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A New Dawn (episode 6)


Last episode!


The sight of Tony, standing in front of Caro’s door almost gave her a heart attack. Not in a thousand years would she have thought that Tony would show up unannounced in her house. Hearing him refer to her as “Darling” was a pain reliever for the heart aches she had been having in a while since he shut her off. She was dumbfounded!


“Hi Tony” she shockingly greeted, “How are you doing?” He asked, “I’m fine. You didn’t tell me you were coming, welcome!” She said and Tony told her that he was on his way home but decided to make a surprise stop at her place. “What’s your name little man?” Tony asked the little boy, “My name is David” he replied, “Are you my mummy’s friend?” the little boy asked and Tony nodded “Yes!”.


While Tony and David were engaged in a little conversation, Caro just stood there and watched


them without saying a word. She needed time to digest everything that was happening right in front of her. “Is Tony truly talking to my son?” She shockingly asked herself as she stood there.


After a while, Tony got up from where he squatted and walked to where Caro stood. “I miss you” he said looking into her eyes and Caro immediately teared up. “I miss you too and I’m so sorry for…” before she could complete her sentence, Tony hushed her and planted a kiss on her lips. They kissed passionately and forgot that David was present in their midst. “Ewwww, mummy what are you doing” David asked and they stopped kissing and laughed afterwards.


Caro was so happy and couldn’t control the tears that fell off her eyes. “Come and meet my mummy, they visit me almost every weekend” Caro said and held Tony’s hands as they entered inside to meet her mum. Tony had a lovely time at Caro’s house and got to meet her mum and son. They were good people and smiled all through his stay.


It was time for Tony to leave and everyone bid their goodbyes to him. Caro didn’t want to let go of Tony’s hand as she escorted him to his car. They arrived at the parking lot but still didn’t want to let go of each others hands. Tony hugged her and Caro became emotional and started tearing up again. “I thought I had lost you, I was very scared


and broken, I was losing my mind and regretted everyday I kept the truth away from you. Tony you deserved better than the lies and dark secrets I hid from you, It took your absence for me to realise that you were worth more than the battles I fought within me each day to keep the truth away from you. You are worth more than any dark past I had and I realised late that even if I have just 1%(percent) chance to be with you after telling my truth, I would rather go for it than have a 99%(percent) of you on the foundation of lies and deceit. It’s so sad that I can’t rewrite my wrongs and past, if not, I would have done whatever it took to be the person you deserve. You are a very good man and I bless the day I met you” She said sobbing.


Tony kissed her forehead and told her that everything was going to be alright. “I love you and would never want to change you, I’m glad you took a good direction later in life and dumped your old ways. A child is a blessing and not a curse and knowing he came out of your womb, I have chosen to love him the same way I love you. Your yesterday is gone and your today is all I seek, I want us to promise to always tell the truth to each other from today henceforth, no matter how hard the truth is. No more lies and secrets, promise?” Tony said and Caro gave him her promise.


It was an emotional moment for them and they ended their conversation by making commitments


to each other. Tony had to leave and Caro gave him a goodbye peck on his cheek.


Their relationship took a good turn for the better and Tony’s love for Caro grew stronger than it was before. He took Caro’s son as his own, since the little boy’s father wasn’t in the picture. Caro glowed and became more beautiful because the truth had set her free from every guilt that harbored in her conscience. The future looked bright for their relationship as they became inseparable and loved eachother unconditionally.


Most times, telling the truth can be hard but if you could just have a taste of the freedom that comes after the truth has been said, then you’ll realise that no lie is worth that freedom. Lying only gives you a temporal relief but never the main deal.


Always ensure to be truthful to those you love because they are all you have.


End of story!


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