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Miso kept struggling with what to wear, she wanted to be as simple as possible but also she wanted to show that she was a hard working single mother who was doing her very best to raise her child.


She went to the closet again and pulled out a blue bodycon dress that was just above the knees, she got her house sleepers and roughly pulled her braids into a rough bun.


‘This should do.’ She said turning around to see her back


She walked out of the bedroom with her phone in hand, she was trying to switch off the data because she didn’t want their guests thinking that she was rude. ‘And here is my sister.’ Sau said when Miso walked in Her eyes met with Khan’s, anger registering in them.


‘Wow.’ Mel said


‘I know she is a jewel.’ Sau said again not realizing what was happening ‘I see you are Xavier’s mother.’ He said now the truth hitting him ‘Yes.’ She responded swallowing hard


She went over and shook his hand lightly, then turned to smile at Mel. She got Xavier and held him tightly as if her life depended on it.


Sau excused himself saying he had to start serving the food and Mel offered to help, so now it was just Khan and Miso in the living room.


The silence between the two was too much to bear; Khan didn’t know what to say to her. For two years he had looked for her but to no avail and now that he had stopped she had to show up.


‘What did I ever do to you?’ he asked with hurt in his voice


Her own voice was stuck on the throat, she didn’t know what to tell him. She had not prepared herself for this


‘Miso I asked you a question, did you even love me?’ he asked now tears forming in his eyes


‘Khan we can’t talk about this right now.’


‘Wow, we can’t talk about this right now? After two solid years of silence that is the best you could come up with?’



‘I had my reasons for leaving and I would appreciate we pretend like we don’t know each other.’ She said when Xavier looked at her.


He laughed, an anguish laughter.


‘You told me you wanted us to keep ourselves, but you had to get pregnant huh? Is he the one paying for this house? Is he the one that asked you to move your mother from the hospital? How is she anyway?’ he asked


Miso looked at him without a word.


‘The table is set, Sau announced.’


‘We are not staying.’ Khan said standing up ‘Did something happen?’ Sau asked surprised

‘I will call you.’ Mel told him realizing what was happening


‘Oh, okay.’ He said as she ran after her brother who was walking very fast. ‘Did you do or say something?’ he asked looking at Miso


‘Not now, and you have to stay away from that girl.’ She said walking to her room ‘No Miso.’ He said pulling her by the hand


She stared down at his hand that was holding hers


‘I am your elder brother and if anything you will have to tell me what is happening.’ He said putting his foot down


She felt drained, seeing Khan had drained her. She had not stopped loving him and his sight had just awakened the emotions she had been trying so hard to hide.


‘I am sorry.’ She said her tears betraying her


He went close and held her, he knew better than asking her so he just stood there as she cried in his arms.


‘Let me get some rest.’ She said


‘Okay, call me when you need anything.’ He responded getting Xavier from her




Khan was fuming when they got to the hotel room, there was no doubt that Xavier was Josphat’s child. The resemblance was too great. ‘I didn’t think Miso was loose.’ Mel said sitting down


‘Now explains whey she left without a word, I am glad you didn’t have anything with her s£xually.’ She added


Her words were just like acid to an already open wound, he grabbed his phone and called Josphat.


‘Hey little brother.’ He said


‘You devil how could you?’


‘Whoa, Khan I know we are not the best of friends but you have no right to treat me like that.’ He said



‘For two years I looked for Miso, two solid years I didn’t know where she was when in actual sense you knew all along.’ He yelled


‘Wait, are we still talking about your perfect little girlfriend. Don’t worry she still thought of you even when I laid with her.’ He said memories of that afternoon coming back


‘How dare you hide such information from me? And is this why you don’t worry about Denise not having a child? Because you know you already have an heir?’ he asked


By this time Josphat was on the edge of his seat.


‘What did you just say?’ he asked


But Khan was too upset to play games with him so he just dropped the line Josphat stared at his phone, was it possible that Miso had gotten pregnant? Of course it was knowing he had not used protection. Using his contacts, he traced her number and called her.


‘Hello.’ Miso responded


‘I want my child, bring him the nice way or I will make sure you never see him again.’ He said dropping the line


She didn’t have to be a genius to figure out what had just happened, she had dreaded this day. She had done the best as a mother to protect her child from its father and now she had to play by his rules.


‘Damn you Khan!’ she screamed grabbing a pair of pumps from her shoe rack ‘Where is Mel staying?’ she asked looking at Sau ‘What do you want to do?’


‘Give me their hotel name please.’ She begged tears falling


Sau had no idea what was happening but he knew better than keeping it from her. After telling her the hotel name, she drove there as fast as she could. Using some contacts, she managed to get his room number and went there.


She didn’t bother to knock but just pushed the door open and banged it behind her startling him


‘Khan how dare you.’ She said


‘And the little miss perfect is here, did your baby daddy just call you?’


‘When did you become like this? When did you change?’ she asked feeling her insides break


‘You did this to me, you broke me and left me to heal on my own.’


‘How could you call Josphat honestly, your brother is a devil.’ She said her tears betraying her


‘You should have known all that before you lay with him.’



‘He is going to take my baby Khan, your brother wants my child. Do you know what my mother’s dying wish was; that I protect Xavier from Josphat, she knew the kind of devil that he is. Lord my mother’s corpse must be turning right now.’ She said holding her tummy as she broke down to cry


‘Wait, your mother is? And Josphat, he didn’t know about Xavier?’ he asked a mixture of emotions filling him up


She looked at him with hurt in her eyes and left his room ‘Lord what have I down?’ he asked holding his head




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