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“An unexpected love can be the best kind of love, bringing you to the place that you can only dream of. And it can also be the worst, tearing your walls and burning you; taking all of you in the process.”




She went on and on explaining everything she had been through, she told him everything she had grown up believing and what her parents had made her go through.


‘All in all I believe I was cut from a different material, I believe I was created for a purpose and that purpose is yet to be seen.’ She said now wiping her mouth with the back of her hand


He didn’t know what to tell her so he just rubbed his hand with hers.


‘I believe you will get everything that you want Miso, everything.’ He said causing her to smile


‘So tell me about you, what is your story?’ she asked leaning against her chair ‘Well there is nothing much to say about me, I think our lives are already out there and people know it all.’ He responded


‘Well I don’t want to believe what we hear, tell me the truth about you.’ She said ‘Okay as you already know, I am the second and last child of my parents. We have been raised with an iron fist, my father has always been a tough man and tougher on me because mum was always on my side. I can say that I am doing okay for myself, I am not seeing someone but taking care of my little cousin who is in University at the moment.’


‘I guess that is all there is to say about me.’ He added ‘How old are you again?’ she asked ‘I turn twenty nine in a few months.’


‘Wow, and you are not anywhere close to settling down?’ ‘You sound like Melba.’ He accused


‘That is my cousin’s name, and she is tiny like you.’ He said sending them both into a wave of laughter



Their tour guard came and led them to the vehicle that was waiting, they toured Chaminuka Game Park in an hour and it was thrilling for Miso seeing all those animals in one place. After that they went for a cheetah ride which she almost turned down but Khan convinced her.


‘Lord I never thought I would do that.’ She said laughing whilst tears streamed down her face


‘I actually thought you weren’t breathing right there.’ He teased tickling her sides She laughed her heart out and ran from him causing him to run after her. They both fell to the grass and laughed some more


‘Lord I wish this day could never end.’ He said pinning her down She bit her lower lip and touched his face


‘You are good looking Khan.’ She said


‘And you are beautiful.’ He said staring deep into her eyes


They stayed in that position for a while, none of them saying anything afraid that their words would ruin the moment.


‘Allow me to love you Miso, I know this is quick and it could actually make you want to stay away from me but I just feel that this could work out.’


‘I am a mess Khan, I don’t have anything to my name, your family will never accept me.’


‘You are a beautiful mess and we are all flawed humans. About my my family, we


will cross that bridge once we get there.’


‘But why me? Out of everyone else?’


‘You are my zing.’ He responded


‘Your what?’


‘That person that gives me energy, that person that adds some liveliness to my life.’


‘And I have done that in just a single day?’ she asked still biting her lower lip ‘Can you stop doing that?’ he asked staring at very movement she made with her lip


‘What?’ she teased knowing exactly what he was talking about


He leaned forward and placed his lips on hers, at first she tried to fight it but she slowly parted her lips; using his tongue he explored her mouth. Then remembering where they were, he smiled between her lips and kissed her forehead before laying there next to her


‘I like laying here, I have actually forgotten my problems.’ She said locking her fingers with his






‘I want you to trust yourself more than you will ever trust me, I want you to know that you are good enough for anyone and you don’t need an education or extra clothes to know that or feel that way.’


She smiled without a word


‘Can I open up about something?’ she asked ‘Go ahead.’


‘I overheard you talking to your brother, about him liking me and all.’ ‘Oh my word.’ He said hitting his forehead


‘Not to worry, I had planned on making you pay for everything. I mean both you and him.’


‘And how were you going to do that?’


‘I don’t know, but I would have found my way.’ She said laughing He got up then put her on his back.


‘I think we need to start off, I don’t want mum hating me for taking you home late on our first date.’ He said


She laughed at his sensitivity


They got to the car and he opened the door for her after putting her down, she sat in her seat and he stood there outside looking at her.


‘What?’ she asked


‘I like kissing your lips.’ He said bending over to kiss her some more ‘I might just like having you around Khan.’ She said between kisses ‘So this is official, you and I right?’ he asked


She smiled shyly


‘Yes it is.’


‘Melba will never believe this.’ He said touching his forehead with hers ‘You guys must be really close right?’


‘Yes we are.’ He responded before kissing her lips again


The drive back home took longer than usual, they got into Lusaka an hour plus thirty minutes later because of the traffic which was around 4:30pm.


‘Is it okay if I can pass through home I get my phone?’ he asked ‘Yah I don’t mind.’


He drove to Olympia and when they were there he parked just outside so that he


didn’t have to spend so much time.


‘Welcome home.’ He announced


Miso couldn’t believe how nice his place was, if not for her manners she would have been up and down admiring it.



‘Take a seat whilst I grab the phone.’ He said heading for the bedroom He was just out of sight when Melba showed up.


‘Hey.’ She greeted


‘Hai.’ Miso responded


‘I am Melba, but everyone calls me Mel.’ She said extending her hand ‘Misozi, you can just call me Miso.’ She responded shaking her hand


‘I see the two of you have met.’ Khan said coming back with a warm hoodie that he helped Miso put on.


‘Yes we have.’ Both ladies responded at the same time ‘Let me just drop her home, will be back in a bit.’ He said ‘It was nice meeting you Miso, do visit soon.’ ‘Same here Mel.’ She responded


They walked back to the vehicle and he drove her to Chawama compound.


‘I liked spending time with you.’ He said when he had parked outside her place ‘So did I.’ she said


‘I want you to have this, there is a new sim card as well. I will call you later so that you save my line.’ He said handing her a boxed S8 edge ‘Khan.’


‘I will need to communicate with you babe, please take it.’ He said


‘Thank you.’ She responded


‘You are welcome my lady.’


He kissed her lips before allowing her to go.


He watched as she got into her yard and he smiled to himself. Whatever was happening to him; he had no idea but he liked the feeling.




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