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Time always seems to move fast whenever someone is having a good time, Khan and Miso had had a good thing going for the past two months. It was like they were meant for each other even though some days she looked at him and wondered if he would withstand the storm that was coming their way.


Yes she knew he would always stand by her side no matter what people said but society can get so evil that if one is not careful they can actually start to believe everything negative said.


Miso sipped on her green tea as she waited for the cupcakes that were in the micro wave to warm up. Like the past eight Saturdays, she had been spending her days



with Khan and today he insisted she comes home so that they spend it the three of them; Melba inclusive.


She stared through the glass door at Khan who was trying to fix the remote, for some reason it had just stopped working and being the man in the house he had to tend to it quickly.


‘You must really love him right?’ Mel asked bringing her back She smiled, looked at him then sipped on her tea again.


‘Miso you didn’t answer me.’


‘Well Mel love is a big word, besides we have been together for two months only. We have a life ahead of us to talk about love.’ She said now removing them from the oven


Mel smiled, the fact that Miso had talked about a life with Khan assured her that she was willing to make things with him work.


They both turned to look through the glass door when they heard noises in the living room.


‘Oh boy.’ Mel said looking at an angry Denise who was busy yelling


‘Khan what do you take me for? Your phone has been off and the moments it was on you kept ignoring my calls.’ She yelled


‘Is there something I am missing?’ Miso asked turning to face Mel


‘I don’t think I should be the one to tell you, but Denise is a very influential person.’


‘She is married to Josphat not so?’


There was silence.


Miso walked to the living room and Khan looked at her with pleading eyes. ‘You.’ Denise said looking at Miso angrily ‘What are you doing here?’ she asked


‘I should be the one asking you that question.’ Miso responded calmly ‘You even have the guts to talk back at me.’


Miso looked at her without a word.


‘Am I missing something here? Is this the reason you have been avoiding my calls? Is this your newest project?’ she asked giving Miso disgusting looks Miso laughed shocking everyone in the room.


‘What is funny?’ an angry Denise asked


‘You are funny, the last time I checked you called me your husband’s newest project and now your brother in-law’s’. Why do I get the feeling that you are the one who doesn’t know your place here?’


Khan moved forward as if to stop her from talking but she shot him an evil stare.



‘Now Denise listen to me.’ Miso began stepping just close enough so that she was eye to eye with her


Denise was taller and the heels she was wearing didn’t do Miso any justice but she liked looking like the tiny person under her.


‘I don’t care whatever business is between you and Khan and honestly I don’t want to know. But as long as I am a part of his life you will not bulge in here like you own him.’


She was about to respond but Miso stopped her


‘Hush, I am not done talking. I know your type and I know what you are capable of, but the advantage that I have over you is that this man right here is mine and trust me you don’t want to see the ghetto side of me. So leave.’ She said pointing at the door


‘Excuse me?’


By this time Mel was there rejoicing in her heart, she could never do what Miso had just done. Denise was scary and no one wanted to cross her paths, Khan on the other hand was in shock because the only reason he never got to tell her off was that she was his brother’s wife.


‘Khan you are going to stand here and allow her to chase me out of your house?’ Denise asked almost hurt


‘Well you heard her and she is a part of my life so yah.’ He said Denise picked up her bag and left banging the door behind her.

‘Girl you are fierce and I think I like you now more than ever.’ Mel said doing an


electric dance


Miso just smiled.


‘Can I have a word with you?’ She asked turning to Khan ‘Sure.’ He responded and led them to the bedroom


‘What was that about?’ she angrily asked just after he had closed the door He didn’t know how to respond because he had never seen this side of her ‘For God’s sake Khan Denise is your brother’s wife, how can you be tolerating her?’


‘Babe I am not having anything with her.’


‘Of course you are not and I am not saying that you are. But you tolerating her like that lives so much to be desired.’


‘I just don’t know what to tell her, she is persistent and won’t leave me alone. I have told her so many times that I can’t give her what she wants but she continues to come back.’


‘You are not doing enough because if you were she wouldn’t have come back.’


‘Babe are you saying that I am enjoying this?’


‘I am saying that she has seen something that continues to bring her back, you are not doing enough because trust me if I knew that a man doesn’t want me I wouldn’t continue going after him.’ She said softly


‘Babe let us just forget about Denise, she is just bad blood that if we continue thinking about her; we will ruin our happy moments.’ He said now touching her face


‘We can’t, whatever I consent to now sets precedence for how this relationship plays out.’ She said


He smiled, not once had he thought of it like this.


‘I will deal with her, don’t worry.’


‘I hope your words are not void, make it happen.’ She responded getting into his arms






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