he had knocked off early and being a Friday he had told them that they should go drinking. It was so unlike him but they were happy because he didn’t have penguin hands and obviously he would treat them to a good evening. They said he had started off light until he requested for a change of alcohol, when they noticed how hard he was drinking; they decided it was time for him to go home and even though he protested they dragged him out of the place and drove him home.


She had been upset with him, he was not careless and never a heavy drunk but his phone had not been locked and she stumbled upon a video that made her hate Miso. She was disappointed that she had stooped that low and not even been considerate, after looking for her for a while they didn’t find her; it’s like she had just varnished into thin air and nobody knew where she was.


Josphat on the other hand had not even been remorseful about what he had done, he never apologized to his young brother and the only thing he said was he liked Miso first and so he was just claiming what belonged to him


Their relationship had not been the same since, they were like two strangers with the same blood flowing in their veins.


‘Are you ready?’ Khan asked disrupting her from her thoughts ‘Yes I am.’ She responded with a smile which he didn’t return



She missed her cousin, she missed the jovial person that he had once been. Now all she saw was a man lost and yet not bothering to find himself, he had been so in love with Miso that her betrayal had killed the good in him.


They started off for the Copperbelt in the early mornings and were there in the late afternoon, Khan booked them into a hotel immediately and Mel straight away decided to get some rest. It had been a long journey and all that she wanted was to get as much rest as possible.


Later in the evening, she decided to take a walk at the nearest park, sleeping the whole time had made her feel a certain way and now all she wanted was to stretch her legs.


The park was filled with kids, most them speaking in Bemba and she continued to smile. It made her feel proud when she heard people speaking local languages, yes English was the official language but she wanted kids to still carry tradition in them.


She decided to take a seat on one of the benches so that she could just watch from there, a certain gentleman was selling groundnuts and she decided to buy some whilst there.


Sau was holding Xavier in his hands, one headset plugged in as he talked to Miso. She was worried about them being at the park at that hour because it was getting chilly.


He settled into a bench and smiled at the lady he found and continued speaking. ‘Yes I know it is getting chilly but don’t worry because we are both covered.’ He said before sighing


Since Xavier she was always behaving like the older one. ‘Okay we will see you in a bit.’ He said unplugging the headset. ‘Wife?’ the lady asked


He chuckled


‘Trust me I wouldn’t survive a day with her as a wife.’ She smiled stealing a glance at him


He was good looking and something about his eyes looked familiar. ‘Can I hold him?’


‘Oh sure, he is a sweetheart.’ He responded handing over Xavier


‘Oh Lord this baby is beautiful.’ She complimented as Xavier smiled at her holding out his little hands to touch her face


‘I have never seen you around.’ He said


‘Well it is my first time here, I am from Lusaka.’ She responded ‘Nice, I was born and bred there but we moved here some years back.’




‘I and my sister, Xavier’s mother.’


‘She must be a jewel looking at how gorgeous he is.’ She said smiling at the child ‘Yes she is.’ He responded smiling himself


They stood up and walked around the park, since it was getting late; he decided to escort her to her hotel.


‘This is where we say good bye.’ She said holding herself tightly, it was getting chilly


He laughed.


‘You should visit us one of these days before you leave, we would love to have you home for a home cooked meal.’ He quickly said, she was a beautiful lady and he liked her.


He knew that his sister would be happy to see him with a girl, she had been accusing him of neglecting himself for her and Xavier.


‘Let me talk to my cousin first, I might just come over whilst his holding his conference tomorrow.’


‘Give me your phone.’ He said


She handed it to him and he added his number and got a picture of himself to go with the caller ID.


‘That is my line, call me when you are ready tomorrow.’ He said


‘I will.’ She responded smiling at his image on her screen, he was a natural.


He said his goodbyes and walked to where he had parked the vehicle.


When Mel got to the hotel, she went to check on Khan who was in his room. ‘Hey there.’ She said noticing he was busy on his laptop ‘Hey little one.’ He responded not looking at her


‘By the way I think it is better for you to just survey the place tomorrow whilst I hold the conference. I don’t want to bother you.’ He said not looking up again She did a happy dance in her heart because she had been afraid that he wouldn’t take it lightly.


‘Are you sure you will be fine?’


‘Mel you are young, let me not spoil your twenties.’ He said


She walked over to him and pecked his cheek before dashing to her room. ‘I will see you tomorrow.’ She texted and hit send


Sau looked at the text and smiled.


‘Ah Miso I am bringing over someone tomorrow, can I prepare lunch?’ he asked screaming from his room


She quickly dashed out of her seat and joined him in his room



‘No way, a girl? Let me find you something to wear.’ She said now throwing clothes from his closet to the bed.





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