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A New Dawn (episode 2)


Tony’s identity reveal triggered an usual feeling in Caro and it was a good one. There and then, she could feel the butterflies in her stomach dancing in excitement. She didn’t want to assume anything too soon, so she played cool.


“Nice meeting you Tony” she managed to say, “Thanks and it’s nice meeting you too” he replied. The atmosphere became a bit awkward and Tony needed to act quickly so he broke the silence. “You’ve got an awesome smile and to be very honest, I think that’s one major thing that has gotten me attracted to you” he complimented. Caro smiled and said “I actually get this compliment a lot, but thanks all the same”.


Tony was getting a bit tensed but finally man up and asked for her number of which she declined initially. “I know this might mean nothing to you but it would mean a lot to me if I can just see you again after today” Tony said. His words melted Caro’s heart and she finally succumbed to his request. “Can I have your phone?” She requested, “Sure you can” he said and handed his phone over to her. She typed her number and gave the phone back to him, “I have to leave now, Good bye!” She said and


entered her car. Tony waved “goodbye” as she drove off before leaving too.


On the ride home, Tony couldn’t contain his excitement. He couldn’t believe that Caro’s number was in his contact list. It was a thing of joy indeed for him and he immediately started planning on how to ask her out on a date. On the other hand, Caro couldn’t stop blushing and smiling as she thought of Tony on her way home. “Where on earth did this handsome man jumped out from? Oh God I’m so scared, I just hope this isn’t one of those beautiful things that wouldn’t happen at last” she thought to herself as she drove home.


Throughout the remaining hours of that day, both Tony and Caro thought of each other and hardly anything else. Caro was a bit scared because she felt her past life might ruin any chance at happiness she had with Tony. She quickly let it slide and comforted herself with the thought that Tony might never contact her and that he was just overwhelmed by his feelings. Well, she was about to get disappointed because Tony couldn’t get her off his mind all night. “I’ll call tomorrow and hopefully see her” he said to himself before retiring to bed.


The next day, Tony had a business emergency to tend to and it involved him traveling out of the country. It was impromptu so he hardly had time to


contact anyone before leaving. He was away for over a week and couldn’t contact Caro while he was gone but planned to do so immediately he returned.


Caro felt her fears has been confirmed, “I knew he was just too good and sudden, to be true” she said to herself, “Well, I’m used to it and I’m sure he wouldn’t have collected my number if I told him I had a son” she added and sighed in disappointment. She tried to forget about everything that happened on Sunday and face her reality. In no time, Tony was gradually erased from her mind and she made sure to avoid dwelling on his thoughts whenever it popped up.


After about a week, the business trip ended and Tony was back in the country. The first thing he did immediately he landed was to dial Caro’s number. It ranged the first time and no one picked, he called again and she finally picked. “Hello Caro, how are you doing?” He excitedly asked, “I’m fine, please who am I speaking to?” She reluctantly asked and got the shocker of her life when she heard “It’s Tony on the line”. Caro was dead shocked, with her heart beating faster than usual. She was dumbfounded but managed to say “Hey Tony”.


“How have you been? I’m sorry for calling just now after such a long time, it was beyond me” Tony said and Caro told him she understood and that it was


Ok. “Please can I see you today? I would really love that” he asked, but Caro told him it wouldn’t be possible because she had a lot to do at work. “I’ll wait till you get off” he insisted but Caro turned the offer down again. Frustrated, Tony told her he would drive all the way to where she was with dinner so they can eat together and talk. Seeing that he wouldn’t take No for an answer, Caro finally agreed to meet up with him after work.


At close of work, Caro set out to meet with Tony at the restaurant he was waiting for her in. She arrived and walked inside, to the sight of a breathtaking gentleman, dressed nicely and seated next to the restaurant glass window. “Oh My! This man is damn fine” she said to herself and took a deep breath. She immediately put herself together and walked close to where Tony sat. On seeing her, he got up and gave her a hug before removing the chair for her to sit down.


“You look beautiful” he complimented and she blushed. Tony called the waiter and their orders were made. In no time, their food was served and they ate happily. While eating, Caro wouldn’t stop smiling and it was killing Tony gently whenever she smiled. “It’s like I already knew you before we met, because I just can’t explain why I’m so drawn to you” Tony said and Caro looked into his eyes and smiled. “How many ladies have you told this sweet words to? She asked smiling, “I honestly can’t


remember even saying them to you because I was knocked out by your charming smile” he said. Caro blushed and couldn’t utter any more word. Her heart kept beating fast as she looked into Tony’s eyes, she was unknowingly falling in love with him.


On the other hand, Tony was trying to summon up courage to tell her how he felt for her but was really having a hard time doing that. “I just have to tell her now, because she’s driving me crazy” he thought to himself.


After much deliberation, he finally opened up and said “Caro I have something to tell you and I figured I need to say it now, else I might go crazy holding it to myself”. Caro already sensed where he might be driving at and her palms became sweaty. “What’s it?” She managed to ask.


Tony looked Into her beautiful eyes, took a deep breath and said “Caro, I’m in love with you”.


End of episode 2



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