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New Dawn (episode 3)


Tony’s heartfelt confession to Caro came as a surprise to her, as she wasn’t expecting it too soon. Her heartbeat was uncontrollable and her sweaty palms wouldn’t stop shaking. She was having mixed feelings of both fear and excitement; she


was afraid of the fact that her reckless past would stand as a hindrance to the beautiful love story, right in front of her. She was scared that Tony would walk away, if he ever found out she had a son. She was nervous!


“Tony, why me?” She asked looking into his eyes, “Because you have stolen my heart and everything just feels so right with you” he replied. Tony stretched his hand across the table and held hers, he was so into her and didn’t want to hold back any chance he had to make Caro his. On the other hand, Caro fell into deep thoughts, she kept contemplating on whether to tell Tony the truth about her son or conceal it. “What if he leaves like other men did?” She thought to herself.


As the atmosphere became tensed and quiet, Tony had to break the silence by asking her if he’s worth giving a chance. “I like you alot and have also fallen for you, but I just think it’s not enough reason to go into a relationship with you” she said, “what are your fears?” Tony asked but she was mute. “Caro, I know everything is so sudden and it can make you doubt the genuineness of my feelings but honestly, if you weren’t driving me crazy, I wouldn’t be here. I really do love you and I want to try with you, If you would just give us a chance” he said.


Caro was confused and didn’t know what to do, but one thing she knew was that she didn’t want to lose


Tony. “I can’t afford to tell him the truth about my past and son, he might leave” she thought to herself. Tony sensed she was having a hard time digesting everything that was going on, so he told her to take her time and think about it.


It was getting late so they had to leave. Tony walked her to her car and opened the door for her to enter. Caro gave him and unexpected peck on his cheek before entering the car, “Drive safely” he said and bid her goodbye. Immediately Caro left, Tony jumped for joy due to the peck she gave to him. “God please make her mine, I really love this lady” he said and walked to his car, then drove off.


All through that night, Caro couldn’t sleep as she kept tossing back and forth on the bed. She was so worried and excited at the same time. “What am I going to do?” She asked herself and fell into deeper thoughts. She had a history of men taking a hike immediately she informed them about her past or son, so she was scared that could be the case with Tony. Caro made up her mind to hide the truth for the meantime and then reveal later when their relationship gets stronger. “I can’t lose Tony, not this one!” She said to herself before finally retiring to bed.


The next day, Tony called her to enquire if she slept well. “Hello Caro, how was your night?” He asked, “It was great and yours?” She asked, “Mine


was good” he replied, “My company is having a party tomorrow night and I want you to be my date” he added. Caro felt special and needed, so she accepted his proposal. “See you tomorrow then and have a nice day” Tony said and ended the call.


Throughout that day at work, Caro was overwhelmed with happiness. She kept thinking of what to wear but couldn’t decide on which dress it would be. “I have to give him alittle hot side of me” she said to herself. At close of work, she branched to a boutique to pick a nice outfit before heading home. The gown she bought was to die for and she made sure to prep it for the Big day.


The next day which was the day for the party finally came, and Caro made sure to look her best. Tony was nervous and made sure to be on his best look too. The party started and Caro arrived 20 minutes late. She walked inside the venue looking like a Bag of Money, she looked stunning!


Tony swallowed his saliva countlessly and had to wipe his eyes clean to be sure she was the one. Caro walked towards him with her usual smile and Tony took some steps forward to get to her. “You look gorgeous” he said looking into her eyes, “Awwwn, thanks and you look dashing” she responded looking into his eyes too. “Can you dance with me?” Tony asked and she agreed. He held her waist and she crossed her hands over his


neck and leaned her head on his shoulders. “Damn! He smells so good” she said to herself as she rolled her eyes. They danced for a while and had lots of fun while at the party.


It was time to leave but Caro insisted they talk for a while so they took a walk. “Have you thought about my proposal?” Tony asked as they strolled, “Yes I have” she replied, “So what’s your conclusion? Do I stand a chance of winning your love” he asked further. Caro was mute for a while and finally said “I love you too and would like to give us a chance.


Tony was so happy and told her she would never regret accepting him into her life. They hugged each other and promised to make their new relationship work. It was a good day for them and they finally retired home happily.


Their relationship was beautiful as they were deeply in love with each other. Tony spoiled her with gifts and they always supported each other. One fateful day, Caro visited Tony to cook for him because he just returned from a business trip. He was so happy to see her and also helped in the kitchen, the food was ready in no time and they ate together.


After eating, they cuddled each other on the parlour couch and started talking. They talked about alot of things and finally ended on the topic of love


making. Tony tried to get her opinion on s£x before marriage and she told him it was a sin and that she has been celibate since she gave her life to Christ.


He was impressed with her decision and respected her the more, but out of curiosity he said “Can I ask you a question and I promise not to judge you”.


Caro panicked a bit but didn’t let it show, “Sure, Ask!” she replied.


Tony kissed her hand and said “What’s your body count (how many men have you slept with)?”.


End of episode 3



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