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#28 (Unedited)


Miso smiled as she stared at herself on the mirror, she could still remember events from the previous day. Whoever said love making was the ‘IT’ had never experienced some great making out, making out actually prepared one’s body for the final act and if one did well; orgasm was possible too.


She pinched herself lightly remembering how he went down on her, exploring her with his tongue. No one had ever taken her to such heights, and when she had begged for him to enter her, he had refused saying until they were married; only then would he make her his.


It was a weekend and the only thing she wanted was to be indoors with Xavier and Sau, Khan had told her that he was working that weekend but would find time to see her later in the afternoon. She wrapped a chitenge and a yellow vest with house slippers and went to join Sau in the living room who was busy playing with Xavier.


‘I swear this boy will get too attached to you.’ She said ‘And isn’t that a good thing?’


‘It is except when he starts school it will be hard for him to be there without you.’


‘We will cross that bridge when we get there.’ He said making funny faces sending


Xavier into a wave of laugher


Miso laughed with him.


‘What do you want to eat?’


‘I miss porridge.’ He responded hiding his face She made a face.


‘You are lying right?’


‘Honestly I do, like how you used to do it back in the days. When mum was around.’ He said with a weak laughter


‘Then let’s all have porridge for lunch.’ She said with a smile


She walked to the kitchen and sighed standing next to the cooker, it was hard now more than ever without her mother because of all the drama Josphat was trying to cause.


She picked up a put and put it on the cooker, even in death she would continue to make her mother proud; so she would cry over her death any more.


She prepared it exactly like she used to when her mother was alive and put it in two bowls.


‘Here.’ She said handing one to Sau


‘Thank you.’


They both ate in silence.


‘This is not working.’ They said at the same time then went to the kitchen to dump the food


‘How did we survive food without sugar?’ Sau asked causing his sister to laugh ‘I have no idea.’ She responded


He got the left over pasta from the refrigerator and warmed it for them.


‘Tell me something miso, will you ever give Josphat a chance of being in Xavier’s life?’


Miso put her plate down, she had been thinking a lot about that and honestly it was stressing her out.


‘Trust me when I say that it has been on my mind, I really want to do the right thing despite the conditions in which he was born in.’ she said


There was silence.


‘Maybe you should talk to Khan about it.


‘Why?’ she asked


Sau looked at her


‘Miso Khan loves you and he wants to be a part of your son’s life, you know he adores Xavier right?’


‘I am not disputing that fact but Xavier will always be my child and Josphat


unfortunately his father. Until Khan marries me, I don’t think he has much say in


Xavier’s life.’ She said


‘Wow.’ She heard Khan say


They both turned around to look at him


He was in a steel suite and mauve shirt, his hands shoved in his pockets.


‘I will leave the both of you.’ Sau said carrying his plate and holding Xavier with the other hand


When they had disappeared into the other room, Miso put her plate down. ‘I thought you would only be here until later.’ She said trying to kill the awkwardness


‘Is that why you were saying that? That I don’t have a say in your son’s life?’ ‘You misinterpreted me.’ She tried to say but the disappointed look he gave her made her say no more


He moved about the room then stopped just so she could face him.


‘What am I to you?’


‘Babe let us not go there.’


‘No Miso I really want to know what you take me for.’


She shrugged her shoulders


‘We are dating.’


‘So when you look at me you think I am not concerned about your needs? You


think I am here for a short while huh?’


‘Babe you know I didn’t say that.’


‘Honestly I don’t understand why you would say that I don’t have a say in Xavier’s life, I love this boy like my own and I would want any harm to come to him!’ he yelled


She looked at him with shock


‘You really want us to go there? You really want us to fight after everything that I am going through?’ she asked, she too on her feet


‘That is the problem here, you are making this about you. We are in this together!’ She kept quiet trying to calculate her next words carefully.


‘Khan Xavier is my child and we both know that no matter what happens Josphat will always be his dad ever if we try to deny it.’ She said in a low tone ‘Damn it Miso!’ he yelled startling her


‘That man forced himself on you, his an animal that deserve anything good from you and he doesn’t even need to be a part of Xavier’s life.’


‘That will be for Xavier to decide when his older, right now he wont be a part of his life but when he is older he will have to make that decision.’ She said looking down


‘You know what; suit yourself.’ He said and walked out ‘Wow.’ Sau said appearing from the other room ‘That didn’t go well.’ He added


‘Sau please not now.’ She told him


He lifted his hands in surrender.


She walked to her bedroom and got on her knees.


‘Lord I need you now more than ever.’ She prayed silently







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