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#19 (Unedited)


It was five in the morning and her eyes were still fixed on Xavier, she had been in this position the whole night because she really didn’t know what to expect from Josphat. Memories of how he had violated her body flashing back.


‘I will protect you with everything in me.’ She said for the millionth time as she forcefully blinked her eyes but no tears were coming out


The knock on her door didn’t even shake her, she knew it was probably Sau who had come to see her.


The door opened and he stopped in his tracks at the sight of his sister, this is not the person that he knew. She was broken and wasn’t even trying to hide it. ‘You need to talk to me.’ He said handing her a cup of tea


She just stared at him then back at her child


He stood there for a while then walked out of the room.


‘How is she?’ Khan asked


‘I have no idea what is going on here but I have never seen her like that.’ He said settling onto the couch


‘Let me see her.’


‘I don’t know man but I hope she won’t be on my case.’ He said getting up


He walked him to her room and pointed at the slightly open door then walked back to his room.



He stood just by the door and took in the room, it was decorated in white and royal blue. He smiled, obviously the two colors to suit both her and Xavier.


‘Hey.’ Khan greeted


She didn’t have to guess who it was.


‘What do you want?’


‘I couldn’t sleep, I just had to see you.’ ‘Well since you have, now you can leave.’

He moved closer to face her then knelt just before her.


‘Miso I want to help you and Xavier, but I can’t do that if you keep the truth from me.’


‘You were not supposed to see us, you were not supposed to call Josphat. Now he wants my baby.’ She said still no tears falling her eyes fixed on Xavier


He felt defeated, how was he going to help her if she wasn’t opening up? ‘What happened to your mother?’ he asked ‘She died.’


‘Damn it Miso.’ He said kicking into the bed


She turned to face him then back at Xavier, it was like she had just gone numb. ‘Talk to me.’ He begged


‘Why did you do this to us? Why did you sleep with Josphat?’ he asked trying to keep it together


‘He stopped sponsoring my mother, he said he had power to pay anyone to end her life. At first I thought he was joking but afterwards I discovered dad had been paid to mix her medications.’ She paused to swallow ‘He did what?’


‘Your brother is a devil.’


‘But your father? How?’


‘Well he met a woman and he was desperately trying to marry her, so taking out mum wasn’t so big an issue for him.’ She said sniffing They were both quiet


‘So I am guessing in exchange he asked you to lay with him?’ he asked the words


making him nauseas


She just nodded her head


‘But it was too late, the damage had already been done.’ She finally said


‘Mum found out that I was pregnant even before I did, she connected the dots and said I didn’t have to sell my body for her health because she was tired and wanted to rest. She asked me to take care of Xavier and protect him with my life.’



‘I didn’t want to leave you, I didn’t want to hurt you or do anything that would cause you pain but I am a mother now and I have to do for my child nothing but the best that I can.’ She added when Xavier let out a little cry


Khan was silently watching her as she picked up her baby and rocked his back as she put him against her chest, now he was feeling bad for calling Josphat but it had been done and the milk had been spilt.


‘Had I known I wouldn’t have called him.’ He said


‘He was going to find out somehow, now all I can do is fight for my child.’ ‘Let me help you, allow me to fight this with you.’


‘No Khan, Josphat is your brother and this is my battle.’


‘He ceased being my brother the minute he thought we were in a competition, yes we might have the same blood running through our veins but that doesn’t make us any close.’ He said with spite


‘Josphat is a very powerful man in the government, he will do everything in his powers to take my child away.’


She looked at him then put Xavier back to bed when he had fallen asleep again. ‘Allow me to be a part of your life again Miso, allow me to love you and Xavier like he was my own.’


She didn’t face him, afraid her eyes would give her away as eyes are the windows to the heart.


‘I am scared Khan.’


‘So am I.’ he responded


She looked up to face him


‘Yes Miso I am scared, a child is a huge responsibility. Xavier will either bring us closer as a family or break us even more apart but I am willing to take that chance with you.’ He said kissing he forehead like he had always done ‘You won’t give up on us?’


‘How can I? When you are the very reason I face each day, when you are the very reason I look forward to a better tomorrow?’


She smiled


‘I have never stopped loving you babe, not once and the two years have just been evidence that you are the only woman I want to spend forever with.’


‘I never stopped loving you either, as that monster pounded deeper into me you were the only person that was on my mind. I hurt more for you than for myself.’ She told him


‘Hush babe, that is all in the past now. I am here for you, for Xavier, for us.’ He told her kissing her lips lightly


She smiled between his lips like back in the days.


‘I love you.’


‘I love you Babe.’ He responded then kissed her forehead







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