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The following morning Sau woke up pretty early, he was excited about having his visitor home and he wanted to make an impression. Since he was working for a local supermarket whilst doing part time school, he was at work by eight in the morning. His boss noticed how he kept looking at the time but didn’t say anything to him.


When it was exactly ten, Sau signed out and was on his way back home.


Miso on the other hand has done thorough cleaning up, she was excited for her brother because he had never mentioned a girl until then.


‘Good morning.’ Sau greeted immediately he entered the house


Miso wasn’t shocked to see him home that early, in fact she had been surprised to wake up and not find him in the house.


‘Good morning handsome.’ She responded carrying a naked Xavier ‘Can you kindly put some clothes on him?’ He asked shaking his head She laughed and walked away headed for her room; Sau was always uncomfortable seeing Xavier naked unless he was the one dressing him up.


After the two disappeared to the bedroom, he walked to kitchen and straight away went to the refrigerator. He needed to know what he was cooking for lunch, after standing there for a while; he removed some steak, mixed vegetables and some rice from the pantry.


He started with the steak which he prepared into beef straps, then added in the vegetables and cooked the rice separately. He made a coleslaw salad on the side and put everything in the warmers and the salad in the fridge.


‘This place smells amazing.’ Miso said uncovering the food ‘Woman don’t you dare.’ He said moving to where she stood


‘Lord I am excited to meet this girl, it looks like she has taken your breath away.’ She teased


He wanted to respond but the sound of his phone took his attention ‘Hey.’ He said with a smile looking at the caller ID



‘How are you?’ the person on the other end of the line asked Sau noticed that Mel didn’t sound so excited to hear from him ‘Are you fine?’ he asked


‘Well something came up, my brother’s conference has been cancelled and he says I can’t go anywhere without him.’


‘Well that is not such an issue, how about you come with him?’ he asked not even sure if he wanted to meet him


‘Well, I just thought you won’t be okay with it. And he can be such a pain.’ ‘Brothers are like that, plus he could keep my sister company.’ He said with a smile remembering that Miso was around


‘That is better, okay let us get ready. Just give me directions to your place in a text.’ She said before dropping the line


Sau scratched his head a little and turned to Miso.


‘So there is a slight change in plans.’


‘What’s up, I hope she isn’t coming with her squad.’ Miso said biting on an apple Sau couldn’t help but laugh


‘It’s actually deeper than that, she is coming with her elder brother.’ ‘And what is wrong with that?’ she asked without flinching ‘Oh, I just thought you would be a little uncomfortable.


‘On the contrary I am happy because it seems you guys are moving quite fast; already meeting each other’s family.’ She said before bursting into a series of laughter which irritated Sau


He rolled his eyes like a little girl and went to his room, he had picked a pair of jeans with a Gucci t shirt but now he was thinking of changing his clothes because he would be meeting Mel’s elder brother. After looking through his closet for the millionth time, he decided he was going to wear black chinos, with a grey t shirt. *


Mel was excited when Khan accepted to go for lunch with her except the only reason he was doing it was because he didn’t want her running into the wrong hands.


She settled for a pair of white jeans which were ripped on the knees and a yellow vest with a black blazer and black slippers.


Wearing only little make up, she went to Khan’s room to tell him that she was ready. He didn’t even try to look presentable and she didn’t bother because it was enough that he had accepted to go with her.


They got on a cab and gave the driver the directions, they made little conversation on their way there and Mel was practically shaking causing Khan to laugh.



‘Mel please don’t tell me you like this guy this much.’ He said laughing ‘Well.’ She responded nd said no more


Truth be told she wasn’t able to sleep, she liked him and even though she was trying to conceal it; it was evident that she did.


‘We are here.’ The cab driver announced


They paid him his money and got out then stood outside


They both looked at the place whilst holding hands, it was a block of flats and it wasn’t at all bad looking.


‘Will you call your boyfriend already?’ Khan asked getting impatient


‘He is not my boyfriend.’


‘Yet.’ Khan finished off


‘He says he is coming.’ She said locking her phone


Minutes later Sau came out and gave her a hug before greeting Khan He looked at Sau for a while


‘Have we met somewhere?’ he asked


‘I don’t think so Sir.’ He said getting nervous


The man was good looking and he carried himself with such charisma that scared him


‘Khan is fine, Sir makes me feel old.’ He told him ‘Okay Khan then.’


Sau led them to the house and he thanked Miso inwardly for cleaning the house because he didn’t want to disappoint his guests.


‘Welcome to our humble home.’ He announced when they got to the living room ‘Thank you.’ Mel responded


Khan was stuck on Xavier’s photo that was stuck on the wall.


‘That is a beautiful child.’ He said sitting down


‘He definitely is.’ Both Mel and Sau responded at the same time They chatted a little about how their trip was.


‘Where is your sister by the way?’ Mel asked


‘She is in the bedroom probably getting dressed, let me check up on her.’ ‘I would suggest you don’t, ladies love taking their time.’ Mel told him ‘Let me get Xavier so that you meet him.’ He said looking at Khan


He disappeared into the corridor and came back later carrying the beautifully dressed Xavier.


‘Xavier, meet uncle Khan. Khan, my nephew Xavier.’ Sau announced


For a moment Khan thought he was being lied to, looking at Xavier was like looking at someone he had seen before.








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