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Miso woke up quite early, it was one of those weeks where her mother had to be readmitted in hospital because of the Chemo sessions. She cleaned the house as fast as she could because she didn’t want Khan to find her not ready once he got there to pick them up, afterwards she prepared her mother some water to bath then started working on the light porridge; it was the only thing she had been keeping down after the operation.


‘You work too hard child.’ Her mother told her when she was coming out of the bathroom after taking her bath


‘Mama I just have to, or who will do the chores?’ she asked with a smile


She had really stopped thinking about her father now, he had not stepped in the house since his wife’s operation and for some unknown reason neither Miso nor her mother talked about it. It was like they just chose to pay a blind eye to it and let life rule itself out. Mabvuto also had disappeared in thin air and none of them bothered about him; he was a grown up after all.


She quickly finished off then went to take a bath herself, Khan had just called her that he was on his way and he would be there in less than ten minutes.


‘Good morning.’ She greeted water still dripping from her body immediately she got into the house



He swallowed hard when he saw her, Miso was beautiful and he had to control himself most times because they had both agreed on a no s£x before marriage policy.


‘I don’t want to have meaningless s£x with you Khan. It is not that I am not sure about us but I just want this to last and I know s£x can ruin a lot of good things.’ She had told him


‘Are you a virgin though?’


‘No and that is more reason I am not walking down that road again.’ She had told him honestly


‘You are starring.’ She accused when he couldn’t stop looking


He had been so lost in thought that he had forgotten that she had greeted him ‘Sorry babe, good morning how are you?’


‘I am late.’ She responded heading towards her room


He smiled when her mother walked in, she was a gentle soul and he felt bad that she had to go through all that she was.


‘I told that girl to hurry up, now see she is keeping you waiting.’ She accused settling into a chair


‘That is fine, at least she has given me a chance to talk to you my lady.’ He said causing her to laugh


She liked him, not just for her daughter but as a person too but just like Miso she had her fears. What if he met someone that was of his standards and he decided to live her? She saw how her daughter had fallen for him and she was scared that it would break her.


‘I am done.’ Miso announced


She was wearing a yellow t shirt with a black skin jean and black sandals. Her face had no makeup at all and her hair was nicely twisted into flat twists. She was a natural beauty, she didn’t have to try so hard and that was one of the reasons he couldn’t help fall deeper in love with her. ‘We are ready.’ She said again


‘We are ready like you finished earlier than everyone else.’ Her mother said causing everyone to laugh


Khan helped with carrying their bags to the vehicle whilst Miso helped her mother walk, she sat in the backseat whilst her mother took the front with Khan. All the way to the hospital he kept making conversation with her and Miso contributed whenever she could, he noticed that her mind was elsewhere and he promised himself that he would find out what was wrong with her.



When they got to the hospital, he straight away filled in her mother’s forms and she was immediately connected to her medicines.


‘Can we talk?’ he asked a distant Miso


‘Sure.’ She responded not looking at him in the eye


He led her to his office and locked the door behind her immediately she got in. ‘Babe.’ She said trying to grasp for air as he had pinned her against the door and kissed the oxygen out of her


‘What is wrong?’ he asked releasing her


‘Nothing.’ She responded but he crushed his lips on her again and this time trailing his hand on her neck


‘What is wrong with you?’ he asked again letting her go


‘Noth.’ She didn’t even finish her sentence because his lips were aiming for hers again


He knew the effect her had on her body and most times he had to control himself because at times she just laid herself for him without realizing it.


‘Josphat texted me, I don’t know how he got my number but he says he will have me to himself at whatever cost.’ She finally said releasing herself from his grip He kissed her forehead.


‘Took longer than expected.’ He said now fixing her top ‘What do you mean?’ she asked also fixing his dust coat


He sat in his chair and asked her to take a seat just opposite to where he was seated ‘Josphat is a very determined person and he will do anything in his powers to get anything and everything that he wants. He has the means too.’


She looked at him offended


‘Are you saying that I am loose and that I will run into his hands?’ He kept quiet


‘Khan honestly is that what you think of me?’ she asked with a heavy sigh ‘The last woman I was with ended up in my brother’s hands, now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that you are like her but remember he is an influential person and I don’t know him to be one that losses his battles and honestly I would rather back off than fight my own brother.’


She stood up from where she was and sat on his laps.


‘Why do you think I am still with you up to date?’ she asked looking him in the eye


He shrugged his shoulders


‘Because you love me?’



‘That and more, babe I wake up choosing you every day. Yes we both have flaws but even in those flaws I still remember that it is you I want.’ She emphasized ‘So you won’t leave me for him?’


She rolled her eyes causing him to laugh


‘I need to tell you something as well.’ She said now getting up ‘Sure what is it?’


‘You know my brother Sau right?’


‘Your twin brother?’


‘Yes him.’


‘What about him?’


‘Well it seems his supervisor is impressed with how well he has been managing your father’s farm in Shimabala and now has been appointed to assistant supervisor.’


‘You didn’t mention your brother works for dad.’ ‘Well it must have slipped.’


‘Okay so away from that, him being given a new position means he will be at least


getting a better pay.’


‘I am listening.’


‘He wants me to enroll into tertiary education.’


‘Wow babe that is nice, and have you decided what exactly you would want to do?’


‘Well here is the thing, mum has also been talking about me going back to school


using her life’s savings.’


‘Okay.’ He responded


‘So I have decided I will go into tailoring school during the day then sit for grade nine exams, I will be doing night school for that.’ ‘Wont that be too much for you?’


‘Babe I will break my back if I have to, this life won’t offer much to a grade seven drop out and besides I have good grades I won’t just let them go to waste.’ She said with so much hurt in her voice


‘I will be with you every step of the journey babe.’ He said holding her hand ‘Thanks.’ She responded with a smile






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